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How Long Does It Take To Apply False Eyelashes?

How Long Does It Take To Apply False Eyelashes

In the present situation, people are becoming more and more conscious of their looks. This is probably brought by the rapid growth of technology. People at the same time like to modify their selves. As a matter of fact, some of the people really spend thousands of money just to modify their looks. And they can modify their looks by going to salons and beauty parlours in having a makeover and that includes hair straightening, eyebrow shaping and eyelash extension and many more.

But the best thing in order for your eyes to be given an emphasis but not to spend much for it is through the application of the fake or false eyelashes. In having a false eyelashes you do not need a big amount of money since all you have to do is to buy the fake or false eyelashes in the department stores, the eyelash glue and that is it, you can now start to do it by yourself.

In selecting the fake eyelashes, you must see to it that it is appropriate for the shape of your eyes and at the same time can match to your eyebrow shaping. You must also choose the eyelashes in which you think are really best for you.

And lastly, you must choose the one which does not have those very long lashes for the reason that too much length of the lashes can really make you look like a gay or like not decent to look at.

Just like for example, if you are going to a gathering in which it is a formal one, you must see to it that the fake eyelashes that you used is really suited for the gathering. You must not wear the fake eyelash that is really full and long enough for the reason that it will just end up with spooky look instead of a presentable one.

You must use the one that is just normal and not that thick enough like when certain people have that first glance to you, he right away noticed your eyelashes.

Most of the time, after putting your fake eyelashes to the upper part of your eye, you must wait for about 2 minutes before you go to the other eye. Why is that so? For the reason that if ever you happen to move your eye right after you had put your false eyelashes there is really a great possibility that your newly placed eyelash will just be ruined. So it is better if you will allow the eyelash glue to dry up first before moving to the application of the other eye.

So, basically the application of the false eyelashes to the upper part of the eyes will run for about 20 up to 30 minutes since you have at the same time to have a time in order for the false eyelashes to be fully dried up before you apply some additional make up to your eyes and eyelashes.

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