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Eylure Naturals False Lashes

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Eylure Naturals False Lashes.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Very First Time Users – Great for anybody who is not experienced with false lashes, natural fullness and length Eylure lashes are extremely simple to use and use throughout the day.
  • Lightweight and Natural – Include subtle fullness and additional length to your lashes and attain a natural, lovely lash line with our splendidly light-weight phony lashes
  • No Inflammation – Consisted of lash glue is non-irritating and will not trigger itching or puffiness, enabling you to quickly use your lashes throughout the day
  • Multiple-use – With this pack you get one set of multiple-use false lashes and lash glue, so you get several usages and enduring worth from your brand-new natural lash appearance

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Eylure Naturals False Lashes.
Color: 3 For very first time users or false lash pros, Eylure Naturals are the best option for natural, subtle and spectacular lashes. Easy to use and light-weight, delight in a natural complete lash line with simply the correct amount of length. The simple to utilize lash glue will not aggravate your eyes or trigger puffiness, and the natural false lashes are light as a plume, so you can quickly use your lashes throughout the day. Recycle your lashes to get extended worth from you phony lashes. When you require additional fullness and length, however you desire a more natural appearance, Eylure Naturals lashes are precisely what you’re searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Eylure Naturals False Lashes.

Question Question 1

We Have Really Oil Skin/Lids, Would This Glue Work?Or, Exists A Better Glue That Somebody Can Advise?

The glue that features it works however we generally utilize the clear Duo glue. we do not have extremely oil covers however the Duo glue is extremely good. we have actually oversleeped our lashes and they remained on.

Question Question 2

Do These Include Glue?

If we keep in mind properly it does not. our other boxes you can see the glue in package window. we hope this assists.

Question Question 3

Are You Able To Re-Use These Lashes?

Yes, simply carefully pull the glue off after each use.we normally get 5-7 uses out of these lashes.

Question Question 4

The Number Of Uses Can You Leave One Bundle Set?And Has Anybody Had Success With Using 2 Or 3 Days? Oversleeping These?

we normally get 3 uses out ofthese nevertheless, we do not oversleep them. we find that if we oversleep them.we do not get the durability of them.

Question Question 5

Can You Use Eye Liner With These If It’S The Pencil Type And Not The Liquid?

Yes, you can. The lash line is extremely thin so eye liner can be used like regular.

Question Question 6

What Color Are They? Black?

Yes, black.we extremely suggestthese Really simple to cut as the strip is thin, and we find makes it much easier to use.

Question Question 7

The Number Of Uses Can You Leave One Bundle Set?And Has Anybody Had Success With Using 2 Or 3 Days? Oversleeping These?

we just had one day to use them regrettably we feel asleep with them on and they fell off and we lost one. However over all they looked truly good on. we intend on bought another set.

Question Question 8

What Do You Utilize To Take The Lashes Off?

The lashes peal off extremely simple. we eliminate every night we do not oversleep them and get a couple days. As soon as eliminated you can eliminate any excess glue with makeup cleaner.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Eylure Naturals False Lashes, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is the very first time we have actually ever utilized falsies effectively. We are so thrilled since this appearance much like when we had extensions however expense actually 99% less than extensions. They re light-weight, so natural looking, therefore simple to get on. We didn’t need to cut mine at all. Our only problem is that they are little brief for the within our eyes however truly, you can t even inform (a minimum of we wear t believe you can). We simply placed on a bit of mascara to our real lashes after we have the falsies on and they mix completely. Extremely suggest these.

We have actually attempted magnetic lashes. We have actually had extentions also (extremely adverse the glue for the extentions). We are happiest with these lashes. Really simple to place on. Hold well (i utilize various glue, have not attempted the one they offer yet). These are so light we forget they exist. Method better than the 3d extentions and much more natural looking. Can’t fail for the rate, worth a shot. Pointer. As soon as you use the glue to the lash, blow on it about 10 seconds so the glue is ugly. Placed incorrect? eliminate and rearrange, glue must still be ugly. These pictures reveal the 3rd time we have actually used this set. Really delighted.

We are novice false lash user. These lashes were extremely simple to use. They are extremely quite, however extremely light (wispy and not complete). Our dark brown lashes are thick and curl well with mascara alone, yet they re not long. We used a light coat of black mascara to our own lashes prior to using the lash strip. The lash strip went on quickly enough, however looked amusing since they re so thin compared to our own lashes. We needed to use mascara to mix them well. As soon as the mascara was on, they looked truly excellent. Using mascara will lower the life of the lash, nevertheless. The width of the lash is excellent- no cutting needed. They re more like 3/4 length, which is extremely attractive when you wish to attain a more natural appearance. Our lashes look long, however not phony. These benefit every day use without looking too attractive. We would like a lash strip that we wear t need to include mascara to, so we can get longer life out of them. We likewise bought the 005 s and 117 s and am eagerly anticipating attempting to those. Glue: we utilized the glue that included the lashes on one eye and utilized duo white/clear glue on the other. – eylure glue: has a minor grainy fragrance odor which lasts. Triggered our eye to burn and we might feel that the lash strip existed. – duo glue: no odor or inflammation, and it didn’t seem like we had false lashes on.

If you are simply beginning out attempting lashes, or a professional. These lashes are fantastic. We like how they come staying up in the bundle, not adhered to it like a lot of are. It likewise features security tweezers little enough to manage. However the important things we definitely like is the glue. **** spoiler alert **** for those of you who wear t do latex glue. We wear t have an issue with it and like how it s not simply a tube. (however wear t let that stop you from utilizing this product.) it s a little bottle with a wand that offer you the best quantity that makes it simple for a novice not to put to much on the lash. Or for a professional it conserves time. They are light-weight and fantastic. We are using them today. We never ever believed we would find a set so simple to use and use. Thankful we purchased 2 set. It is so worth attempting these lashes.

Really, extremely natural. Easy to use relative to a number of the falsies we own which are more pricey. On in 2 minutes and lasted through an entire day of searching we are 30 miles per hour wind and snow. Likewise, we have actually recycled them a minimum of 3 times currently and they are still great as brand-new. Would extremely suggest for a fast, natural appearance that’s much easier than an ideal application of mascara.

We were searching for the most natural looking lash. These are respectable. We would most likely like them to be a bit more wispy. However they were extremely simple to use. They do run a however brief width smart.

These are our go-to lashes. We generally buy them in other places, however in some cases it s simply more practical through. We normally get about 5-7 usages out of them prior to we get a brand-new set (since we truly wear t put in the time to look after them). Given that our eyes are little, these are best since they re 3/4 length so we wear t need to cut them prior to usage. We never ever utilize the glue and tweezers that is consisted of with it however since they kinda suck.

Perfect size, we didn’t need to cut them. Have not utilized false lashes because our late teenagers, simply returning to utilizing them since of getting hooded eyes from aging. Went on sooooo simple the extremely very first time utilizing these, still have a hard time a bit with other brand names. One huge frustration though, the featured the lashes adhered to 2 dots, no rounded bump to keep their shape. This will not assist with reusingthese Even extremely low-cost 5 sets for $2. 99 lashes included appropriate storage. Will need to keep them in a box from another brand name. Have not utilized the glue that included it, or the tweezers, find it much easier with our fingers. Nevertheless, we are going to order more of these today.

Fantastic set for under $3. What?. This was our very first set of falsies, awkward enough, at age22 We attempted to put phony lashes on in the sixth grade for our “goth” halloween outfit, however our eyelashes were too curly or the eyelashes drew, or whatever the factor, it did not workout We have actually held an animosity versus lashes since, however just recently was enjoying makeup youtube videos (because quarantined for the pandemic), and seriously delighted in the care for the falsies were on. So we figured we would attempt a set. These ones where low-cost, with great evaluations, and we need to state, we like them. Super simple to use with the tool and we didnt require to cut them. After enjoying a couple how-to videos, we nailed the looked excellent. We even got struck on from throughout the roadway throughout our social distancing walk.

Okay, so we have actually just been using these 2 hours — can t truly affirm to their adhesive capability right now, however they feel quite safe and secure. We found them to be the best length and width to produce a natural-but-exaggerated appearance. Great for a night out, presuming we ever get to leave our home once again.

Much like we specified- ive attempted a few prior to finding these (ranges of ardell brand name) & these are without a doubt the very best. And we will inform you why. – they are light-weight: we are not a huge makeup user- however for the periodic night out (speaking as a happy moms and dad of a 1 years of age) we delight in vanity:-RRB- when used, we cant feel a thing. – they are resilient: we utilized the very same set 5 times, and they still looked respectable- simply tossed them away for hygienic reasons-they have that natural appearance- once again we are light to no makeup girl, so for us this is a huge plus- this specific set features it s own glue- benefit aspect yass. – they re ruthlessness- totally free, great conscience aspect yasss. -if you read this far down, simply buy them, bby. You ll appearance great.:d.

These are excellent. Side note- we sanctuary t utilized the glue that features them as we have an open tube currently that we like. The little lash tweezers are excellent and the lashes are light-weight however look excellent. We will state- in checking out others evaluations, they are little brief- the do not cover the entire cover however they look respectable.

Okay this is our very first time ever purchasing/applying false eye lashes and im extremely delighted with them. The rate can’t be beat. We saw that a few individuals had actually discussed the glue wasn’t that excellent however truthfully we had absolutely no problems with it whatsoever. Understanding this information from checking out the evaluations we positioned the glue together with rim and increased into the false lashes so it had the ability to remain adhered to our lashes and it truly sufficed. We used them to a barbeque on fourth of july and the weather condition was hot, damp and over 90 degrees and we sweat all day and they lasted all day/night. We had them on for over 8 hours and did not loose them nor did they slip or move at all throughout the day. When the day was over we carefully eliminated them, and did so easily with no damage to our natural eye lashes. We will certainly buy once again and we extremely suggest if your searching for a subtle natural fuller appearance without appearing like you have false lashes on. We submitted a photo to demonstrate how natural they look.

We are novice lashes user. These are the very best we attempted. They look natural however better, the glue is better than any other, the applicator makes them so simple to utilize. False lashes constantly appeared so additional to us however with a huge occasion showing up we wished to look excellent. We purchased 4 various lash sets to attempt (ardell, magnetic, etc)- truthfully we believed that because these were so economical, we would simply buy them for practice. Well, these lashes beat out every other one we attempted: we attempted the magnetic lashes initially. The liner inflamed our eyes & they simply looked phony. We attempted ardell and could not get them to remain on or look right. We were getting disappointed. Attempted these, searched in the mirror. And lastly saw why individuals like lashes. These wear t appearance phony (the majority of the time when individuals use false lashes they appear like they are using lashes), these look natural simply prettier. Much easier to use and this glue was method better than all the others, ugly and firm however extremely simple to eliminate later.

We like the charming style that it has at completion however they are bit too brief for us. If you like a natural, not over the leading however still glamourous appearance these may be for you;-RRB-.

We believe we found our brand-new eyelash love. Truly, they are lovely we like our lashes to look complete however likewise more natural and subtle. These are definitely best nevertheless we do not utilize the glue supplied, we do utilize a various brand name. These lashes will be best for any day and any celebration. We are so delighted that we found this brand name and at a fantastic rate you can not fail. We will certainly be purchasing even more.:-RRB-.

Why being in a hair salon for 2 hours getting lashes glued on separately shelling out significant $$$$ only to sob each time you see one fall off? these lashes are * best * for those people women who desire wonderful lashes without appearing like our lashes might dust a whole space from the entrance. They offer obvious outcomes without looking excessive phony. Sure, it takes some practice in the beginning to get utilized to the gluing and positioning. We cut my own down a little bit prior to using to fit our lash cover. Nevertheless, the $$ you will conserve is well worth the practice. Think about it as finding out how to utilize a contact lens. Discouraging in the beginning, however after a bit it’s absolutely nothing at all.

Fantastic set for a newbie. This set consists of natural looking lashes, a little container of adhesive, and an application tool. The lashes and glue were outstanding and simple to utilize for a newbie. The application tool was a bit little and a bit uncomfortable to utilize however we are delighted it was consisted of in the bundle. The glue applicator was simple to utilize and the glue worked well. The lashes remained on all night and we might have most likely oversleeped them. The lashes were simple to eliminate, simply by peeling them from the external corner. We had the ability to recycle these 3 times. Would suggest.

This was our very first time in 28 years ever utilizing false eyelashes, and it definitely will not be our last. The package has whatever you require, however we chose to utilize our own tweezers since we found those much easier to utilize and manage. The lash glue is remarkably strong – we used them for 16 hours and they were still holding up well. Taking them off was a breeze and didn’t harmed at all. We like how natural they look and how comfy they feel. For the quality and rate, these lashes are so worth it and we will certainly be purchasing more:-RRB-.

These lashes are certainly on the smaller sized side in regards to just how much they cover your lash line. The lashes are extremely thin however medium length so they look extremely natural and offers the “eyelash extension” appearance. If you have larger eyes and naturally longer lashes, these might not be for you. The bands are unnoticeable and we totally forget that we are even using lashes since of how comfy they are. We are novice also so we are bad at placing on lashes however these were extremely simple and simple to eliminate also. Extremely suggest for novices or anybody with little to medium size eyes or if you are simply searching for truly light-weight daily lashes.

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