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EUASOO Magnetic Eyelashes - Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit

EUASOO Magnetic Eyelashes – Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of EUASOO Magnetic Eyelashes – Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit.

  • Numerous Magnetic Eyelashes: Fluffy complete eyelashes with ideal natural layered result, brilliant attractive and glossy. 5 sets of eyelashes of various lengths & shapes to cut to be what you desire. Plus, the high- quality & multiple-use eyelash extensions without glue can be utilized numerous times after correct usage and storage. Appropriate for daily, celebration, celebration wear, picture shoots or anytime you wish to look your finest.
  • Unique Magnetic Eyeliner: The magnetic eyeliner includes magnetic particles that completely match with magnetic eyelashes, or it can be utilized alone as a black eyeliner. It is non- allergenic, will not harm delicate skin and includes no glue or other hazardous compounds. The water resistant eyeliner produces accurate, sharp lines. The extreme color does not spot, and lasts as much as 12 hours. It is quickly detachable with regular makeup cleaner.
  • Natural and Long- enduring Eye Makeup: Develop a wonderfully natural, long- enduring appearance with this eye makeup, utilizing 5 magnets to better fit the shapes of the eyes and enhance magnetic eyelash adhesion by 50%, making them more steady and comfy than basic magnetic eyelashes. The eyeliner is water resistant, so you can enjoy your lovely eyelashes all day without the humiliation of losing them. The plan likewise consists of scissors to quickly cut incorrect eyelashes to the preferred length.
  • Easy to Utilize and Portable: It is basic and simple to begin, even for a newbie. Shake the eyeliner prior to usage, and use as any eyeliner. After application, wait a few minutes for the eyeliner to end up being ugly, then use the magnetic lashes to the eyeliner. Selecting to utilize magnetic eyelashes is a time- saver. The compact mirror box and replacements are hassle-free and simple to bring, enabling makeup repair work at any time.
  • Contents and Guarantee: The Magnetic Eyelashes set consists of 5 designs of incorrect eyelashes, 2 extremely smooth eye liners, 1 stainless- steel tweezers and 1 eyebrow scissors. 100% complete satisfaction is ensured, customer complete satisfaction is constantly our leading concern. If you are not pleased, we will exchange the product or release a refund If you have any issue with the products, please do not hesitate to call us, we will do our finest to find an option.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on EUASOO Magnetic Eyelashes – Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit.
MAGNETIC EYELINER & EYELASHES KIT Gorgeous face star design lovers Get that slick Natural Charm Star Design look with our ingenious, specifically Developed Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kit HOW TO APPLY 1- Checking Out above notification prior to utilizing this product. 2- Thoroughly draw the line with liquid eyeliner, make sure the line near the roots of your genuine lashes. 3- Bend your magnetic eyelash band, to make it softer and ideal suitable for your eye shape. 4- Take completion suggestion of the magnetic eyelash with tweezers or fingers, and put it above your genuine lashes, then make the magnets band gradually near and get in touch with eyeliner, prior to it completely dried. 5- Carefully change, till the eyelash completely used. IDEAS 1- Shaking the bottle prior to usage, and seal the bottle in time after utilized. 2- Ensure passed the allergic reaction test prior to utilizing this product on your eyelid. 3- Efficiency will be better if you can place on eyelash prior to the eyeliner line dried totally, and fine-tune the eyeliner line likewise will ideal the efficiency. 4- Eye contact: Rinse out with tidy water instantly if product gets in the eyes by mishap, severe scenario please go to healthcare facility for treatment. HOW TO GET RID OF 1- Put adequate cleaning water to the cotton pads. 2- Close your eyes and cover the pads onto your eyelash, a little press or tap to make the liquid comprise remover spread similarly to the eyelash. 3- Wait 1 minute, then get the eyelash off. 4- Tidy up your eyelid and magnetic eyelash, and recycle it next time. CARE For external usage just. Prevent contact with eyes. Do not use on injured, inflamed, distressed locations. Do not utilize and speak with a physician if you saw any unforeseen inflammations. Keep closed after use. Please save it under shade environment, avoid sunshine and keep out of reach of kids.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on EUASOO Magnetic Eyelashes – Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit.

Question Question 1

Does The Magnetic Lashes Damage The Natural Eyelashes Line The Standard Glue Eyelashes?

No does not connect to the eyelashes however a Eyeliner

Question Question 2

Can You Sleep With Them On Or Do You Need to Get rid of Every Night?

Yes however we chose to eliminate them to make them last longer. They’re extremely simple to get rid of. The total set deserves the rate particularly the totally free eye liners can be utilized without putting the eyelashes on.

Question Question 3

Are The Eyelashes Waterproof?

Yes, the liner and lashes are water resistant, however we want to recommend you eliminate it when you go swimming.

Question Question 4

Are These Magnetic Eyelashes Natural Looking?

Yes. Incorrect lashes worked excellent and look natural. Quality is wonderful and no more untidy glue.

Question Question 5

Hola, United States Gustaria Saber Si Manejan Algun Precio Especial Para Compras De Media Docena O Una Docena?

Fri, Jul 24 12: 40 AM – 6: 40 AM PDT have Lightning Offer, the rate is $1869

Question Question 6

Are These Vegan?

we are uncertain

Question Question 7

May We Understand The Contents Of The Eyelashes Kit?

a compact 5 sets of lashes different density 2 bottles of the eyeliner scissors and the applicator/tweezer tool and compact has a mirrorwe actually like this set

Question Question 8

If We Were The Eyelashes Will The Magnet Not Work?

Yes, we do not recommend you clean the eyelashes.

Question Question 9

How To Get Rid Of The Lashes?

1- Put adequate cleaning water to the cotton pads. 2- Close your eyes and cover the pads onto your eyelash, a little press or tap to make the liquid comprise remover spread similarly to the eyelash. 3- Wait 1 minute, then get the eyelash off. 1- Put adequate cleaning water to the cotton pads. 2- Close your eyes and cover the pads onto your eyelash, a little press or tap to make the liquid comprise remover spread similarly to the eyelash. 3- Wait 1 minute, then get the eyelash off. 4- Tidy up your eyelid and magnetic eyelash, and recycle it next time.

Question Question 10

Please Produce In Dark Brown?

Would you like us to produce dark brown magnetic eyelashes? We just have black magnetic eyelashes at the minute.

Question Question 11

The Number Of Times Can We Utilize The Euasoo Magnetic Eyelashes? And Are The Magnets Strong?

You will most likely run out of eyeliner prior to you can not recycle the eyelashes. The magnetism is strong enough it will a little raise your eyelids throughout elimination, however not to the point of any pain

Question Question 12

How To Use The Magnetic Eyelashes?

It’s extremely simple: Thoroughly draw the line with the liquid eyeliner consisted of in the kit, keeping it near the roots of your genuine lashes. Bend the band of the magnetic eyelash of your option, in order to soften it as preparation to fit your eye’s shape. It’s extremely simple: Thoroughly draw the line with the liquid eyeliner consisted of in the kit, keeping it near the roots of your genuine lashes. Bend the band of the magnetic eyelash of your option, in order to soften it as preparation to fit your eye’s shape. Hold one end of the magnetic eyelash with offered tweezers or simply fingers, and objective above your genuine lashes. Then gradually link the magnetic band to the used eyeliner prior to it has actually completely dried. Carefully make changes as essential, till you are pleased with the eyelash positioning.

Question Question 13

Does Removing Magnetic Eyelashes Involve Yanking By Yourself Lashes? We Hesitate Of Injuring Up Our Genuine Lashes.?

It actually does not pull them excessive as long as you eliminate them thoroughly. we have actually not had any eyelashes pull out when eliminating the magnetic ones. You can compose the response on your own too.

Question Question 14

Does The Eyeliner Actually Work?

Yes, it’s liquid that dries

Question Question 15

Exists A Space In Between The Falsies And Your Natural Lashes When Utilizing This?

No, you can t see it, we attempt to put them as close as possible to our natural lashes and then push them

Question Question 16

How Quick Is Shipping?

Relatively fast

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on EUASOO Magnetic Eyelashes – Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually been utilizing these for a while, it was constantly unpleasant for us to use lashes due to the fact that we could not figure out how to do it appropriately with the glue. With this product it is actually simple to use and it hold up well. We likewise like that we got a great deal of range in the pack so we had the ability to select a set that was more alike to our taste. Once again as a newbie utilizing lashes it is a fantastic product tobuy Extremely suggest for newbies like me.

Eyelashes for the non gifted we like them we came a cropper with glue however these magnetic made it a breeze. The kit featured 5 sets for any state of mind your in. The kit had whatever consisting of a fantastic compact to keep them in, and 2 tubes of the liner. Extremely extremely happy we use them throughout the day an no problems at all this is our brand-new preferred brand name we invested a lot on among the brand names facebook marketing presses paid 3x the rate for 1 set when we must have simply got these like them our brand-new go to brand name.

We purchased these for our relative and child after seeing they were hypoallergenic. Our relative has extremely delicate skin and she goes to extremes when it concerns soaps, creams, make- up, sun- screen, and so on. She has an extremely had time finding products that do not trigger an allergy. So, the most crucial test was whether these eyelashes and liner would trigger any rash or inflammation. Success. They did not ‘trouble’ her in any method. As far as the other elements: she found them extremely simple to use and they remained in location. She liked that the kit had all the tools consisted of and she liked that the kit was compact adequate to fit perfectly into her bag – so she can take them on the go. She did have some guidance: if you require to cut them to ensure a correct fit, ensure you keep a magnetic strip at each end – so you do not have “fly away” ends. And though they are extremely simple to get rid of, the liner takes little additional effort to get rid of totally – which she credited to the sturdiness and enduring result. Our child can’t wait to “wear them out. “.

Our child had actually gotten a sandwich design eyelashes (2 phony ones held magnetically by sandwiching your natural eyelashes) as a present in the past, however that was a dissatisfaction. So we chose to get these for her to attempt, although she was hesitant when she learnt more about it. The product was provided on time and looks effectively made. We enjoyed her test out for the very first time and it appeared so basic and fast to place on perfectly: an uncomplicated application of the ferrous eyeliner and on goes the eyelashes magnetically. They were hung on rather strongly (her eyelids pulled a little when she was eliminating one, so the magnetism ought to be strong enough for the majority of circumstances). Yet the eyeliner rubs out quickly. There was definitely no pain according to our child, who was happily shocked and extremely delighted. So this papa scored some points for a little rate.

This is nathan s better half- he got this kit for us:-RRB- first of all- we actually likethese They are simple to utilize and featured numerous various designs of lashes from natural to phase worthwhile. In the photos above we did the natural looking set so folks checking out the evaluation might see how they connectbetter One note- the eyeliner actually goes on extremely efficiently however we are crap at using any eyeliner so the terribly drawn lines are our fault and not a problem with the product. The kit featured not just the additional lashes you see in the images however lash tweezers, small lash scissors (in case some require tailoring- mine were go as is) and a compact with a mirror that likewise holds 2 sets of lashes. We actually liked the compact due to the fact that you can use a natural set to work then pop those off and placed on the bolder going out lashes without stressing over losing or damage to either set. The very first time we put them on we utilized the tweezer put after that we had the ability to utilize our fingers simply as well (may be harder if you have long nails). The lashes actually secure on to the magnetic eyeliner and stuck with no issue. We did ensure to curve roll them a bit simply to assist prep them to sit appropriately on the cover. As soon as we were prepared for bed we slipped them back into their case and they still looked great as brand-new. Remarkably, the eye liner came straight off with water and a little rubbing the very first time however we absolutely suggest utilizing makeup cleaner for a fast mild rub out given that the skin there is fragile. We were attempting to consider what we didn’t like and truthfully absolutely nothing enters your mind. Personally we are more a fan of the more natural appearance so would have liked perhaps another set of that design however that s simply quibbling.

Love the magnetic eyelashes. They are long and natural looking. Kit consists of 5 set and can be cut if you do not like longer length. The eyelashes are light and extremely comfy. It takes a couples minutes to get a deal with on utilizing them and then it’s a breeze. No more sticky, unpleasant glue. If you have actually never ever used eyelashes you will like these magnetic ones. If you are utilize to utilizing glue you will be exceptionally delighted with the ease and appeal of these magnetic lashes. So great to get the kit that consists of lovely eye liner, little scissors for cutting and eye lash holder to make using lashes reduce.

We utilized to have difficulty placing on incorrect lashes. It would take all of us of 10 minutes to do one side so we quit till we were advised these magnetic lashes. Not just they re simple to place on, it just took us 2 minutes to do both sides. All you need to do is shake the bottle of magnetic liner and placed on your cover like you would eyeliner. Then you wait 1 minute for the liner to dry a bit prior to putting the lashes on. The lash will immediately attract itself to the liner and voila, you have great long lashes. You might need to cut the lashes to fit your eyes better and might need to change the lashes to look the method you like it however it s extremely simple. The kit features 2 magnetic liner, 5 lashes, a tweezer and scissor. The lashes remain in various length and density for various events. In the image, we have 1 of the thick and long lashes and kid it sure brings out our eyes. These lashes look extremely natural. The best part is given that it is available in 2 liners, we had the ability to share the lashes with our mama.

This is simply remarkable. We were preparing for a little surprise present to our relative. We found this magnetic eyelashes, at first thought twice however considered purchasing this. Our relative hasn’t utilized these and regular of routine one (with glue). She simply liked these eyelashes as it is simple, fast to use, multiple-use and comfy. The magnets looks extremely little however keeps the lashes on location. Extremely basic to utilize, use the eyeliner and wait on 2- 3 minuts to dry and simply snap on the eye lashes of your choise. The very best part is you keep attempting various eyelashes till you find the ideal match.?? it features 5 various sets of eye lashes, 2 magnetic eye liners and all the needed tools like tweezer, scissor. Total excellent product with cool tech.

Alright, we remain in love forthese They are the most ideal phony eyelashes we have actually purchased up until now. The plan is charming and appears actually sort of fancy. Whatever has your own location in package what makes it actually simple when it s time to put it away. We are not effectively competent at using that, however it easy. Actually. We like that this features the scissors, so although they actually appears natural, if too huge for your eyes, you can simply suffice a bit. Which s another thing we absolutely liked about it: how natural it appears. The very first day we utilized, given that we currently have long eyelashes, our bf didn’t understand we were using them, he believed we had actually simply utilized eyeliner lolwe are sorry that we utilize a great deal of actually because evaluation, is simply that we actually like this product.

Simply stunned by this magnetic eyelashes. To start with, is the rate, the rate is $25 99, there has 5% voucher, and we have prime do not require spend for the shipping cost. So the overall payment is $24 7. It is actually inexpensive, right?secondly, given that it’s hassle-free. Since of the covid-19, we can’t go to the beauty parlor, that’s why we purchased the euasoo magnetic eyelashes, we can put it quickly on our genuine eyelashes, it is light and you will feel comfy. The last however crucial, it is protected and looks remarkable throughout the day. So we put the order once again if you wan na end up being more lovely, we want to recommend you attempt it, you will get an incredible experience. The product in-depth page has the action to teach you how to utilize it, if you do not understand how to use or how to eliminate it, you can get in touch with the seller, the has excellent customer care.

Actually, we thought twice to buy the magnetic lashes till we saw few individuals using them with the remarkable appearance so we chose to attempt them on. Because we are utilized to using liquid liner, we wear t actually have a problem when using the liner and let it dry prior to putting the magnetic lashes on as quickly as we end up clothes. This must not take longer than 3- 5 minutes to totally dry. Then we position the lashes as near our leading eyelid as possible. We like pushing our cover in between our thumb and forefinger simply to offer the lashes a more natural appearance and conceal the line/strip that is in some cases obvious with lashes likethese We like them and will absolutely buy them once again.

This set is so perfectly packaged. If you’re purchasing as a present, this would be a great option. Each set of eyelashes is various, so there’s a great range for a newbie like me. We attempted magnetic eyelashes for the very first time a few years back. They were quite pricey ($80 marked down to $40, $8 shipping), and this was prior to magnetic eyeliner, so there was a top and bottom eyelash set to sandwich magnetically over the natural eyelashes. Well, those were unpleasant, tough to utilize, and an utter flop. We thought twice to attempt these, however having simply one eyelash to place on rather of 2 is night and day. It’s lighter and simpler, and looks more natural. Provide a shot.

We purchased this kit due to the fact that our good friend advised it, and it actually is extremely simple to utilize. We invested years attempting to adjust with the glue and did not follow. The magnetic eyelashes are extremely simple to place on. We are still adjusting to pass the eyeliner. It does not come out quickly which is excellent due to the fact that they do not fall. The kit has numerous size alternatives, which is likewise outstanding due to the fact that depending upon the celebration we can put eyelashes of another size. Total kit, with scissors, tweezers, mirror, repairing rim and sets of eyelashes. We are no longer without it, it was our very first purchase of an eyelash like this and we found the service for our seem more lovely.

We love this eyelashes. We utilized pricey lilly lashes prior to and some inexpensive from a drag shop and we wished to attempt magnetic eyelashes. However we were not prepared to invest $100+. We chose to attempt euasoo magnetic lashes and we more than happy that we did. Easy to use, simple to get rid of and they sticks with no issue whole day. This is extremely great set of various lashes. We began with the most significant. We simply cut them in half (which is great too.) and we used them from a middle to the external corner– the appearance remarkable. And it appropriates for daily appearance. We would extremely suggest them. They are so soft. We make certain, when you attempt them – you won t return to whatever you utilized prior to. Never ever.

We attempted when before to utilize incorrect eyelashes, however the glue made it hard, so we didn’t trouble attempting gain. Somebody advised these, so we chose to offer it a shot. They are extremely great, we like there is a range of lengths, the only concern we had was using the eyeliner, however that’s our absence of experience. A number of shots and it worked excellent. We would suggest these to anybody.

( female guinea pig utilized) the eyeliner is magnetic and then you wait a few minutes and use the preferred eyelashes. They work actually well and look great. Nobody else will no they are magnetic and multiple-use. When utilizing the tweezers beware and ensure to get the suggestion of the lashes or the magnet will stay with the tweezers. Made eyes actually pop and looks actually great. Scissors consisted of with kit, most likely to cut them to preferred length. Certainly suggest.

Was simpler than we anticipated to use and wear. If you desire long and thick- there is a set. If you desire thinner and more natural appearance, they exist too. We actually utilized the offered scissors to cut a set to be medium prior to we used liner and then put lashes. Worked excellent. Used to a ladies night out and they were completely in location when we returned house. It is necessary that you position and leave alone- the one time we attempted to change 30 minutes after at first put eyeliner moved with lash and needed to reapply to keep in location. Love that we can use once again and once again.

We have actually been constantly battling with using conventional falsies. When the magnetic eyelashes initially came out, we were so fired up about the principle and purchased ones right now with a huge hope they would work as promoted. Nevertheless, the very first set we purchased was not “sticky” and kept falling off, and even when we had the ability to use them, we did not feel protected with them on. We then returned to our mascara- just eye make- up regimen; perhaps, falsies are not born for somebody like me. * one day, our good friend presented this product on to me. Obviously, we didn’t anticipate much. However wonder took place. We unexpectedly had lashes in 1- 2- 3- 4- 5 seconds. It was extremely simple to put the lashes on (simply draw an eyeliner and put the lashes on. Yes, like the ad.) the lashes remained on perfectly and safely (certainly, we needed to utilize some force + eye makeup cleaner (optional) to take them off). They are likewise extremely light- weight, extremely soft, and doesn t feel stiff and inexpensive at all. There are 5 various design of lashes so you can use them from your every day life to unique occasions. One more thing we like about this set is the eyeliner, which is jet black and likewise water resistant. Perfecto.

The product packaging of these lashes was so charming. We like the little compact they offer you to bring around 2 sets in. We likewise liked that all the eyelashes were various so you have a range to choose from. They were extremely simple to use and sat tight throughout the day. The magnets on the lashes are little large so you’ll need to place on a great line of the liner however that didnt trouble us any. Just unfavorable thing we would state is the tweezers they offer you are metal so they stay with the eyelashes when you attempt to utilize them for application however we utilize some plastics ones we currently had. All in all we liked this set.

The very first time we found out about magnetic eyelashes our eyebrows raised due to the fact that we actually could not figure out how worldwide will these things stay with the covers without using lash glues. Then we check out more about how this product uses magnetic forces through little particles that are consisted of in the solution of the eyeliner. And it appeared to be the ideal mix due to the fact that these things work well together. We attempted these for ourself and we can just state that it removed much of the waiting time and the trouble we needed to withstand if we were utilizing normal lashes and lash glue. This is a fantastic creation particularly for individuals who can not be troubled with long regimens yet wish to discover how to place on great appearances and makeup. We are for using this product for how it’s made lives a lot simpler.

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