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GOO GOO False Eyelashes

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of GOO GOO False Eyelashes.

  • 1. Remarkable Long Crossed Cluster Type & Numerous Layered ‘– Fluffy complete eyelashes with best natural layered result, vibrant attractive and glossy. 25 mm. Can be cut on the edges, make a stunning makeup. Suitble for day-to-day wear, celebration, celebration, picture shoot.
  • 2. Premium Mink Fur – Soft & Comfortable ‘– 100% siberian mink fur eyelashes. Genuine complete strip mink eyelashes feel more comfy than artificial lashes. Remarkable soft, natural curved, like human natural lashes, however not aggravate to your eyes.
  • 3. Hand Made Cotton Band – More Long Lasting ‘– Easy to set up with thick versatile band, hypoallergenic, thinner band than in the past, natural looking. Can be recycled more than 20-25 times with correct care. Hard to break down with long lasting lash strip.
  • 4. Just 0.5 g – Lightweight ‘– Each set of our 3D mink false eyelashes just weighs 0.5 grams. Light-weight “0” problems, no heavy sensation. You will not even feel their exist on your eyes. Cruelty-free Mink fur. These fine fibers originate from the tails of synthetic breeding minks’ natural falling hair and are sterilized and colored prior to they’re packaged as easy-to-install eyelashes.
  • 5. Bundle and Assurance ‘– 1 set 3D mink lashes. 100% Complete satisfaction Guarantee-Customers’ fulfillment is constantly our leading concern, No fulfillment 100% refund or exchange. If you have any issue with the products, please do not hesitate to call us, we will do the very best option.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on GOO GOO False Eyelashes.
Googoo hair is committed to the advancement of the greatest quality eyelashproducts We have our own brand name and factory, with more than 20 years history of false eyelashes. We produce eyelashes with high quality basic materials and expertly trained and knowledgeable employees. Whether it is the collection of basic materials to the production procedure, we bring out stringent quality assurance. Our objective is to offer the very best quality products, supply the very best service, and your fulfillment is our biggest inspiration. Read more Googoo 3D Mink Eyelashes Product Spec: 1. Product: Made From 100% siberian mink fur, complete strip mink lashes, vibrant and soft. 2. Usage times: Can be recycled 20-25 times with excellent care. Constantly deal with the lash from the band preventing getting the lash fibers. 3. Ideal location: This lashes design is best for day-to-day wear, expert application like Wedding event Occasion & Picture shoot & dating night or a ladies night & graduation & birthday celebration. 4. Bundle: 1 set of strip mink lashes with high-end logo design box. Read more Googoo Eyelashes Benefit: Perfect 3D result Perfect 3D layered result, supplying flawlessly mixed outcomes with your natural lashes for a flirty, complete surface and can keep the great curl all the time. Bushy result The eyelashes reveal a bushy result. In life, your eyes are gorgeous and energetic with this eyelashes. When you sign up with a celebration, it can bring attractive results with eye makeup. Comfy and light-weight Comfy: soft hand crafted cotton band. extremely thin, soft, strong, not aggravate eyes. Natural: 100% genuine mink lashes, handcrafted from the softest naturally shed siberianmink hair. 3D mink eyelashes VS Synthetics silk Genuine Mink Fur product is with shinning, black color, pure and consistent. pure natural high quality, comfy as your own eyelashes. can be utilized 20-25 times with excellent care. Artificial Silk: Made with artificial silk. Strong. can just be utilized 5 times. Read more How to utilize and get rid of: Ues the eyelashes: 1. Eliminate the false eyelashes, and cut it to fit your eye length. 2. Usage both hands to change the false eyelashes to fit your eye curve. 3. Thoroughly use the glue to the main stem of the false eyelashes. 4. Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry till the glue is practically transparent. This is the perfect time to use lashes to eyelids. 5. Close the eyes as proper and guarantee an appropriate fit by blinking. 6. See the best and shining eyes. Eliminate the eyelashes: Dip in with cotton swab in discharge makeup fluid, in false eyelash glue it cleaned carefully let loose, false eyelash will carefully get rid of eyelash from eye end, to get rid of eyelash glue, fingers will pave eyelash, put it in a box. Read more 100% Ruthlessness Free: All of our products are 100% Ruthlessness Free. We definitely enjoy all furry pals and all the product of our mink fur lashes are combed carefully by our employees. We follow the animal protectionism strictly all the time and will never ever injure the animals. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on GOO GOO False Eyelashes.

Question Question 1

Do You Required An Eyelash Applicator To Put These On?

we put them on with our fingers and use the glue to the main stem of the false eyelashes.They even provided a really beautifultweezer in the bundle.

Question Question 2

Do They Appear Like The Picture Advertised?

we will publish an image

Question Question 3

What Is The Call Of The E-11 Lashes?

Dear pal, it is MIDDLE2-18 mm

Question Question 4

Are These Lashes As Excellent As Blac Iced Lux Mink Lashes? We Understand Those Lashes Band Is Really Comfy And Lightweight? Are They Genuine Mink?

Yes they are as excellent as Blac iced lux mink lashes?. Yes the lash band is extremely comfy and light. And yes their 100% genuine mink??

Question Question 5

For How Long Is The Eyelash, Are These Recyclable?

Dear, This E80 eyelash is our long bushy series, it is 15-25 mm, hypoallergenic, no damage to your eyes, can be recycled more than 20-25 times with correct care. difficult to break down, you will not even feel their exist On your eyes.

Question Question 6

Are The Lashes Made From Mink Fur Hair?

Yes, 100% siberian mink hair, however specifying that the lashes are cruelty-free.

Question Question 7

How Is This Product Ruthlessness Free When You Utilize Genuine Minks To Make This Product?

Business claim they gather hairs after shedding??????

Question Question 8

What Lash Glue Is Finest To Utilize With These?

Weave Bond Glue (Black)

Question Question 9

Will These Eyelashes Fall Off? Other Brands We Purchased Prior To Will Fall Off.?

The band is extremely strong, light and comfy.

Question Question 10

Are They Specific Lashes That Are Whispy And Curly Mink As Shown In Pictures?

Yes, dear. Our eyelashes images are taken according to the genuine products, you can describe the length description on the page to pick the type you like.

Question Question 11

Do This Lashes Originate From China?

Dear pal, this lashes remains in stock in U.S.A., it is delivered by. it will show up quicker.

Question Question 12

We Didn’T Know They Couldn’T Get Wet.Is There A Method To Repair Them?

Hi Raegan, Thanks for your question dear.If the eyelashes get damp, you might let it dry naturally dear. Hi Raegan, Thanks for your question dear.If the eyelashes get damp, you could let it dry naturally dear.Please prevent contact with chemical products such as alcohol and seawater, that may wear away the glue of the eyelashes.Hope this is valuable to you dear.Any questions please do not hesitate to let us know.Best regards.Goo Goo Hair

Question Question 13

Do They Shed?

Not, we like them.

Question Question 14

Which Lash Design Is E9?

Dear pal, the DAILY1-16 mm is E9

Question Question 15

Does The Eyelasheshave To Have White Around The Line?

Dear, our eyelashes do not have white around the line, what you saw in the image might be the glue on the line.

Question Question 16

What Is The Call Of The A14 Lashes?

Hi Kalynn, Thanks for your question dear.The name of A14 lashes is”DAILY2-16mm” Hi Kalynn, Thanks for your question dear.The name of A14 lashes is”DAILY2-16mm” Hope this is valuable to you dear.Best regards.Goo Goo Hair

Question Question 17

What S The Length On These Lashes?

A14 is 15 mm, E3 and E4 is 16 mm, E11 and D22 is 18 mm. we like long length, so we got the E80, 25 mm. If you desire brief type, you can attempt others. They are gorgeous and comfy, we like them.

Question Question 18

Why Is It Taking So Long When They Re In Eugene Where We Live And States Now Not Til Friday?

Dear customer, in order to let our customer get the items as soon as possible, we sent this product to warehosue, means us to deliver. General U.S. Address, the normal reveal is 3-4 days to show up, the expedited reveal is 1-2 days to show up. It will be slower in remote locations. So sorry about this.

Question Question 19

For How Long Are These?

Dear customer, this E80 eyelash is our long type. The brief part is 15 mm and the long part is 25 mm, which is crossed to form a bushy and natural result.

Question Question 20

Are These Actually Mink? Or Are They Artificial?

They are mink however cruetly-free, it will not aggravate eyes.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on GOO GOO False Eyelashes, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Abosolutely love these lash significant however stilllight weight, truly quite on. We bought 2 set.

Gurrrrrllll these eyelashes will alter the video game???????? they are so fluffy and light-weight. The band is genuine thin and not to heavy. They so comfy and gorgeous. Im consumed??????.

Actually the very first set of lashes we might place on ourself and they look right. We are so in love with them ?? long and fluffy. So charming.

Love the lashes. They are so comfy therefore quite. Most importantly cost effective. They are all so quite so we recommend get them all. Worth your cash.

Incredible lashes. We had actually been paying $26/ per set for lashes that are not just not as gorgeous as these, however the quality didn’t even measure up tothese We constantly get numerous compliments when we use any lashes by her. We will continue to buy.

Yall o my freaking goodness. This our first time attempting this length and im in love. We got soooo numerous compliments on our lashes. We have actually utilized our 1 set over 10 x and they still look incredible. Will be purchasing once again. They are beyond bomb.

These lashes are incredible. They re soft, light-weight, extremely simple to use and truthfully beautiful. These are some of the very best lashes we have actually ever bought truthfully 10/10 enjoy them.

The very best lashes we have actually bought up until now.?? these are so quite and absolutely light-weight, hardly seen they were on. They featured tweezers which was a surprise and we have actually liked and they look so excellent on me.????.

These are our outright preferred lashes. Such lightweight gorgeous lashes. Absolutely getting more sets after these ones. Such a great cost for fantastic quality lashes.

These lashes are severe video game changer, they re offering us life. We have actually never ever purchased a set we enjoy a lot. The majority of lashes we need to sit them on our lashes in a manner where they appear like they curl however these ones currently do so they make using them a lotbetter They re very light-weight and we forget they re there. 10/10 suggest. Won t be purchasing any other brand name from now on out.

Incredible. We operate in cosmetics and these are extremely high quality lashes. They are light-weight and comfy while still being complete, significant and consider that 3d result. The band is extremely versatile which is what we constantly search for in our falsies. We were beyond pleased when we got our very first set we have actually bought 3 more because for our set. The quality for the worth is simply incredible. Thank you for making these lashes.

We definitely enjoy these lashes. We invested $36 with a various business & we want we would ve seen these initially. Really simple to use & features a lash applicator. Up until now from what we can inform you can get numerous usages out ofthese The glue comes out quickly & doesn t cake like some lashes. We enjoy that. Absolutely a pleased customer & will be buying more.

Our preferred go to lashes. We are constantly getting asked and raving aboutthese We get numerous usages out them, they are complete completely and very lightweight.

They re significant so beware (if you re not into that sort of appearance). They re so long beautiful & light-weight which shocked us since many aren t. We enjoy the lashes particularly because they make your eyes pop??.

Similar to explained is available in an adorable little box with good strong tweezers too.

These are truly excellent lashes. They look complete and genuine. The majority of lashes put on t. However for the cost the lashes go above and beyond. We got the 25 mm ones we put on t keep in mind the type however they are excellent. It dosent even seem like they are on our face. They are extremely light and look excellent.

Enjoyed how natural and complete they were.

These lashes are definitely sensational. And fantastic quality. Extremely suggestthese We utilize them for unique celebrations, latest celebration was our thirtieth birthday photoshoot we had actually done.

We enjoy these lashes simple to use and they lasted the entire night absolutely something we would buy once again.

Enjoyed the lashes will absolutely buy once again in various designs, worth the cash. This is our brand-new lash tender and we could not be better discovering a business this fantastic. The employees are soo incredible and considerate loaded with joy they are worthy of the very best.??.

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