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Glossiva Extra Strength Eyelash Extension Glue - Black Adhesive/for Semi-Permanent Extensions

Glossiva Extra Strength Eyelash Extension Glue – Black Adhesive/for Semi-Permanent Extensions

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Glossiva Extra Strength Eyelash Extension Glue – Black Adhesive/for Semi- Irreversible Extensions.

  • EXTRA STRONG Thanks to the brand-new innovative formula, this eyelash extension glue has an unbelievable retention power, with eyelash extensions lasting as much as 7 weeks. The greatest bonding power and longest retention duration on the marketplace. The very best option for innovative lash extension stylists.
  • ULTRAFAST DRYING TIME 0.5- 1 seconds. This eyelash adhesive has actually been developed for extremely proficient lash artists, with incredibly quick drying time, to accelerate the eyelash extension treatments.
  • SAFE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS FROM JAPAN Medium Viscosity, Optimum Bonding Power, Medium consistency and really high strength. After strengthening, the glue ends up being versatile, without being fragile nor tough, to better incorporate the genuine and incorrect lashes. It can endure external forces such as rubbing, rubbing or cleaning.
  • QUALITY CONTROL Glossiva Eyelash extension glue is FORMALDEHYDE- FREE and LATEX- FREE. We safeguard you and your customers by supplying products of just the greatest superior quality, which adheres to ISO requirements 9001 and 14001.
  • REAL QUALITY FOR YOU Our company believe you will enjoy Glossiva Eyelash extension glue, however if there are any problems, do not think twice to call us and we will ensure you have a 5 star experience.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Glossiva Extra Strength Eyelash Extension Glue – Black Adhesive/for Semi- Irreversible Extensions.
Read more Glossiva Extra Strength Eyelash Extension Glue EXTRA STRONGULTRA QUICK DRYING TIMESAFE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS FROM JAPANREAL QUALITY FOR YOU ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Methyl 2- cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Hydroquinone, Carbon Read more PRODUCT PARTICULARS QUALITY FORMALDEHYDE- FREE and LATEX- FREE ULTRA QUICK DRYING TIME 0.5- 1 seconds RETENTION DURATION 5- 7 Weeks Check Out more Use Shake the bottle well Shake the bottle well for 30-60 sec. prior to usage and a little in between the drops. Modification the drop every 20-30 minutes as practicable. Utilize correct amount of glue This adhesive has low viscosity, and pulling extension out gradually ought to produce about correct amount, with an extremely small bead if at all. Do not swipe. After usage After usage, ensure TO clean up the nozzle and close the cap firmly. Read more Caution For eyelash extension specialists just. If contact with eyes takes place, hold the eyelid open and wash completely however carefully with only water for 15 minutes and get medical support asap. Do not utilize this product for self- application or utilize it with person, cluster or strip lashes. Read more Storage Standards The glue can be kept for 12 months if unopened and 2 months when opened.It is highly suggested that the seal needs to be undamaged prior to usage. It is best to utilize non reusable product packaging. When opened, it is best to consume simultaneously. When opened, air will have a major result on the glue s efficiency, and might make it unusable. Shop the glue in an upright position in a cool and dark place.If the glue is saved in a refrigerator, permit it to remain at space temperature level for 30 to 60 minutes prior to use.The preliminary outcomes of this product are significantly impacted by weather condition, humidity, operating conditions, and abilities, so it is not within the control of the maker. (Objectively, the greater the temperature level and the greater the humidity, the quicker the preliminary strengthening procedure will be, and vice versa.) Goal guidance: As long as it is prompt sealed and undamaged, with no contact with air and remain in a low temperature level environment, the quality would not be impacted by storage. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Glossiva Extra Strength Eyelash Extension Glue – Black Adhesive/for Semi- Irreversible Extensions.

Question Question 1

Does It Burn?

Yes it did burn a little.

Question Question 2

Can You Utilize This Glue For Strip Lashes?

Yes. we cut them into different pieces initially and after that utilize the glue. Nevertheless, without appropriate training on how to do this on closed eyes and with expert devices, this product will trigger huge stinging to your eyes (fumes).

Question Question 3

For How Long Does This Glue Last??

2 weeks

Question Question 4

Can You Utilize This Glue With Person Lashes That Have 3 On 1 Cluster?

90% of the time we utilize this glue with specific lashes, however if you actually understand what you re doing you CAN securely usage these with clusters for a better hold. Nevertheless, we wear t suggest utilizing with clusters if you ve never ever utilized this kind of glue.

Question Question 5

For How Long Will This Glue Keep The Lashes On??

About 3 weeks. You will then require a fill in as typical.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Glossiva Extra Strength Eyelash Extension Glue – Black Adhesive/for Semi- Irreversible Extensions, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually attempted lots of eyelash glue the majority of them didn’t bond excellent to our eyelids. We got this one to attemptout It bonded actually excellent to our eyelids. Easy to place on, didn’t come off when we fumed an sweetly. Functions actually well.

When our pals satisfied, they asked us where we chose it. They could not think it was grown by ourself. All individuals stated it was really gorgeous. So we rapidly got the link.

Fantastic glue burns a little however it s actually excellent remain on for about 2- 3 weeks.

This is a terrific lash glue for novices. It got ugly rapidly however likewise didn’t make a mess or program through the lashes. Was likewise extremely simple to get rid of and clean off the lashes letting us recycle them several times.

The quality is extremely simple to utilize, the glue does not aggravate the glasses, it took a while to examine, the result is especially excellent. If you like the pro, you can attempt.

We enjoy this eyelash glue, we sobbed today. Fortunately, our eyelashes didn’t come off and the glue didn’t burn our eyes from our tears. We wear t need to feel anxious about our lashes falling off trigger this glue is so strong. We have actually attempted over 20 various glues and this is our preferred. We wear t feel paranoid about our lashes fall off when it rains any longer. It s been drizzling a lot.

We enjoy utilizing lash extra strong adhesive on our customers. The retention is fantastic, works well even in humidity. You require the smallest quantity of product for fantastic retention. You can utilize a bit more adhesive on customers with oily eyelids. Dries really quick which is incredibly essential for skilled lash service technicians. This is incredible product, fairly priced which is extremely valued.

We are so fired up to stumble upon this glue after a suggestion from our child. We like how it dries rapidly and adheres right when you set it down our last glue took a bit too dry and in some cases would move the eyelash around when we blinked. It was simple to get rid of. We simply soak our lashes in a little cup of warm water and it came straight off. It states water resistant so we are delighted to attempt it this summertime with all the swimming we do.

Love the product. Excellent quality for the rate. Lash babes return every 2- 3 weeks filled with lashes. Update. The glue is excellent, and the reason there s numerous excellent evaluations is due to the fact that the business reaches out to you, to leave a 5 star evaluation and they will send you a complimentary adhesive or $25 present card. We made this foolish evaluation, squandered our time, and they wear t wish to send our complimentary product due to the fact that we are not sending out the appropriate screenshot of our evaluation.

Fantastic eyelash glue for using specific lashes. It took us a few attempts to master it. It was useful to give a little dot of glue and let it sit for a minute or 2 to get ugly then start to use. We just required to utilize an extremely percentage of glue. It was incredibly adhesive. Lashes did not come off. We would even go as far to state this glue is long-term. Just as our lashes grew and naturally fell out as brand-new lashes were can be found in did the phony lashes come off. The glue did aggravate our eyes and sting a little throughout application. We did not get any in our eye itself. The stinging was more from the glue being close to the eye. We simply took breaks as required while we were using our lashes.

We attempted some lash extensions in your home utilizing knot- complimentary lashes and picked this glue. Needless to state, it was a terrific option. Our lashes remained on for 4 weeks. Be alerted that simply this is an expert glue, so if you put the lashes on incorrect, take them off as rapidly as you can, due to the fact that it dries quick. Once it dries, there’s no getting it off unless you rub at your lashes with coconut oil and a q- suggestion, and it will aggravate your eyes. Likewise be forewarned that this does sting your eyes (like other expert lash extension glues).

This eyelash glue is the genuine offer. We utilize it on our customers along with our pals and ourself. Dries quick, magnificently mixes into black lashes, and remains for a long, very long time. Definitely suggest.

We believe this product has a terrific retention and is great for fast adhesion which will absolutely cut your service time down. Nevertheless the fumes are really strong so if you have a delicate customer or lots of delicate customers (as we do) either have an alternative for them or possibly this isn’t the best glue for you. We believe if you do not have this problem it can be an exceptional eyelash glue.

Very first time utilizing this product and it is incredible. We are certified esthetician and it worked incredible for us. The drying time is so practical, about 1- 3 seconds. Up until now it is lasting for the typical 2- 3 weeks on our customers without any problems or issues. You do need to shake the bottle a lot to ensure you get the correct dry time. Otherwise the product is simple to deal with. Will acquire once again.

We are more recent lash tech and we wished to attempt a few budget friendly glue alternatives. We enjoy this glue. It has actually done actually well with the various kinds of lashes we have actually utilized and does not dry white. It dries rapidly and has a great hold the entire day. We have actually simply changed just how much we will squeeze out at a time now and it’s not an issue. Up until now the retention on our customers is excellent. One mom has actually had hers for 2 weeks and at her fill there were still a great deal of lashes in location. We enjoy this as the rate so affordable and simple to acquire on.

This lash glue is among the very best we have actually ever utilized and the rate is affordable. It dries exceptionally fast, and keeps the lashes on actually long. The 5- 8 week retetention claim holds true. Really the very best lash glue we have actually ever utilized and the customer support is incredible. The sent out the follow up e-mail to ensure that we got the product on time which we did. The only glue we will be purchasing from now on.

This is a fantastic product. We are certified esthetician and lash tech & our most popular service are lash extensions. We attempted a few glues prior to attempting this one and they either required to be changed frequently or the extensions simply didn’t last. Our customers can increase to 5 weeks and still have half their lashes entrusted this glue. It didn’t trigger inflammation at all like others and dries so quick. It s really simple. Each of our customers enjoy how light their lashes feel and how simple they are to brush through. Fantastic product. We enjoy this and will purchase once again.

We have actually been a lash artist for a little over 2 years now. We can t think how well this glue works for the rate point. The dry time is fantastic to deal with. Our customers constantly inform us they can t even see where we have actually connected the extension to their natural lash. The consistency is ideal and we have no grievances. Extremely pleased.

It is challenging to get rid of as in it holds well. We do not utilize comprise daily, or ever actually. Possibly when every 2- 3 weeks so we wear t clean the lashes typically. With a complete set, they remain on about 1. 5 weeks to 2. We enjoy it.

We got an unique surprise, we can’t wait, due to the fact that we never ever went to the shop to graft eyelashes, and our eyelashes are really brief. Even our own mascara is really brief, we have no positive. We chose to attempt it ourself. The customer support sent us a video, we saw it a number of times, we chose it up, wow, it actually various, our eyes are especially excellent- looking, specifically pleased, the eyelashes are really gorgeous now, everybody needs to attempt it, do not think twice ~.

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