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GEMERRY 4D Eyelash Extensions

GEMERRY 4D Eyelash Extensions

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  • 120 Pcs premade 4d 0.07 mm d curl 8-14 mm blended russian volume eyelash extensions, made from Korea PBT
  • Tape in bottom, get the root of volume lashes, NEVER break down. Hold curl about 12 months
  • The premade fans eyelash is simple to choose without any residue and the paper strip layer is simple to eliminate
  • Thin stem fans mix better with glue, long last, soft, natural, light and supply mega volume appearance
  • Pre-fans conserve time, fantastic for producing natural appearance. Appropriate for hair salon or expert lash artist

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More Info:

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Premade Fans Lahes 4D GEMERRY 4D Lashes is a customized eyelash style for Volume Lashes (likewise called pre-made volume fans). One lash includes 4 ultra-thin and light-weight pre-fanned lashes thoroughly set up on the sticker label strip for simple pick-up and fast application. Read more Particulars Density: 0.07 mm/0.10 mm many people natural lash length resembles 0.07/ 0.10 mm Curl: C curl/ D curl C cul is the typical curl, many people natural lash curl resembles C curl; the kind of D curl is utilized to develop a more significant impact. Volume Lash Extensions 4D Premade Fans 4D: Brief stem, 10 fans/row, 12 rows, 120 fans/tray Length: 8-14 mm Mix 8-14 mm: 8mm x1 row, 9mm x1 row, 10 mm x2 row, 11 mm x2 row, 12 mm x2 row, 13 mm x2 row, 14 mm x2 row; Overall 12 rows/Tray Read more Emphasizes Pre-made Volume Fans 4D 4D fans, 12 rows/tray, 10 fans/row, 120 fans/tray; Short stem: much shorter base and larger fan, supplying a somewhat softer, fluffier appearance Upgrade Paper Strips Altering to Silver foil paper, more much easier to detachable from basis than other paper strips Conserving Graft Time Prefanned 4D, graft 4 eyelashes at the very same time, conserving a great deal of time Read more How to Utilize Properly? Clip the Roots of volume lash extensions, please do not nip the top of lashes. The volume lash extensions will not break down. Read more Long Stem 3D/5D Premade Volume LashesShort Stem 5D/8D Premade Volume LashesEasy Fan Volume LashesV-shaped Vehicle Fan Volume LashesClassic Person Eyelash ExtensionsEyelash Glue for Lash ExtensionsLash TypePremade FansPremade FansEasy FanAuto Fan V lashClassic lashEyelash GlueThickness0.07/ 0.10 mm0.07/ 0.10 mm0.03/ 0.05/ 0.07/ 0.10 mm0.05 mm0.07/ 0.15/ 0.18/ 0.20 mm5ml/10 mlLengthMix 8-14 mm; Single size of 12-18 mmMix 8-14 mm; Single size of 12-18 mmMix 8-14 mm/15-20 mm; Single size 11-20 mmMix 8-12 mmMix 8-14 mm/15-20 mm/20-25 mm * CurlC curl/ D curlC curl/ D curlC curl/ D curl/ DD curlC curlC curl/ D curl * ColourBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBlack

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