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Existing Beauty Lashes GEL REMOVER For Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

Existing Beauty Lashes GEL REMOVER For Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Existing Beauty Lashes GEL REMOVER For Professional Eyelash Extension Glue.

  • WORKS QUICKLY: Existing Beauty Lashes additional effective eyelash extension glue remover has an effective and new formula. This product will liquify lash adhesive in simply 2-5 minutes depending upon glue strength, making sure faster and more effective lash extension elimination for you or your customers. This additional strength solvent will get rid of glue with ease from even the greatest eyelash glues in simply 2-5 minutes, conserving you valuable effort and time.
  • SAFE GEL FORMULA: Our exclusive gel formula is simple to manage and will avoid slippage into you or your customer s eye. Just a percentage of gel remover is required to get rid of any eyelash extensions, which will conserve you cash on reordering product.
  • USAGE IN WELL VENTILATED LOCATION: Our eyelash extension gel remover might consist of minor to moderate fumes. This eyelash extension remover ought to be utilized in an open location to prevent inflammation from fumes.
  • GREATEST QUALITY: All eyelash extension glues, guides, and gel cleaners made by Existing Beauty adhere with ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 9001: 2009, and ISO 14001: 2009 production and ecological security requirements.
  • COMPREHENSIVE USAGE DIRECTIONS SENT TO YOUR E-MAIL: Never ever utilized lash remover prior to? no issue. we will send out comprehensive guidelines on how to utilize this product with every order to turn you into a lash extension remover pro.

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Inspect out our whole eyelash extension products line. Premium Additional Strong Lash GlueExtra Strong Eyelash Extension GlueEyelash ShampooEyelash Extension Finishing SealantSensitive Solution Eyelash Extension Remover

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Existing Beauty Lashes GEL REMOVER For Professional Eyelash Extension Glue.

Question Question 1

Does It Work For Venus Visage Glue?

It ought to work for all adhesives.

Question Question 2

Can We Utilize This To Tidy Our Strip Lashes?

we put on t see why not, it removed commercial glue from our lashes.

Question Question 3

Can We Utilize This T Eliminate Eyebrow Lamination Glue?

Probably. It’s utilized for the eyes so perhaps it will not have such strong fumes on the eyebrows.

Question Question 4

How Do You Use This? Is It On A Brush In The Bottle?

This requires to be utilized with cotton bud. It does not included a brush. here are some more comprehensive guidelines: EB LASHES EYELASH EXTENSION REMOVER USAGE DIRECTIONS AND IDEAS: This requires to be utilized with cotton bud. It does not included a brush. here are some more comprehensive guidelines: EB LASHES EYELASH EXTENSION REMOVER USAGE DIRECTIONS AND IDEAS:- This eyelash remover might emit severe fumes. use this product in a well-ventilated space and just do one eye at a time so you can see what you’re doing.- Eyes need to be kept closed throughout the lash elimination treatment. Make sure to prevent contact of the remover with eyes or skin.- Utilize 2 cotton bud to use the gel remover 1/2 mm above the eye line to both the top and bottom of your eyelash extensions. PREVENT CONTACT WITH SKIN AND EYES. If you mistakenly get some gel remover in eyes or on skin, you need to wash it off with warm water and begin over.- Depending upon the strength of your glue the elimination procedure might take in between 2-5 minutes. For additional strength glue, you ought to wait about 5 minutes. Weaker glue ought to liquify in about 2 minutes.- After adequate waiting time the glue ought to be primarily liquified. Take both cotton bud and carefully pinch the lashes and slide swabs outside to pull lashes off. IF THEY DO NOT COME OFF QUICKLY MORE WAITING TIME IS REQUIRED.- As soon as all lashes have actually been eliminated from very first eye, rinse with warm water to get any excess product off.- Repeat previous actions for other eye.

Question Question 5

Does It Deal With Magnetic Liner?

Nooo. why you wish to utilize this product on magnetic eye liner? You simply require to bye a oil base facial comprise cleanser.

Question Question 6

Will This Dissolve Ardell Lashtite Glue?

This product burns and triggers your eyes to be really red, the red eyes lasted twi days. The glue Devine s soft making it simpler to get rid of lashes however it likewise takes your genuine lashes. we won t usage this product once again. we attempted it two times and we will not utilize it.

Question Question 7

We Never Ever Got Our Order? How Can We Contact The Owner??


Question Question 8

Hey We Won T To Order However We Were Wondering Why It States Ebl? And The Pictures On The Evaluations State Butterfly Kisses?

We needed to do a rebrand since of hallmark concerns. The product and formula are totally the very same, simply a brand-new name

Question Question 9

The Length Of Time Does The Glue Last?

i tossed it away after it did not work for us so we would not understand sorry.

Question Question 10

What Product Are These Made From?

The Components are: 4-Methyl-dioxolan-2-one, 2-Oxetanone, Brij-78, Brij-52, Polyethylene-glycol, Vinyl Polymer, Salt Stearate, Benzyl Alcohol

Question Question 11

Will This Work For Eyelash Lift Glue Also?

our company believe so. Although we never ever attempted to eliminate it with the remover. It melts the eyelash glue and after that we can eliminate our lashes off so it may get rid of the eye lift glue also.

Question Question 12

Why Can’T We Utilize This Product On Cluster Lashes?

It not safe itit to strong for the chemical substances a routine lash glue might trigger burning of we trust us we attempted

Question Question 13

Expiration Date??

The expiration date on an unopened bottle has to do with 10-12 months.Please message us straight if you have any other questions.

Question Question 14

Does This Deal With Private Mink Lashes?


Question Question 15

This Remover Functions With All Glue Brands?

It did NOT deal with the novalash glue/bond on our eyelash extensions and it burned our eyes and our eye was RED for 3 days after utilizing simply the tiniest quantity.

Question Question 16

When Will The Burning Feeling Stop? It S Nearly Been 3 Hours. Assist United States Please?

Mine stopped burning within a few seconds. Did you attempt flushing out your eye? we would perhaps go see a physician if it s actually troubling you.

Question Question 17

Does The Remover Leave Alot Of Residue To Trigger The Extensions To Shed?

No it doesn t. we just had a very little quantity of residue after usage and it was simple to clean off.

Question Question 18

How Do You Use This? Is It On A Brush In The Bottle?

No brush, you use it with a tidy Q-tip

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Existing Beauty Lashes GEL REMOVER For Professional Eyelash Extension Glue, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We generally do not compose evaluations however, omg, this things is magic in a bottle. If you resemble us and addicted to the appearance of lashes, then you’ll comprehend the requirement to get them done, regardless of the ware/tare on your natural lashes. We have actually constantly had naturally, incredibly long lashes however liked extensions for that pop and to make our own appearance fuller. We went from simply getting them done (people) for unique celebrations to more of a routine bases. It was to the point that we would need to go weeks in between, to permit our natural lashes to grow back in since we were losing sooo numerous taking them off with no product and all of us understand that take care of you take your lashes off, specifically after losing alot, lol. Typically, a set of people would last us 2wks. At a lot of however for some factor, this last set was at the 3wk. Mark and still incredibly tight/glued however we were beginning to have that “fly away” appearance and desired them off. (lol) we understood that since of how glued they still were, that we were for sure gon na lose damn near every lash we had actually left if we tried taking them off ourself so we begin browsing on for a product and young boy, am we grateful we did. This product states for professional usage just however truthfully you can do this yourself with exact care/attention. We would just advise doing one side at a time and please, keep your eye closed as firmly as you perhaps can since it does burn if it gets in your eye. We used the gel like liquid to a q-tip, then our lashes, simply running it throughout the extension adhesion/glue. Within 2mins, we went to take the lashes off and they were falling off without any damage to our natural lashes. Naturally we lost a lash here/there however it was really minimal to what we typically would. (connected photo so you can see that barely any of our natural lashes came out) when all the lashes were off, we washed our eye with warm soap water and duplicated on the other side. We were/am in a lot shock that it was so simple to get these incredibly glued lashes off and we didn’t have that after lash elimination appearance, that we needed to compose an evaluation. Get this product, you will not be dissatisfied.

We did do this on ourself, no training. We simply used it, and waited prior to trying elimination. They were off within minutes and our natural lashes weren t damaged while doing so. The glue was so tough and wasn t budging up until we utilized this product. Our only caution is put on t open or perhaps somewhat open your eye, since it does burn. However we would advise this for anybody who doesn t wish to choose a lash tech and wishes to conserve a dollar.

We had eye lash extensions from a hair salon and wound up desiring them off. We attempted coconut oil however it injured so bad to attempt and rub them off. This product took 1 minutes and they all came off. We def advise it. Simply please keep your eyes closed. Likewise we advise doing one eye at a time and cleaning it with water and soap after the lashes are off prior to opening the eye.

Our lashes had to do with a week old and we wished to get them off since we like to use eye makeup, rub our eyes and sleep on our face. They were terrific however we got tired of them. So we attempted olive oil, vaseline, steam. And so on. Anything we saw on youtube and none of that worked without ripping our natural lashes off. So we chose to gamble with this product and we were stunned at how it worked. We indicate, it took an overall of 5 minutes per eye to gradually get rid of all of the lash extensions. We were fretted since individuals kept stating it burned or that it didn’t work. Out of worry, we just used a little at a time with a qtip. It just burns if you open your eye or actually stick it along the within your waterline or your tear duct. Good sense — this product includes alcohol to break down the adhesive. So attempt to prevent those locations. So use a little at a time on the lash line on the exterior of your eye staying away from your tear duct. Wait the 20-120 seconds. Then, gradually utilize the qtip to roll the lashes down and far from your eye. They come off like butter. Repeat the actions with a little more gel up until you get them all off. Likewise, we did handle to get some in our eye however it s a minor burn that lasts a 2nd. Nearly like having a little hair shampoo in your eye. Simply wash it out and continue. Simple.

This worked ideal to remove our beauty salon lashes. Although it wasn t an instantaneous elimination procedure, we simply let it rest on our lashes for a 5 minutes and after that utilized 2 qtips to clean them tidy and they all came off. The product is a thick gel so it just got in our eye a bit. It burned however absolutely nothing regrettable.

This works better than we anticipated. So simple. We utilized masking tape to hold down our bottom lashes, then a cotton round to use the gel. After we utilized a qtip to drag and separate the synthetic lashes off the natural lash. Sounds a little severe however they came out so efficiently. The phony ones were falling out while we were still using the gel. So quickly, so simple and no inflammation or burning. We didn’t lose not one of our natural lashes ?? extremely advise. Follow us on youtube. Motormomma.

We got lashes for complimentary on a promotion offer. Need to have understood this was a bad concept. The woman was brand-new and required designs. There was a lot glue. Our bottom lashes were glued to our leading lashes at one point and she needed to cut them. Yikes. Needless to state we required these off. We attempted oils and not a one came off. We attempted this and after a few minutes each and every single one came off. Difficult to use bc it burns like satan s toe nails when you get it in your eyes however worth it. Utilized qtips and used a number of times and it sufficed. Would 100% advise. No harmed lashes after a dreadful experience.

We got eyelash extensions from somebody who we believed would be great. Turns out she put 1 extensions on 3 of our genuine lashes. They started to harm, alter instructions, and simply looked horrible. We attempted to eliminate them with coconut oil, however they wouldn t budge. However this things. Worked like a beauty. We had our lashes off in under 10 minutes. Fair caution- this things burns like insane if you get it in your eyes so beware.

Its a clear gel- (has that gel-like consistency also) we advise shaking the bottle a little and getting a cotton bud to position the gel on. We need to provide a disclaimer and advise you this things stings if it enters into your eye- so if it gets in your eye rinse right away. We understand it s advised to keep your eyes firmly closed-we attempted this and it wound up entering our eye since we were shutting our eyes exceptionally tight (our fault) however we simply went to the sink & washed our eyes out and it was all great. Service: we found the application procedure worked best for our eye shape if we kept our eyes open and put a napkin or makeup clean under our lashes- so we might secure our eyes and coat our lashes totally without fretting about the product entering our eye. In about 3 minutes we wound up getting a tidy mascara wand and carefully going through our lashes (so the napkin doesn t tear either) and gently pinched the napkin and the lash extensions came off. (if you discover they still aren t coming off, simply use more, and repeat the procedure of going through lashes.) likewise- some of our genuine lashes did wind up coming off- however this might ve been prevented by being more mild. Absolutely advise.

Utilized it as quickly as we got it. Our eyes were inflamed from bad lashes extension. She almost put those lashes in our eyes. Never ever once again. Anyways. Regardless of them being inflamed we needed to eliminate them as soon as possible. We purchased this and followed the guidelines. With a swab put it on our lash line eyes closed, left for 5-10 minutes because mine were 1 day old just. You can see the glue melting and ending up being a little gray. From there we began eliminating from bottom to the top of lashline. It does not harm simply a pinch. Likewise it wouldnt hurt at all if we left it a bit longer however gosh we simply desired them to be off. After we eliminated all, we wereed our face and put in naphcon a drops and consumed benadryl. We were knocked out however the next we were a regular individual once again. This product is doin precisely what it is implied to do. Little burning when it gets to your eyes however it disappears nearly after a 2nd.

Throughout these covid times we were stuck not able to get to our lash woman. Who requires lashes in a pandemic anyhow? so we wished to remove our unfortunate little laggers and the coconut oil and olive oil didn’t do anything. This remover effectively eliminated it in under 5 minutes. We will state you require to be additional cautious not to even open your eye a milimeter since it stings something intense. We had the ability to get it out by flushing actually well with cold water.

This conserved our lashes. Our lash tech was out of town and we were so desperate for a refill that we went to somebody brand-new and they did a dreadful task. We have naturally complete long lashes so we had about 6 of our lashes clumped and glued together to one each single lash extension and it injured so bad. And we had our external corner bottom lashes adhered to the leading lashes too. It was a dreadful task. We had inflamed covers for 3 days up until we could not take the discomfort, we asked the woman if she might come over and get rid of the lashes and she informed us she d can be found in 6 days, she advised us attempt coconut oil. We have actually been getting lashes done most likely for 6 months currently and we are no lash specialist however we understand damn ideal coconut oil was not gon na liquify that clumped glue on our lashes. So we began here and searched for lash extension glue elimination and this was s finest advised so we bought it and if you follow instructions, it will work remarkable. None of our natural lashes came off and we were so relieved. It does burn your eyes a little however simply ensure to close them tight when using.

Lifesaver. In a rush, we bought specific eyelash adhesive glue for short-lived eyelashes we used for a a nightout We ripped out the short-lived eyelashes however was entrusted a rock strong strips of glue left on our natural eyelashes. We attempted whatever, however this worked so quickly. We simply included a thick layer of gel, rubbed it in, then moved off the liquified glue with q-tips. It didn’t burn us at all however we bewared to keep our eyes closed. The procedure took about 15-20 minutes since the glue was thick, however this was really really a life saver.

Both considers carried out in less than 20 minutes. If we ever choose to get extensions once again, we are utilizing this to eliminate them. Places charge $20+ for them to eliminate your lashes, you need to make a consultation, ya da, ya da, ya. Highlight is that we can get a few utilizes out of this. The gel consistency is terrific, doesn t instantly leak into your eye bc it burns. It disappears however we had actually gotten ready for it to take place so we didn’t panic, got q-tips and a paper towel and dabbed our eye and it disappeared. We utilized a brush to use the remover, put a paper towel under our eye, waited 30-45 secs and they quickly came off without any pulling on our eye or natural lashes. The secret is to wait, it isn’t instantaneous however 30-45 secs can seem like an eternity when something s right in front of your eyeball. However wait it out and they fall straight off.

We are constantly hesitant of evaluations on (as we understand some merchants use ‘giveaways’ in exchange for evaluations) so understand that this one is from a genuine individual. We were fearing # 1 making a consultation to enter and # 2 paying our eyelash extension location $20-$30 for an elimination we understood would take less that 5 minutes. We figured whatever they place on our lashes to launch them need to simply be some kind of remover and we found this on. We more than happy to report. We got this product actually less than 15 minutes earlier from the shipment man and we more than happy to state that our lashes came off exceptionally quickly and rapidly. Simply put some of the gel on a q-tip, used the gel to the top of the lashes close as we might to the lash line, waited a couple minutes, then ran a lash wand through our lashes and wallah. They moved straight off our genuine lashes with ease. Absolutely more than worth the $10

A shouldbuy So it was our very first time getting incorrect lashes done actually 3 days earlier simply for our halloween celebration. They looked good however it wasn t for us to keep in 2 weeks because we weren t utilized to it. We seemed like it was too additional for our little face. We checked out all the great evaluations and chose to attempt itout Took a q-tip used it on top and actually a minute or more later on off they went. Please do one eye at a time, when using keep your eye really shut otherwise you will feel the sting if so use water it will still work. We had one persistent piece we used more and a few seconds later on it wasout Highlight our lashes remained in tact no loss of hair;-RRB-.

Extremely really unpleasant if it gets in your eyes. We can t explain just how much it burns/hurts. Simply be really cautious if you have actually never ever eliminated your own lashes (this was the very first time we have actually had extensions, since of covid-19 our lash tech was not working, could not get a refill so we chose to eliminate them ourself). Other than that, the lashes came off quickly when the glue was loosened up l. It did leave some like white residue on our natural lashes, we simply cleaned our eyes with a warm wash fabric. We used a generous quantity of product to our extensions, the very first time we didn’t wait enough time so none came off, the 2nd time we attempted to brush the extensions off with a q suggestion, and got the gel in our eye it injured so bad. We believed we were going to be blind. Rinsed our eyes with water, our eyes were incredibly inflamed. We waited and used more product, left it on for about 6 minutes. A lot of lashes came off, we needed to do another round, waited about 10 minutes, all came off, some residue was left, like we stated simply wash with a warm wash fabric.

This worked out so terrific, we wished to take a break from having extensions for a bit and just had a few left holding on. Didn t even take the 2-5 minutes as mentioned, it took seconds. Simply kept spreading out through our lashes with the q-tip and they were simply falling straight off. Extremely pleased with this product.

Definitely required if you are eliminating your lashes in the house. Prior to this things, we were actually ripping out lots of lashes attempting to eliminate them on our own. By utilizing this product, we just lost about 3 lashes in between both eyes we would state. We enjoy doing our lashes in the house to provide us that fullness and length all the time. We found that holding our lashes down versus our face, and after that using the glue with a q suggestion worked best to get on. After a minute or more, we returned in with very same q-tip, however it on the lashes we desired gone, and did a swirling movement far from our face. It took us perhaps 10 minutes in between both eyes? do one eye at a time. As others have actually mentioned, you do not desire this to get in your eye. If you have contacts, we would recommend taking thoseout General though, we can not live without this product from here on out if we are doing long-term lashes.

Remarkable product. Need Tobuy If you put on t have time to go back and forth to your lash tech to get your lashes eliminated this is it. Do one eye at a time. Apply gel with hint suggestion let it sit 5 minutes and if they put on t slide off then use a little more and let sit for about 3-4 minutes. They will actually move off with ease no requirement to pluck all. If they put on t slide straight off use more gel and wait a couple minutes. They will ultimately move off quickly. (disclaimer it does sting for a fast sec if it gets in the eyes however keep a damp tidy wash rag and a little fan or paper to fan your eye. Finest product we are so grateful we found this absolutely nothing else worked. This is a lifesaver or lash saver we ought to state. Thank us later on. We will be purchasing 2 more bottles quickly simply in case lol.

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