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Heated Eyelash Curler - Acavado Electric Eyelash Curler Electronic Eye Lashes Curling Comb

Heated Eyelash Curler – Acavado Electric Eyelash Curler Electronic Eye Lashes Curling Comb

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Heated Eyelash Curler – Acavado Electric Eyelash Curler Electronic Eye Lashes Curling Comb.

  • Heat-up in 7 Seconds ‘Made of high thermal conductivity of nickel-chromium alloy, eyelash curler heats up super quick and quite hot. Sturdy and long lasting. Note: If in your place the weather is too cold, pls allow it more time to get pre-heated
  • Large Heat Release ‘ Two temperature adjustments: one is 45-65 „ƒ, another is 65-85 „ƒ, practically fit for different occasions. The heat is what makes this curler amazing at producing dramatically swept-up curls in record time. You can sweep your lashes up to a gorgeous curve in one or two slow swoops
  • Over-temperature Protection ‘ Strip insulation groove design, much safer to protect your eyelid from the heating unit. Note: Pls let your mascara get dry enough, then use our heated eyelash curler to curl, or mascara would be easily removed.
  • Elongated Brush Head with Curved Design ‘ The deep, well-spaced grooves make it easy to hold your lashes in place as you gently bend them upwards, better fit lashes arc, create a long lasting and graceful curling effect
  • Decent Battery Life & Reliable After-sales Service ‘ 3.7V lithium battery power supply, USB charging of cycle use, portable and more environmentally friendly; We offer 1 year satisfactory after-sale service, if you have any issues about the products, feel free to contact us

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Heated Eyelash Curler – Acavado Electric Eyelash Curler Electronic Eye Lashes Curling Comb.

Question Question 1

How Do You Do This Without Your Lashes Clumping?

you can use the heated eyelash curler to curl first, then apply the mascara; Or after applying the mascara, you can use a eyelash comb to seperate your eyelash first, untill it get dry, then use the heated eyelash curler to curl.Check our eyelash comb via here: you can use the heated eyelash curler to curl first, then apply the mascara; Or after applying the mascara, you can use a eyelash comb to seperate your eyelash first, untill it get dry, then use the heated eyelash curler to curl.Check our eyelash comb via here:https://www. .com/Eyelash-Eyelashes-Separator-Mascara-Applicator/dp/B07RLG2C92/ref=sr_1_3?m=A1C67IGZDEZPUM&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&qid=1576203565&s=merchant-items&sr=1-3

Question Question 2

Do We Have To Put Mascara On Or Can We Just Curl Our Eyelash And Will It Have The Same Effect?

thanks for your interest in our electronic heated eyelash curler, we are happy to answer you.If you have long eyelashes, no need to apply mascara then get a curly effect, but if don’t, we suggest you’d better apply mascara.In short, with mascara better than without.

Question Question 3

Can This Be Used On Lash Extensions?

we have not tried it on lash extensions yet. we are thinking it would probably be ok on strips, but we are not sure what it would do to the glue for individuals. On your real lashes, they work wonderfully.

Question Question 4

How Can We Return This.We Bought 2 One Was For A Gift.The Other Was For Us And Iit Did Not Curl Our Ladhes At All.?

we returned mine for the same reason.Just look up your order and select the option to send it back.It’s really easy

Question Question 5

Can It Be Heated? How Heat Can It Get?

Yes, it is a rechargeable heated eyelash curler, two temperature adjustments: low temperature can reach up to 45-65 ?, high temperature can reach up to is 65-85 ?

Question Question 6

We Purchased Mine And January And The Tip Already Broke. How Do We Get A Replacement Under The Warranty?

pls contact us via your order ID, our after-sale customer will help to send a new replacement, thanks for choosing us and stay safe.

Question Question 7

Do You Have To Use The Traditional Curler On The Lashes First? Our Eye Lashes Are Very Straight.?

No, we first apply 3 coats of water proof mascara first, then use the curler. Love it and the charge lasts forever.

Question Question 8

Can Anyone Help Me? We Have Coarse Stick Straight Lashes. We Keep Blinking So We Can T Hold It Long Enough. Any Advice?

Try holding it under your lashes at the base for a bit so it warms them up and then SLOWLY curve it upward, taking your time with it until they start to curl up.You may need to do this several times for it to work.The heat should make them curl up but do it slowly.Be patient.

Question Question 9

How Do You Get Protective Cover Off?

simply pull it off.Hope we can help you in this case,if you still have further problem, you are welcome to contact our customer service via your order, they will be willing to service you.:)

Question Question 10

The Power Button Keeps Blinking Blue, Is This Normal Or Is It Defective?

thanks for reaching out, we are willing to answer you.It is normal. When blue light flashing once, it is under low temperature mode; When blue light flashing twice, it is under high temperature mode.And the heated eyelash curler will be auto turn off after 3 minutes for saving power, you just need to turn it on thanks for reaching out, we are willing to answer you.It is normal. When blue light flashing once, it is under low temperature mode; When blue light flashing twice, it is under high temperature mode.And the heated eyelash curler will be auto turn off after 3 minutes for saving power, you just need to turn it on again.Pls note if you have any problems, feel free to get back to us via your order, we surely will try our best to offer a 100% satisfactory solution.

Question Question 11

Can This Be Used On Men Eyelash?

if you apply mascara, we think it works.

Question Question 12

Should We Use It Before Or After Mascara Get Dry?

we use Lancôme Lash Booster first, then finish our blush and powder allowing the booster to dry, then curl and then apply mascara last.This is an amazing eyelash curler.Love it love it.

Question Question 13

Is This Item Returnable?

we guess, but we missed our window as it was for Christmas, so we couldn’t return it. Don t get it

Question Question 14

How Deepth The Comb Is, Can Hold Eyelash Well?

we like this comb. You put mascara on first and comb upward from the base. The more slowly you brush the lashes upward, the longer they are heated and the more curl you get. There is enough depth to hold the lashes in sections, enough width to cover 75% of the eyelid base—for us that is most of the eyelashes.

Question Question 15

We Have A Few Lashes That Grow Down On The Upper Lid Would This Work Instead Of Getting Our Lashes Pulled From The Doctor?

we can’t be sure but we think it would work. we were surprised how well it brought our lashes up. You do need to try it a few times.

Question Question 16

Can This Be Used On3D (Fiber) Mascara?

thanks for your concerns on our heated eyelash curler, we are willing to answer you.Sure, you also can use it on fiber mascara.

Question Question 17

We Are New On Curling Eyelash, Does Anyone Can Let Know If This Heat Curler Fits To A Begginer?

Yes, we will suggest a begginer use a heated one, because brilliant beauty like eyelash curlers may clamp your eyelid if you are not so familiar with. This is easy, and safe enough, won’t burn eyelid.

Question Question 18

Is Anyone Find That It Auto Shut Down After A While Using? Is This Normal? Or It Get Broken? But We Pressed The Button Again, It Worked.?

thanks for shopping in our store, and hopefully you enjoy using our heatedeyelash curler.This is normal, auto shut off feature is designed for safety problem and power saving.:)

Question Question 19

Our Naughty Dog Bit The Cable Into Piece, Can We Use Other Cable?

of course you can use other USB cable, the cable is a international standard one.

Question Question 20

How Well Does It Work On Thick Lashes?

we have fairly thick lashes and if we go slowly up our lashes we think it works good.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Heated Eyelash Curler – Acavado Electric Eyelash Curler Electronic Eye Lashes Curling Comb, these might be useful for better understanding.

We honestly feel like this heated eyelash curler is a game changer. Everyone should have one. We have medium length course straight eyelash and have been fortifying and growing our eyelash using castor oil (which seems to be working and a healthier and natural alternative to latisse) and we were looking for an actual curler to accentuate our lashes. For the most part with the usual metal eyelash curler (squeezer really) and mascara, we were only able to bend our eyelashes slightly upwards. Never looked great but it was better than nothing. So with some research we found out about heated eyelash curler and with some more online search through came upon vivifast heated eyelash curler. Simply put it works. Our eyelashes are curled upwards (not bent) and it stays throughout the entire day and probably night if we didn’t wash our face. Highlights- the design of the curler has the heating coil mechanism encased in a hard plastic sleeve with ridges for your eyelash to go to. So essentially really no way you can burn yourself – though you can feel the heat from the curler. Also we were able to bend the tip slight to get a better angle especially for the corners of the eye. – lightweight (no battery and chargeable with usb cord) so you can easily switch from one side to the other in order to reach the inner/out corners of your eye with the tip which results in better curls. – super fast heating mechanism (30 seconds) and it has auto shut off- fairly simple to use, you run it through your eyelashes and kind of press down to curl. Another buyer complained that there doesn’t seem to be a way to curl your eyelashes because it didn’t have something to clamp down like a hair curler. But honestly your eyelash (no matter how long) will curl with a slight pressure down. How to use- we youtubed it to find out that you start by bending your eyelash with the traditional metal curler, put on mascara, wait to let it dry, turn on vivifast eyelash curler (because it does not take long to heat up) and then curl your eyelash. You can repeat with mascara and curling again if you need to. It does add about 2-3 min. To our usual makeup routine but this nothing compared to getting eyelash extensions or even using false eyelashes. – we think the use of heat may tend to dry your eyelashes, however in our case we use castor oil at night and our eyelashes are not brittle. We would recommend this product and actually plan to get it for several of our family members as gifts because we know they would appreciate it as much as we do.

We just received this awesome vivifast electric eyelash curler today. We couldn’t wait to try it. We definitely was not disappointed. We absolutely love it. The heat is just the right temperature and feels nice.

We love this re-chargeable heated eyelash curler. No need for batteries or for it to stay plugged in. It works well, we did have to really go over our lashes 7 to 8 times to get the full lift up of the lashes but it was worth it. We used it 3 times before mascara and 3 to 4 times after we applied mascara. Its the same principle as curling your hair with a curling iron. The heat does help with pushing your lashes up and at a curl. It holds all day. The usb charger port is in the bottom of the device as you can see in our pictures we attached to this review. It also comes with a brush that you can use to brush off any mascara residue that is left on the curler after it cools. It also comes with a clear cap to put in the curler once it cools when you are done. Great product for the price it is. :).

Definitely works. We were skeptical, but gave it a shot. We love this thing. It definitely works and, added bonus, it has a usb connection, so you don’t need to use batteries. Highly recommend.

Love that it is rechargeable with 2 different heat setting. We have thin flat lashes that never hold the curl and this one works wonders. Last all day. We typically apply a light coat, let it dry, curl, then apply another coat.

Was skeptical about this heated eyelash curler but so excited to test it out. As the directions say you use it after you put mascara on. It does the job. It lifts, curls and lasted all day. So happy that we finally bought it. It makes our lashes look extra long.

We have been using an old type of eyelash curler for years and it finally broke. We looked up eyelash curlers on thinking we were just going to get the same old type again even though we are not really a fan of them because they do pinch your eyelids. To our surprise we saw this electric heated eyelash curler. We were skeptical we will admit at first but after reading a lot of the reviews we decided to try it. We thought “this has to be too good to be true”. We are so glad we ordered this electric heated eyelash curler. It’s the best. It works great and keeps our eyelashes curled all day.

Adding this lil beauty buddy to all of our reccomendation lists. The heated eyelash curler by vivifast is the not only beautiful, but also works. As you can see in the photo our eyelashes are fanned and full of volume. It s beautiful. We love how quickly it heats and how gentle it is on the lash. It s easily rechargeable and and very compact. Great product.

We have long, thin, irregularly curly lashes that have been an absolute curse. The ones on the outside edges curl inwards towards our nose, and curlers make it worse. Most heated curlers don’t get hot enough to make a difference, but this one does. We comb down from the top and slightly outwards, and it effectively straightens our lashes. Then we sweep up from below like normal and we end up with beautifully flared, normally curved lashes. And it works without mascara on as well as with. Total lifesaver.

We simply love this item. We cannot wear mascara due to an allergy to it but we got this in hopes of curling the lashes we do have. We were worried it wouldn t work without mascara but it absolutely does. Heats up quick; curls our lashes quick and our lashes stay curled. If we have to touch up, this is quick since this item heats up in a few seconds. We recommend this to anyone who curls their lashes. We could never get those other metal ones to work without mascara or work at all for that matter. We love the heat choices, and since you plug it in, also a huge bonus.

We got this to replace an ardele brand heated curler we got at a beauty supply store. This one is soo much better. It gets warm really fast and has more of an opening so your lashes can reach the heating element better. Being rechargeable is amazing since we are not blowing through double a’s anymore. It gets fairly warm but not enough to burn your eyelid (though poking your eye would hurt a lot we would imagine). We use it before we put on our mascara so we don’t clog it up with makeup and it works great. Just slide up your eyelashes and then press in towards your eye a little and hold in place for a few seconds for a more dramatic effect. Takes a few rounds per eye. This curler is perfect in every way except 1. When working on 2 eyes we find that after getting the first done and quickly putting mascara on that it automatically turns off shortly into the 2nd eye so suddenly we notice it doesn’t feel as warm and it’s like hey. But you just turn it back on so that’s why we only took off 1 star for that. Otherwise perfect.

We were really very skeptical when we first saw this product, but after using it only one time we couldn’t believe the difference in our eyelashs. They were so much longer it was as if we were wearing false eyelashs. It only takes a second to heat up and after a couple of strokes on your lashes you’ve got beautiful long eyelashs. We are very impressed with this and will definitely be getting our family members one for christmas. .

We were leery. But we love it. We have had it for about a month now. We attached a picture. We ruined our lashes with fakes and extensions and the whole mess. We have recently started to grow them out and not mess with them. However they are very straight so you hardly ever see them if we don t do something with them. With all the lash thickening mascaras out there we were ripping them out with our eye lash curler so we had to stop doing that. Figured we would give this thing a try. We love it. It took us a couple tries to figure out the combo of mascara and curling and what not and what angle to brush at and all that biz. But we love it. It does the job for us. It s super easy to charge. It heats up very quickly. You don t have to worry about burning anything. Your eye is well guarded. In the picture the left eye lash is curled. The right is our normal. Give it a try. The only thing we wish it would have explained better is how to clean the thing up a bit after too many uses. We have just kind of fumbled through figuring it out on our own.

Our eyelashes started to kink on the ends of our left eye, and we could not get them to straighten out. Someone told us to try an electric eyelash curler so we bought this little thing. It s awesome. Heats up super fast, has a plastic guard so we don t burn our eyelid, and only needs to charge with a usb every few weeks. We just run it from our lid down our eyelashes for a few seconds and it straightens them right out. Love it.

Honestly didn’t believe it would work, and thought this was going to be a situation where people were convinced it was working when really it was just combing their lashes up. But was really surprised and happy when it worked. We first tried it without mascara, where others had said it worked for them without it fine, it did not work for us. But using it with mascara worked really great, and we even have lashes that face the exact opposite way they are supposed to so this is a real eye saver. Our only problem is it is so messy when the mascara gets all over the machine, that the next time we use it, it smokes for a few minutes while melting away the product. The little brush doesn’t even come close to starting to clean it. And the instructions say to not use water sooooo. We are looking into alternate options to clean the tiny little coil, here’s hoping we find something, because this little machine has really helped our eyes to stop itching from being poked constantly haha.

Now we can rock curled lashes. We were born with stick straight lashes and the regular lash curlers always ended plucking what few lashes we had instead of curling them. Btw, we have straight, short, thin, asian lashes. This tool plus the maybelline waterproof (because our eyes water) and our lashes stayed curled alllllllll day. Plus it heats up quickly.

The moment we received this heated eyelash curler, we plugged it in to our computer to charge. We were surprised how easy it is to use. All the reviews we read helped us choose this model. We are very very happy and will be telling our friends about it. Our eyelashes are usually very straight so we have had to use a traditional eyelash curler. We don’t like using the old fashioned crimp style curler because we loose a lot of lashes. This little device is just perfect. Use mascara that doesn’t clump immediately upon applying. Just a thin coat is all you need and the acavado does the rest. Lasts all day.

This eyelash curler is a total game changer. We love it. Our lashes are long, but they stick straight out. A regular eyelash curler had no effect whatsoever. We were so discouraged we were contemplating having them permed. Trying this heated curler was our last ditch effort before heading to the professionals. It took a little getting used to, but once we got the hang of it we were amazed at how effective it was. We use it before applying any mascara, or it will clump the lashes. We can’t help but think that the people who wrote the reviews stating it didn’t work had to have been doing it wrong. You can’t just brush it through the lashes. Just like a curling iron it has to be held there for a few seconds. We put it right at the roots and turn it up (keeping it at the roots), bending the lashes totally back so the protective rungs are resting right on our upper lid and hold it there for about 10 seconds. Those rungs keep the hot part from burning you, so it doesn’t hurt at all when it touches the lid. We do this several times across the lash line, and then we apply our mascara. We finally feel like our long lashes are accentuated and really look their best. Even when our daughter saw them for the first time she was blown away by how long our lashes looked. If you’re contimplating getting one of these little miracle workers, do it. You won’t be sorry.

We initially bought this because our traditional lash curler kept pulling out our eyelashes, but we suffered a hand injury while this one was being shipped to us that limited our mobility. We really had trouble gripping things with our hand and lost a lot of dexterity, so we thought we would give a quick accessibility review for anyone with similar issues:1. The avacado is pretty lightweight, but fits fairly easily in the palm of your hand. If you have trouble gripping things with your fingers, it’s fairly easy to maneuver your thumb in a way that holds. 2. No pinching motion necessary. (also no chance of ripping out eyelashes by getting them caught in the mechanism)3. It’s a lot bigger than a traditional eyelash curler, so if you have limited dexterity, you have a little more square inches to work with. 4. You do have to hold it in place for a little while at the base of your lashes, so if you’re at all heat-sensitive or have trouble holding your hands still for a while, it could prove difficult. That being said, we were able to get a fairly good curl just by “brushing” our lashes on a higher heat setting. On a purely functional level, it curls our lashes amazingly. It looks like we have false eyelashes on and only takes about a minute. We have had better luck using it before putting on mascara, but your mileage may vary.

We were impressed right away with how quickly this heats up, you push the button and its ready to go with in seconds. Our eyelashes are short and grown out and almost downward. We have a very hard time growing our lashes and we lose them very easily so we don’t like to use conventional eyelash curlers. So when we saw this we thought it was worth a try. And we are so glad we did. We know the instructions and a lot of reviews say to use after you apply mascara but our mascara takes forever to dry and the heat from this electric curler seemed to just make the mascara melt onto the curler making a mess so we cleaned it up and the next day we used it before our mascara and it worked great. Gave our lashes great curl upward. We are telling our daughter and her friends all about it.

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