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Honice Magnetic Eyeliner with Magnetic Eyelashes Kit False Lashes

Honice Magnetic Eyeliner with Magnetic Eyelashes Kit False Lashes

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Honice Magnetic Eyeliner with Magnetic Eyelashes Kit False Lashes.

  • 2 SETS: 2 various design magnetic lashes in one set. Be available in high-end present box.Great present concept.
  • MAGNETIC EYELASHES & EYELINER: The magnetic eyelashes come with 5 strong magnets each while our magnetic eyeliner has ultra-fine magnetic particles inside its formula so the lashes can quickly connect and remain on.
  • NO GLUE NEEDED: Rather of glue or 2 magnets together, you simply placed on your liner, and wait a few minutes for it to end up being ugly and after that use the magnetic eyelash on top of it.Removing the eyelashes is simple, simply pull them straight off.
  • REUSABLE: The Lash Liner System is recyclable as much as 30 times, providing you anywhere from 30 to 100 utilizes depending upon how frequently you utilize it.
  • After Service: We ENJOY our consumers and take pride in offering an enjoyable shopping experience. If for any factor you re dissatisfied with your purchase, put on t think twice to contact us with us We re readily available to address your questions and are constantly delighted to speak with you

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Honice Magnetic Eyeliner with Magnetic Eyelashes Kit False Lashes.
Feel Natural Be Natural – HONICE Lashes Have All of it. The Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes might appears a little expensive however for every model, it deserves every cent. The magnetic eyeliner and lashes that lets you have lovely eyelashes rapidly, quickly and painlessly. It can be utilized with both double sets of magnetic lashes or with our special, 5 magnetic lashes. Fulfill the Perfect You LINE Apply magnetic eyeliner LASH Eyelash easily “clicks” to the eyeliner DASH Sat tight throughout the day, however is quickly gotten rid of or re-positioned Read more HEAR IT FROM OUR CUSTOMERS PARTICULARS YOU’LL APPRECIATE Upgraded Magnetic Lashes The magnetic eyelashes come with 5 strong magnets each while our magnetic eyeliner has ultra-fine magnetic particles inside its formula so the lashes can quickly connect and remain on. Premium Magnetic Eyeliner HONICE magnetic eyeliner system consists of more eyeliner liquid than most other magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner sets. Can efficiently soak up magnetic false eyelashes, and can likewise be utilized as liquid eyeliner alone 2 Pairs & 2 Designs 2 designs eyelashes for various makeup impacts, natural, smoky, captivating, you can use it every day, you can go to celebrations, go on dates or expert application like wedding event or organisation occasion, so you will be a more attractive individual. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Honice Magnetic Eyeliner with Magnetic Eyelashes Kit False Lashes.

Question Question 1

Are These Multiple-use Or Simply One Time Usage?

No, The Lash Liner System is recyclable as much as 30 times, providing you anywhere from 30 to 100 utilizes depending upon how frequently you utilize it.

Question Question 2

Can You Use The Magnetic Eyeliner Over Your Routine Eyeliner And Have The Lashes Still Stick?


Question Question 3

What Are They Made from? What Is The Length Of Both Pairs?

Do not trouble getting them. They aren’t worth it. Inexpensively made, and they keep falling off.

Question Question 4

Is The Eyeliner Waterproof?

Yes.however it might not hold your lashes in location.??

Question Question 5

If The Lashed Are To Long Can You Cut Them.Outside Ones Only.We Like The Demi Eyelashes( Child Demi Lashes )?


Question Question 6

Can You Put Mascara On The Lashes?


Question Question 7

Do You Have These Offered In Brown?

thanks for reaching out, till now, we just have black false lashes

Question Question 8

How Do You Get rid of The Eyeliner?

Utilize a carefully Moisturizer like coconut oilor a mild Eye comprise cleaner??

Question Question 9

Do You Wait on It To Dry Prior To You Use The Lashes? Can We Do Our Eye shadow First? -* First Time User.?

No we would use our eye shadow initially tend to be damp and it may smear if not dry??

Question Question 10

Is The Eyeliner Waterproof?


Question Question 11

Is The Eyeliner Waterproof?


Question Question 12

Are These Hypoallergenic?

we are uncertain however we had no concerns and like them they look excellent and use excellent

Question Question 13

Do You Need To Wash The Lash After Using And Keep In Box?

Yes Just the lash band. a Qtip and comprise remover.then enable them to dry.hope this assists??

Question Question 14

How Do You Get rid of The Eyeliner?

Thanks for reachingout the makeup cleaner can work with the magnetic eyeliner

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Honice Magnetic Eyeliner with Magnetic Eyelashes Kit False Lashes, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We purchased these since we have had a difficult time with other lashes (the glue kind that we formerly purchased we needed to battle with them and quit.) a good friend mored than happy with her purchase ofthese She stated that are lot much easier to utilize than the glue or the magnetic ones that you need to sandwich in between your own. We need to confess they are so simple to use. One coat of liner and breeze. We did include more of our own liner to our eyes though to wing it outmore We are 53 and in the beginning idea we would examine done. Our spouse informed me, we like your natural appearance, however this actually makes you look more youthful. Perk. Lol. We used them for a household wedding event. They remained on ideal from 11 am up until we took them off at 1am. We may cut them a little more however. We actually like them.

These magnetic lash liner is a video game changer. We were a bit concerned it would not work for us– we are asian with half lidded eyes for that reason most falsies are too huge or do not fit the shape of our eyes. And to contribute to that, our covers are very oily so routine glue does not stick for long. Since of that, we have actually been getting lash extensions for the previous 3 years however we have actually been discovering ourself less and less tolerant of sitting for 2-3 hours to have them place on. Now with lash liner, we can conserve our eyelashes and time. There was extremely minimal experimentation– the first time we attempted them, we utilized 2 layers of the magnetic liner & the lashes remained on for 5 hours. After 5 hours, the liner began to flake on our inner cover (which is the most oily part of our lashes) and part of the lash came off. We were at house checking the lashes so it didn’t matter. The 2nd time, we prepped our oily eyelids with guide & powder to absorb the oil. Then we included 3 layers of magnetic liner, letting each layer dry 1st prior to including the next layer. We popped the lashes on quickly (they fit completely), then we utilized the little anchors on the inner & external parts of our eyes. Lashes remained on completely for 12 hours– and we were using them out and about in the arizona summertime heat (that has to do with 110 ° f/43 3 ° c). Looooove these lashes.

We have actually used lashes considering that we were14 Let s simply state we have actually been doing it a long period of time and our bad natural lashes have actually paid the rate. They are naturally and fine so we need to put a boat load of mascara on them simply to be seen on a regular day with no falsies on. We likewise have delicate eyes so about 30 minutes after utilizing the glue a minimum of among our eyes will wind up being red and scratchy. We saw the vedio for these lashes on within 1 minute. We were right away drawn to the concept of the magnetic luster of the application. The appeal of the various designs made us wish to get every set. We have actually never ever been this delighted about a charm product considering that mac came out with our lip gloss. (which seems like 100 years ago). Simply to make it comprehended how delighted we had to do with getting these and attempting them on the 2nd they got here, we didn’t get them till late at night-almost midnight and we still placed on a complete face of makeup so we might play with these charms and omg if we hadn t currently invested a silly quantity of time playing with our makeup as it was we would have let ourself cry delighted tears since our diamond lashes were one of the most #amazeballs addition to our regimen we might ever picture. We were freaking out that it worked and it was the coolest minute ever that somebody s dream ended up being truth and we had the ability to participate of it amongst a lot of other females. Thank you to the lashes kit for making our peepers pop once again. We are never ever taking them off. (put on t concern, we did, cos we understand you re expected to lol however we reeeeeally do like them. ).

Sooo we saw this include on facebook for magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes. We have actually constantly been dreadful at using falsies with eyelash glue. So we took the possibility and bought these magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner for $12 on. Boyyyy let us inform y all, we are satisfied. They were incredibly simple to use and the eyeliner is excellent. They are simple to move likewise. You can actually discriminate and they are recyclable.????.

We are was falsey virgin however nomore We remember our mama fumbling with them and regluing and rearranging them up until that little tube was squeezed mercilessly, glue was all over. Other than where it required to be, on her penny shop purchased lashes. Quick forward years to a month earlier. We had our other halves 50 th class reunion to go to. On the recommendations of a charming little 18 years of age at the harley davidson dealership and our animal health center oncology tech, we acquired investigated and acquired the magnetic eyelashes. And we do imply investigated. From sephora to cosmetic counters at significant outlet store to. These fulfilled our requirements, particularly, we desired quality however didn’t wish to invest excessive if they weren’t going to workout Keep in mind, we had actually never ever used eyelashes prior to this experience. We had not even utilized eyeliner in years since it took too long to get those straight, lol. The occasion was now simply days away, we believed we better get those fuzzy catapillars out of package. It took all however 8-10 minutes to get a more than reasonable outcome. The reunion day came. With self-confidence from our one dry run, with no previous falsies experience ‘clicked’ those infants on. Our eyes popped. They were comfy, we felt quite and forgotten them (when we understood they weren’t going to fall off). At the end of the night they came straight off with extremely light pulling. The magnetic liner cleaned up straight off with ‘basic’ comprise cleaner fabrics with all our other makeup, no extra effort. If you are thinking about these, proceed and find the very best offer on the “m°5″”viciley lashes” They are precisely the very same. Our suggestions: use 2 coats, enabling each coat to dry entirely. Start with inner corner of eyes initially. If they are too long you can cut the very first 1/4 or? and simply inhance the external lashes. Still utilizing the eyeliner throughout the entire cover. Tidy the lashes after each usage with a mild liquid makeup cleanerwatch a youtube video or a few of them for more suggestions. These are ones that we found extremely beneficial with these lashes. As you understand there are a lot of options on how to boost your lashes. If you’re not abundant enough for the hair salon experience, with some practice and self-confidence you will be lovely and have the lashes if that adorable little cashier at the harley dealership. Next test. Can we ride with them ??.

Formerly had a set of magnetic lashes from a various brand name and they were excellent however after losing one we began getting another brand name lashes. That got too pricey after a year plus we missed out on using liner so we got this set of magnetic. We like them. Use mascara prior to putting them on it ¡ ¯ ll make your natural lash black and ugly and you shouldn ¡ ¯ t lose them. We put one set on, and it ¡ ¯ s practically like having lash extensions once again. Would certainly suggest. We didn ¡ ¯ t have a difficult time putting them on (possibly since of previous experience?) however you might need to practice.

We checked out every evaluation and chose we would begin with 2 layers of eyeliner for the very first day. We attempted just one layer later on. We had absolutely no concerns with ease of usage, the lashes remaining in location or convenience. Definitely like this product incredibly basic to utilize excellent hold we will certainly buy once again.

So incredible. We have actually attempted other lashes in the past and they were never ever this simple. The lashes sat tight all day and looked excellent. We sanctuary t utilized the anchors as we sanctuary t required to yet. Terrific product. You won t be dissatisfied.

We purchased this product for our relative, she has actually never ever had the ability to place on false eyelashes the standard method. With this product, she just use 2 coats of eyeliner, let it dry, and the eyelashes just stick on on their own. She is pleased she bought 2 tubes of eyeliner since she is going to use these anytime she goesout. She looks so lovely. Thank the magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes.

We definitely like these lashes. They are incredibly simple to utilize. We were doubtful when we initially found out aboutthese Absolutely nothing appears to be simple when you have small blonde eyelashes. However we were tired of the expense of eyelash extensions and the glue was a little bit of a discomfort sometimes (actually). We got our very first tao paires of honice and tried the magnetic liner however made such a mess (we have a little bit of hooded eyes so it was going all over lol). We believed this is rediculous. However, the good news is we kept attempting. Now, we are professional at putting the eyeliner on relatively rapidly and quickly pop those lashes right in location. Boom. We like the various designs so we can use our lashes for daily workplace appearance and wham them with our lashes’s to go glam. All we can state so far is that we likethese And we extremely suggest them. Have a good time. Use various designs. Be the very best you that you have. And make others envious with your “wow” eyes.

Im in love. Most likely the very best eyeliner and eyelashes we bought up until now. Really soft and they stick extremely safe and secure to the eyeliner. We didn’t understand that there were 2 set of eyelashes, so it was a good surprise for us to find the additional set. Liked the eyeliner too. Really simple to utilize, excellent brush, great texture, excellent quality, simple to get rid of however still remains on eyes all day. Truthfully, we would even simply buy the eyeliner without eyelashes since it’s actually gread. Absolutely worth your cash. We will buy it once again for sure.

If you are older and have wrinkly eyelids you’re going to have a harder time keeping them on. We suggest painting a quite broad line of the magnetic eyeliner in order to keep the lashes in location. The lashes are excellent quality, and they look excellent, although we cut my own down since they’re long. The magnetic eyeliner likewise looks great as the lashes entirely cover it up. Nevertheless, throughout the day the liner can end up being bumpy or move about, which is why we are ranking 4 stars rather of 5. It assists to actually clean your eyelid with a toner ahead of time to assist the liner remain in location.

Ok, these lashes are remarkable. Super simple to place on and look so incredible. These are our very first phony eyelashes ever and we like them. We got a lot of compliments on how lovely we looked. Our sweethearts and spouse were satisfied that they look so natural (diamond and advertisement811). It was incredibly hot and we had a monsoon however these lashes held up. It does take some getting usage to however soooo worth the cash.

You people, put on t think twice on this purchase. We remain in love with these lashes. We work like a male however like to appear like a girl. These magnetic lashes remain out throughout the day, even riding horse in the dirt) they are quick to place on and you get 2 sets in the bundle. You get the glam appearance and they are great and complete with excellent length (enough time you might reduce for simply a wispy corner eye) likewise the product packaging is actually adorable this would make an amazing present for any lady that likes lashes however battles with glue or is to difficult on lash extensions. Side note these kick the butts of brand names at ulta and other cosmetic shops.

Wonderfully packaged. The lashes remained on well for the 5 hours we used them. The lashes were significant all the method throughout. We just want they were a little less filled on the inner cover and slowly extended towards the external eye. We picked to use our own liner then paint over it with the magnetic liner supplied. The eyeliner was glossy over our routine matte liner which we stressed over however once the lashes were on we could not see the glossy liner. We fretted the 2 liners would impact how well the lashes remained on however we had no issues at all. General delighted with the product.

We checked out lots of evaluations prior to purchasingthese They are should have. They are incredibly soft and lovely. We generally use kiss strip lashes (in photo) the eyeliner was simple to place on. If you desire a thinner line simply utilize a different brush. And we utilize infant oil as a comprise cleaner, so we had no issue eliminating the makeup after. We needed to cut these down to our eye shape however they still work excellent. We are so delighted we got these.

We have actually attempted numerous various brand names of magnetic lashes, and these are our preferred. The liner is the greatest we have actually utilized and the lashes are light-weight and balanced. Other brand names we have actually attempted have actually had more lashes on one eye than the other, however these are even. One set is more for day-to-day wear and the others are more significant appearance. We did need to cut off 1 magnet on each for them to fit our eyes, however with 5 magnets, it’s not an issue. We provided 4 stars bc the liner brush is a bit larger and not as exact as some others, however with practice it will be simply great. Extremely suggest.

We have actually used strip lashes every day for 2 years and after that in 2015 got a dreadful allergic reaction to any and every lash glue. It was a big knock to our self-confidence as our lashes indicated a lot to me. We attempted whatever and ultimately quit till our partner stated about lola lashes. Never ever will recall, they are remarkable. Fiddly to begin however with time and practice we can get them on in 3 minutes and they last throughout the day and night. Thank you honice lashes for providing us our self-confidence back. Huge vibrant comprise is whatever to us so we use the diamond lashes and love them a lot. Thank you thank you thank you.

Super light and mild to use. Our only unfavorable remark is that these lashes are method to significant for daily – workplace – wear. We will use this set of lashes for unique occasions and going out and utilize the magnetic liner with other lashes for daily wear. The technique to using these lashes is to let the liner dry a bit prior to using the lashes.

We acquired the magnetic lashes kit. We desired something natural looking however still better than what we can attain with mascara (we have brief sporadic lashes, and mascara simply makes them look average). We utilize magnetic lashes when a year if that therefore we are not excellent at using them. These had to do with as simple as any other lashes we have actually utilized and we got the very first eye on after 3 attempts, and the 2nd eye on the very first shot. What we liked most about these lashes was the material band. We did not require to utilize any glue to mix it in, it looked natural all by itself. The rate is so excellent that we chose not to return them. If you’re searching for a natural appearance certainly go with these lashes.

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