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Eye Charm Magic Slim - Double Sided Eyelid Tapes

Eye Charm Magic Slim – Double Sided Eyelid Tapes

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Eye Charm Magic Slim – Double Sided Eyelid Tapes.

    Question Question 1

    How Do You Use These? We Are Unsure How And Where You Put Them On The Cover. Would Value Assist On This.?

    Very first it depends upon greatly lidded your fold is.we generally use simply where the fold must generally be. The greater you put the tape, the larger it will make your eye. Iapply 1/4″ above lash line.

    Question Question 2

    Do 4 Packs Feature This, So It Overalls To 8 Sheets From This Seller?


    Question Question 3

    Can We Utilize These With Heavy Eye Makeup? What Would Tge Process Be?

    Yes even with heavy makeup, it is still difficult to inform you have on double eyelid tape.

    Question Question 4

    Can You Utilize Makeup Over Them? Concealer And Eye Shadow?

    we utilize them on a tidy eye then when stuck we have actually then used light application of eye shadow. we did observe it dosent stick as long with makeup over it when stuck. However we simply practice and see what works best.

    Question Question 5

    Is It Sticky On Both Sides??

    Yes they are sticky on both sides. That is how the cover sticks together.we utilize them every day. Towards completion of the work day they begin to stick our upper cover together more – difficult to describe however we simply need to separate the additional stickiness. we utilize eye shadow above and below the location to attempt to avoid additional sticking.

    Question Question 6

    Can You Close Your Eyes All The Method?

    Yes, you can. we sleep with these on every night and have not had any issues with them.

    Question Question 7

    Does This Make It Harder To Blink?

    They wear t work at all. Don t waste your cash.

    Question Question 8

    Are These Latex Free?

    we are unsure about latex totally free. It is double side glued. we have actually used it for 2 years (5 days a week) and have actually never ever had any skin response. Make certain to use it throughout the days and eliminate it throughout nights.

    Question Question 9

    The Number Of Pairs Remain In Overall?

    Each package has 2 sets of 22, so 88 in overall. If you are utilizing one for each eye each time, you have enough for 44 times.

    Question Question 10

    Is It Matte?

    Both sides are sticky and looks more matte than shiny

    Question Question 11

    Question For Individuals Who Have Been Utilizing This For A Very long time, Does The Old Crease Ever Vanish?

    we have actually been utilizing for over a yearand No. The crease is still there however our eyelids do look a little more open when we do n’thave these on

    Our Insights:

    See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Eye Charm Magic Slim – Double Sided Eyelid Tapes, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

    We have one saggy eyelid that has actually driven us nuts for many years. We have actually needed to do our makeup in a different way on each eye to attempt and even them out so we believed we would provide these a shot. The very first day we attempted them, we had them in the incorrect area on our cover so they were absolutely noticeable however looked more like a part of our eyelid than tape. The 2nd time we utilized them is when we took the images that are with this evaluation. We are delighted that it evened out our eyelids. Putting makeup on it can be challenging and we did observe that it makes them a little less tight when you put makeup straight on them however all in all, it’s still better than not utilizing them. For the cost and the number of you get, we would state this is a remarkable product. The only thing is, the plan is not in english so there aren’t any directions, however there are a lot of videos on youtube to assist figure out how to use them.

    We have actually been utilizing these for about a week or more now, and we definitely like them. We have extremely hooded eyes and one eye is more hooded than the other. It nearly resembles we have a lazy eye in photos and it kinda troubled me. When we figured out how to properly put the tapes on (it absolutely takes some practice, please be client. ), they made a big distinction and we were so pleased. – for me, the tape isn’t that obvious (we think since our eyes are so hooded) and the glasses we use likewise assist hide the tape. – we have not attempted using makeup over them since we have actually heard that the tapes will not last as long if you do. – they will be sort of uneasy when you begin using them, however you’ll get utilized to it. – we generally use them for just 4- 6 hours and we are gradually starting to use them longer. – we utilize a bit of coconut oil on completion of a cotton bud and gently rub it on the tape to eliminate it. Ripping the tape off of your eyelid can aggravate it. Attempt to be as mild as possible. – this may sound a little odd however if its your very first time attempting these out, prior to you put it on your eyelid, take among the tapes and put it on the back of your hand for a few hours. In extremely unusual cases, some individuals can be adverse the adhesive so, its a great concept to check it on your hand initially, rather than perhaps annoying your eyelids. These are so incredible and we are pleased we found this approach. 10/10 would advise.

    eye charm magic slim – double sided eyelid tape x 4 packs.

    We have actually never ever utilized any other eyelid tape so we can’t actually compare it to other products, however we acquired this with the hopes of “permanently” night out our eyelids as one folds lower than the other, triggering it to be smaller sized than the other. Pros:- it declares to be medical- grade tape and we believe this is precise as it remains on our cover all the time, consisting of throughout our exercise. – it’s undetectable because it’s clear tape, and covered by your eyelid fold. With natural oils and sweat, the tape turns a white color by the end of the day, however it’s barely obvious; we just see it when we are eliminating it in the evening to clean our face. – quite simple application. The very first few times, it will take a few attempts however after 2- 3 times, we got a respectable hang of it. – irreversible outcomes?.: we did a lot of youtube research and concerned the conclusion that if we use the tape 20 some hours each day for 3 months directly, the fold we produce utilizing the tape will likely end up being irreversible. Well, we utilized it for about 3 days directly (utilizing a brand-new tape in am and pm with our skin care regimen) and didn’t utilize it on the fourth day since the skin appeared like it was getting a bit inflamed (as anticipated because we put tape on our skin for days). And the brand-new fold we produced has actually because remained. The brand-new fold is still there regardless of not having actually used the tape in 2 days and have actually showered, cleaned our face 3 times. We’ll see for how long this lasts however we are extremely pleased with the outcome. – great cost and decently quick shipping. The 4 pack is going to last us a while, specifically because we are just utilizing it on one eye. And shipping was much quicker than anticipated: it just took 3 days. Cons:- if you have delicate eyelids/ skin, this might not be ideal for you. We utilized the tape 3 days and 2 nights in a row and by the end of the 3rd day, we saw that our skin was beginning to get a little inflamed. – it can be uneasy for the eye. Very first day was the most uneasy (specifically since we didn’t put it on that well) and second and 3rd day weren’t so bad however we might inform the tape exists and often our eye would jerk since of it. Perhaps over a longer period of time, our eye will get utilize to it?how to utilize: get rid of the white tape initially, then take the bottom part of the green eye- fork(?) (the pointy part with ridges) and stick it onto one end of the tape. This will enable you to get the tape from the clear plastic without utilizing any fingers (which will move oils/ dirt/ and so on ). We then stick it straight onto our eyelid (this part is a little challenging, specifically figuring out where to precisely put it; however it gets simpler with time), then utilize the leading part of the green eye- fork and carefully poke into our eye socket, right above where we positioned the tape, and voila. – you have actually produced a brand-new eyelid fold.

    We attempted d- up as our very first purchase since of the appeal of it in japan. Yes, that product is extremely adhesive, however it can likewise begin peeling with oily eyelids throughout the day. However many of all, we tried to find another product since d- up poked into our eyelid frequently throughout the day if not positioned in an accurate angle, and truthfully why would we spend for something that hurts throughout the day and would need more than a minute of application per eye?that’s when we chose to take a leap of faith and attempt out this. It was afterall, half the cost and provided more tape. The very best part of this product is that the edges are rounded and extremely adjustable so you can choose whatever angle eyelid you desire. It is adhesive enough to last throughout the day, however if you have oily eyes like me, it will begin peeling late day (not too adhesive like d- up however sufficient to last throughout work day). However if you have night strategies, oily eye cover no issue. Due to the fact that it’s so simple to use and change, we simply remove old one, rub out the oil, and use the brand-new one without agonizing discomfort (where as d- up. It ‘d be bruised red when we attempt to change the peeling one. Seeout )for very first timers, we reccommend beginning out with this to acquire some experience (specifically when you’re taking on/off tape because you’re practicing). For even late time users, if you’re searching for great quality pain-free procedure, this would be your to- go. We do not have time in the early morning, and since it’s so versatile, we take a 2nd to slap it on and we are great throughout the day. The applicator and plastic holder is not our preferred, however managable and replacable. We utilize the white v tool to utilize rather and duplicated usage this product through this seller. (other variations of this product is much more costly using the very same amount and quality. Be wise about it. 7. 90 and it’ll last you for 3 months because it offers you 4x. )in general, late evaluation, however we have actually been purchasing it 3x consecutively and cost+ quality has actually constantly been right.

    We have actually constantly had unequal, hooded eyelids. We actually wished to even them out and found this tape on youtube. Now let us inform ya, it took us nearly an entire sheet of these things and a number of hours to figure out how on the planet to make them work, however we lastly mastered it and we are actually pleased with the outcomes. They likewise feature a lots of tapes, so we still didn’t even make a damage in our stock, even with all of the stopped working efforts. The tape didn’t harmed to remove in the beginning, however after about the 15 th attempt our eyelids were quite raw. We wear t believe it ll take us as long to do it from now on, though, because we have actually gotten the mechanics down. We personally wear t understand if we will ever feel comfy using them out because we do feel that they re a bit obvious when we blink, however we are wishing to get an irreversible crease by using them while we sleep.

    These little eyelid tapes work quite well, nevertheless, they take a great deal of practice in order to get right. We purchased 4 packs and these and lost 1 whole pack simply attempting to put it on properly. We find it extremely hard to place it completely on the precise fold we desire it on. Often it goes a bit greater or lower and screws up the fold. We are person with saggy eyelid on one eye. After we put it on, it works and both eyes look nearly precisely the very same. Nevertheless, it does begin to peel relatively rapidly. Generally among completions begins to peel and ends up being noticeable if we blink or close our eyes. A great deal of times individuals saw it and believed skin was peeling from our eyelid. When you initially put it on, it’s relatively undetectable however after like 1 hour, it begins to turn a little white and it ends up being obvious. Our greatest cons are tough application, and it didn’t completely repair our saggy eyelid. Often after we take it off, our eyelid remains in location for a number of days and we believe it’s repaired, however then it begins to naturally sag once again. We have actually been utilizing it for over 4 months, and the eye cover still does not stay in location by itself. Likewise it makes our eye feel strained when it’s on often.

    We like these quite. They are slim & rather undetectable when on with or without comprise. We are simply shy of 60 & have actually just just recently gotten those little lines/crepiness around our eyes. We utilize these to simply tuck that bit back & not to actually raise any extreme drooping. Although they might work well for that too. We make certain our eyelid is devoid of the night serums & creams, and so on, then we use our makeup & the last action for us, is to line this tape up with our natural crease, press carefully, get rid of the white lining on the top & raise our eyelid/lashes as much as capture the second side of tape right where our eye opening generally would go.

    These actually work. We have small folds in our little asian eyes lol we simply wish to utilize the tape to boost it a little and not attempting to appear like we got eye surgical treatment done, these are bit challenging to find the best area to place on, took us a few attempts however well worth the effort. Now our eyes look more awake and eye liners do not smear any longer. Absolutely advise and will be acquiring once again when we run out.

    We definitely like these from the very first time we attempted them. It assisted to enjoy the you tube educational videos prior to attempting. One simply needs to make certain to get it in the natural crease. We do not find these annoying at all (if appropriately positioned), if they remain in the incorrect area they can be annoying. We use them 24 hours a day. Come off quickly in the shower or with water. If you put them on incorrect shot utilizing some water to get them off, otherwise they are rather sticky and can be difficult and annoying to get rid of. As you can see in the image we generally have no eyelid. With these you can actually see our eyelid. Individuals have actually informed us we do not look as worn out either.

    We have actually never ever utilized eyelid tapes prior to however we chose to attempt them. We are pleased numerous was available in the pack as they absolutely take practice. The very first time we put 1 on, we left it for about 12 hours (1 side of the tape was no longer sticky) prior to we attempted to eliminate it. It came off simple with coconut oil. The next time, tho, we had actually used makeup over it and attempted to eliminate it after about 5 hours. It took a little bit of work to achieve that. In general we would absolutely advisethese Great product packaging that remains well in our makeup bag, too.

    Includes smart (adhesive capability, product quality, etc) these eyelid tapes are actually great. Main selling point would most likely be the a great deal of tapes that feature it and its inexpensive cost. These permit you to practice (and stop working) a couple times at placing the tapes in the most ideal position on your eyelid and are absolutely sufficient quality even for specialists to utilize.

    We periodically will have an irregular cover due to absence of sleep or from weeping that triggers our double cover to alter in shapes and size. We have actually constantly utilized tape to fix the asymmetry up until it returns to regular and we have actually utilized the popular d. U. P. Brand name (pink kind). We had actually stuck to that a person for a while up until we chose to utilize this eye charm s. This tape is an entire heap more powerful and works a lot better for us. Our eyelids can get oily yet these tapes have some extreme adhere to them and just come off when we peel them off. They re helpful for our eyes too since they wear t cause inflammation (we periodically get eczema around our eyes however this didn’t trigger any styles). The only issue we have is the method you remove the eyelid tape is more tough the the d. U. P. Method and the green tool they provide you is quite worthless. Truthfully, simply buy a truly great set of tweezers that are extremely in-depth (we utilize the genuine strategies information tweezers) and it ll be simple to put these on.

    We were hesitant however with a little practice these actually work. We do not advise utilizing makeup near the product as it will not last as long, otherwise they remain in location for 2- 3 days. You do require to attempt the positioning and the positioning tool numerous times prior to mastering it, want it had actually included better directions, however practice makes ideal. We would acquire once again.

    These rock. Best for larger eyes. One customer published that they injure when eliminating, this is specifically real if you need to experiment them. See great deals of videos initially. By the fourth shot, we were quite sure we would tear the skin straight off. The appearance they provide when they’re on is amazing. Extremely advised.

    These are the greatest stickiest double- sided eyelid tape we have found there actually incredible we remain in our twenties and after having some migraine one side of our face began to sag significantly and these have actually helpedremember they are double sided so do not put makeup on top of one side since it’s implied to enter between your skin to actually boost your eyelid.? we operated in cosmetics so we like remarkable makeup and we simply make certain none goes on the tape?.

    These appear like a great product. When we initially got them, we could not figure out how to use them, however on the plan there is a qr code which is connected to a video on how to use. With a little practice, these are going to be fantastic. Provide a shot. Quick shipping too.

    We actually like this product. This is our fourth time purchasing it. The tape sticks actually well however it won t last the entire day. We have actually been utilizing it for 2 months now for our unequal eyelid and we are quite sure it is working. It is undetectable from far however you can kinda see it when somebody is upclose. One idea we would provide is to take it out extremely carefully with micellar water since it made our eyes puffy and bleed when we pulled it out with simply water.

    Do not squander your cash on any other eyelid tape. These are incredible. It may take you a while to master where to put them and how to utilize them once you do they work so well. Just thing that draws is they do not remain on too well with makeup. Although it’s extremely troublesome we would state put them on prior to you use your makeup and kinda attempt to work around it. However yeah if you ever get frustrating unequal eyelids these will alter your life and most likely ultimately get your cover to remain where you desire it even without using them. We have not got to that point yet (most likely been utilizing them around 2 months) however we can absolutely see a distinction.

    We have actually purchased it two times now and we will continue to acquire this type of double eyelid tape. For bulk of the time that we have actually utilized it, it would go hidden all the time. We have one double eyelid and one monolid so this assisted a lot. Nevertheless, the tape would lose its strong adhesive hold if you eliminate it from skin to adjust it more than when.

    Difficult to utilize however these are the stickiest ones we have actually attempted. And we have actually attempted rather a few for our asian hooded eyes. These work if we do it perfect, however it’s such a discomfort eliminating them. It will injure your eyelids.

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