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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue.

  • RELIABLE – Strong, all the time hold lash glue.
  • MILD FORMULA – Latex-free & Formaldehyde-free, appropriate even for delicate eyes.
  • DRIES CLEAR & QUICK DRYING – Gets ugly in seconds, and dries undetectable. No lingering.
  • EASY TO APPLY – Wand applicator with accuracy brush idea – Use the ideal quantity each time.
  • FOR ALL LASHES – The very best expert grade adhesive for mink or any strip incorrect/ phony eyelashes.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue.
Companion Eyelash Glue – Strong Hold, Clear, Latex-Free, White LashGlue Finest hypoallergenic adhesive for strip eyelash extension, incorrect eyelashes, mink lashes. Latex-free – No more watery eyes. Ideal even for delicate eyes or those adverse latex. Perfect duo for delicate eyes. Dries Clear. Quick drying – Fed up with loafing waiting on your lash glue to dry? Nomore Our lash glue dries in simply seconds. Easy application – With our distinct brush on lash applicator, it’s simple to use simply the correct amount of glue equally, each time. The very best expert grade adhesive for strip eyelash extensions, mink or any incorrect/ phony eyelashes. Quick Lash Application: With the brush on lash applicator idea, just dab some glue from the bottle, then hold the lash with a tweezer and brush a thin layer along the lash band. Wait 10 seconds for it to end up being ugly prior to putting your lashes on. Finally, use dark/ black eye liner to mix in the lash band. Easy Lash Elimination: Eliminating the eyelash glue is simple, just utilize oil-free makeup cleaner, then run it along the lash band up until the glue begins to liquify. Latex-free. Throughout the day hold. Dries clear. The last lash glue you’ll ever require. Having problem keeping your incorrect eyelashes in location? Nomore Our Companion lash glue uses the greatest and longest enduring bond, than any other lash glue, so you can use your incorrect lashes with complete self-confidence they’ll remain locked down up until you choose to take them off. Quickly use the correct amount with the accuracy brush idea, no more untidy capture tubes. With an innovative and mild solution, our lash glue is latex-free so it appropriates even for those with delicate eyes, and it’s developed without hazardous contaminants like formaldehyde or parabens. Secret Benefits Strong, all the time hold eyelash glue Latex-free & Formaldehyde-Free lash adhesive Hypoallergenic, appropriate even for delicate eyes Dries Clear Accuracy brush idea Easy to get rid of How to use With the accuracy brush on idea, just dab some glue from the bottle, then brush a thin layer along the lash band, and include extra dots of glue along the external corners, and the middle of the band for additional hold in problem locations. How to Get rid of Eliminating the eyelash glue is simple, just take some oil-free makeup cleaner, then run it along the lash band up until the glue begins to liquify. Then just rub the residues of the glue from your lash band and you’re great to go. Relied on by the pros. Are you a makeup addict? Follow charm influencers on Youtube? You might have currently found out about our lash glue and the rave evaluations it’s been obtaining from professional makeup artists and charm experts alike. Look no more than the ESQIDO’s Companion eyelash glue, for the most dependable, and strong hold whenever you’re placing on your next set of falsies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue.

Question Question 1

Is This Glue Waterproof? We Are Swim Trainer And Use Phony Lashes.?

It’s an extremely strong eyelash glue. we have actually showered with our lashes on it remained on. That is all we can assist you with.

Question Question 2

The Length Of Time Would This Product Last We Use Lashes About 3 Times A Week?

we mistakenly dropped off to sleep with some lashes on, after using them all the time, slept comfortably for 8 hours, and awakened with them completely in location. we put on t believe it s thought about surgical glue, however it s simply as efficient.

Question Question 3

Does This Product Contain Parabens Or Phthalates?

Our Companion Eyelash Glue is latex-free and does not consist of parabens or phthalates. It is safe for daily usage.

Question Question 4

Does It Dry Clear Or White? Is It Difficult To Get The Residue Off The Band After Usage?

Clear and glossy so you need to be conscious where you put it. You can discuss the glossy locations with eye liner once it s dried. we have the ability to get the glue off- it is extremely sticky after on the lash band. You can utilize some makeup cleaner to remove any residue nevertheless. we LIKE this glue and will never ever return to DUO.

Question Question 5

Can We Utilize It For Eyelashes Perm? Or Simply For False Eyelashes?

No you can not utilize it for perm. Incorrect lash application just.

Question Question 6

Is This Non-Toxic, Chemical Free, And/Or Natural?

The glue is safe for delicate skin and non-toxic. Hope this assists.

Question Question 7

The Length Of Time Can We Keep The Lashes On We Like Long Use?

we wouldn t intend on it enduring long the very first time we use it, attempt it out cuz perhaps we are utilizing it incorrect however it doesn t last more than an hour for mw

Question Question 8

Should We Use False Eyelashes Longer Than One Day?

No, to avoid the possibility of eye infection, constantly get rid of eye makeup and lashes.

Question Question 9

Should We Utilize A Guide First?

No requirement for a guide. Simply ensure the lashes are dry and dust-free.

Question Question 10

How Frequently Should We Modification Our Glue?

Each time you alter your lashes you require to wipe the old glue and use a brand-new coat. hope this assists

Question Question 11

Does Anybody Know If This Is As Strong As Home Of Lashes Glue? That Glue Is Too Strong For United States, We Don T Desired Something Like That.?

We are not acquainted with Home of LashesGlue Nevertheless, Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue lasts for the entire day however can quickly be removed by utilizing an oil complimentary makeup cleaner. The Companion Eyelash Glue is latex complimentary and safe for all skin types.

Question Question 12

Can We Utilize It For Eyelash Extensions?

This is particularly produced strip-type incorrect eyelashes.

Question Question 13

Mine Didn’T Have A Seal And It Doesn T Seem To Be Coming Out Of The Bottle On The Brush Whatsoever, Why? Has Anybody Else Had This Problem?

we simply got our eye lash glue a few weeks back. we have actually just utilized it once.our product was not sealed.we didn’t have any concerns with the glue.

Question Question 14

What Do You Utilize To Eliminate The Glue?

You might utilize an oil complimentary comprise cleaner. We advise Neutrogena.

Question Question 15

Wy Existed No Seal On The Bottle? Appeal Utilized?

we simply got our 2nd bottle and both were effectively sealed. No concept why you had this issue.

Question Question 16

Can This Be Utilized For Lash Lifts?

we would state no, this glue is absolutely nothing like a serum. It’s the very best glue choice we have found for falsies, indicated to keep them stayed with your eyelid. Whereas a serum is a various kind of product with the function of assisting improve or promote eyelash development. we would advise great ole’ castor oil serum for that.

Question Question 17

Will It Have An Unfavorable Result On Our Natural Lashes?

If you get the lash glue on your lashes it will make them extremely sticky. Usage olive oil rub carefully then clean off. However if you simply clean off approximately with rag and soap more than likely you will lose some of your natural lashes.

Question Question 18

Does It Deal With Blepharitis?

The glue is hypoallergenic. Nevertheless, kindly consult your medical professional concerning your condition. Thank you.

Question Question 19

The Number Of Oz Of Glue Does This Contain?

A bottle includes 5.5 ml or 0.18 fl oz.

Question Question 20

Does The Glue Have Aloe?

we simply examined the active ingredients. No aloe.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually not used incorrect lashes for about 6 years. We just recently got a great set and required glue. We remember we utilized duo glue back when we used them and we constantly lost an eyelash lol. This glue is incredible. Held all the time, even in arizona heat. We put a thin line on the eyelash band and let it sit for about 15-20 seconds prior to we put the lashes on. Excellent things. Will buy once again.

Holy felines, we like this eyelash glue. We want we would found it earlier. We have delicate eyes and ocular rosacea, so we need to beware about what products we utilize around our eyes. This does not aggravate our eyes or lashline. We like that this glue does not have latex. There is no smell. It dries clear. The glue residues come off your lashes quickly by simply choosing it off with your fingernails. We use lashes one or two times a week for phase efficiency, and this glue gets the job done to hold them on for a number of hours and through exercise. You actually just need to brush on an extremely small total up to make lashes remain on, and the applicator brush is ideal for using simply this percentage of glue to the lash band. We are on our 3rd tube of this, and we want it were priced a little more cost effectively. However for how well it works and how kind it is to our eyes, we will keep purchasing it and suggesting it to our buddies. We will never ever return to duo as long as we can buy this.

This is without a doubt the very best eyelash glue ever. The glue dries quite rapidly and gets ugly rapidly also and it lasts through practically whatever for us— even tears. We truthfully can not think of utilizing any other glue. And the brush applicator makes using it on your lashes very fast and simple without a great deal of mess.

We have delicate eyes which has actually constantly made using lashes intimidating however this glue did not aggravate our eyes at all and held so well we never ever stressed over our lashes slipping.

Finest eyelash glue. This is the only eyelash glue we advise. We can manage our eyelashes in less than one 2nd and feel definitely nothing. No eyelash hairs fallout If we do not have time to clean them, the glue still works the next day if you simply stick them back on. Terrific product.

We ended up being adverse routine lash adhesives just recently. Our eyes would itch, burn and began to swell. We found this esqido latex and formaldehyde complimentary adhesive with great evaluations and chose to attempt it. It s excellent. We have actually had no response to it and it works excellent. Really pleased with our purchase. We will absolutely buy it once again when we run out( which will be rather some time as television is rather generous).

This eyelash adhesive is the very best product on the marketplace ever. We were incorrect lashed a minimum of 3-4 times a week. Never ever burns or lifts, uses quickly dries rapidly, strong hold all day. It’s recommended with this product to utilize a makeup cleaner aka micellen water to loosen up the adhesive on your lashes and it assists. Love this product will absolutely acquire more soon.??????????.

Truly excellent lash glue. Remains all the time, and not unpleasant at all. Our most significant gripe with lash glues is their capability to avoid lifting at the corners, and this covered that base entirely. Furthermore, we find utilizing a great deal of glue tends to make it very apparent that you’re using falsies, however we constantly have problem with lashes remaining all the time if we make the glue too thin– however this glue sticks even with a barely-there application. Will absolutely buy once again, and we absolutely advise.

Precisely what i have actually been looking for. We have actually utilized kiss strip lash adhesive for some time given that it was rather low-cost and the just of its kind to be found in pharmacies. However, we required to reapply a few times throughout the day specifically if we used much heavier lashes. Companion eyelash glue is more costly ofc however we find ourself to just ever require to reapply perhaps when. Extremely advise. It’s expensive however waaaay more hassle-free.

This latex complimentary product works marvels for our incorrect lashes. Our lashes sit tight for a minimum of 14-16 hours. One container lasts us around 6 months, we use incorrect lashes a minimum of 6 days a week which equals to almost 150 applications.

Like cockroaches, this lash glue will last up until completion of time. It s incredible. We have actually gone to hot yoga, funeral services, you call it; absolutely nothing will stop it. Plus when you wish to take it off you put on t require a blowtorch or the hands of thor (however who wouldn t?), you simply pull and it comes off. Seriously a wonder glue.

We are constantly looking for lash glue due to the fact that we dislike the active ingredients in the majority of them, which regrettably is likewise the factor we can not use private lashes. We were a fan of the green duo brush on striplash adhesive. It never ever troubled our eyes and was a fantastic adhesive. Nevertheless, nowadays it s untidy and leakages from the container triggering a sticky mess in our makeup bag. Thus why we attempted this lash glue. Despite the fact that it s more costly it s excellent. Lasted all the time at work and no untidy application. We like the container it is available in and the brush. Made it soo simple to use our lashes in the early morning prior to work.

Our eyes/eyelids unexpectedly ended up being so conscious our routine sassi eyelash glue that we have actually been utilizing for about a year. Then we attempted home of lashes glue and very same signs. Inflammation on eyelids, red eyes, burning experience around eye skin. Our pal tagged us on instagram advertisement for this eyelash glue and offered it a shot. Ladies we didn’t have any allergy to it. It has a strong hold, yet mild formula. We carefully and quickly got rid of the lashes and glue with a q-tip and neutrogena oil comprise cleaner. So we extremely advise it. We will continue purchasing this brand name.

If you are searching for a delicate short-lived eyelash glue this things provides. We have an extremely delicate skin and continuously getting inflamed from facial products and eyelash glue. This things is excellent. The glue last all the time and night while we were out on a boat trip in hawaii. Mascara had the ability to remain undamaged in high humidity and windy environment. The only problem we have is if you do not utilize frequently and left being in a drawer unused it will ultimately dry up. So we needed to buy another tube. Other than that we are sticking to this product as is among the only product that works for our skin.

We purchased this glue in addition to some eyelashes online. We attempted them on and made a number of changes due to the fact that we typically do not use lashes, the glue was still sticking even after making all those changes. We like the little brush that we utilize to use the glue to the lashes, its a lot easier than a tube, likewise we dislike latex and when we check out that it did not consist of latex that was an essential included reward to the strength of this glue. You will not be sorry, buy it. We have no connection to the seller of this product. We much like to share an advantage.

Definitely wonderful, our children use lashes and their eyelids peel and burn from other leading name brand name glue – this hasn’t troubled either of them and it holds excellent. Extremely advise.

We are needed to use incorrect lashes for phase efficiencies. We have incredibly delicate skin and all the other lash adhesives we have actually attempted have actually made our eyelids swell and our eyes water frantically. By the end of a program we would require another person to drive us house and the next few days we would appear like we got in a battle. We got none of the bad signs utilizing this glue. It actually is odorless and there are no fumes. It wasn t globby and dried completely clear. Our lashes sat tight for 8 hours without any inflammation and might have lasted longer. The residue from the glue was simple to get rid of after soaking our covers with eye makeup cleaner on cotton pads. It s so great to be able to focus on our efficiency and not on hiding our pain and partial loss of sight. It s likewise great to be able to drive ourself home when a program is done and not look like we have actually been moonlighting as a prizefighter.

We are substantial glue on eyelash user. Every early morning is the very same regular and it generally takes us less than 30 seconds to put them on. We have actually utilized every eyelash glue you might think about (eylure, home of lashes, duo – in every color, korean brand names, and so on) and the companion brand name has actually been our preferred up until now. Upon opening, we saw the product packaging felt rather great, however truthfully who actually appreciates that? the fundamental part is how the glue adheres. We generally never ever wait the complete 30 seconds we would state we wait approximately 10 – 15 seconds, we typically take a look at the color modification and after that simply pop them on. They remain on all the time, and we never ever have a problem with them coming off. Easy peasy, and oh so quick. Certainly a big suggestion.

We utilized to believe we would constantly be awkward when it concerns remove lashes, however it turns out it’s less user mistake and more the glue that we were trying to utilize (and we have actually attempted them all). What we like about this glue is that it is simple to use with the brush, however likewise that it gets ugly very rapidly. It enables us to position the lashes and have them stick, however then still have the ability to have fun with them for a minute approximately to get them in location prior to they dry down entirely. We typically gravitate towards black adhesive, however this drys entirely clear and hasn’t been a problem. Our lashes now remain in location all the time, however get rid of quickly without pulling out our natural lashes, harming our eyelids, or triggering any inflammation. We currently acquired another tube to have on extra. Our only problem is that it is a little tough to get out of television and we can predict squandering a great deal of product as it gets low.

Bought this due to the fact that we are tired of eyelash glue that does not hold our lashes, however handles to adhere to whatever else and this glue fits the costs for us. Product packaging looks great however more notably the glue works. We have actually even used some lashes for 3 days and it held excellent. As constantly, keep in mind to brush glue on lash strip and let sit for about 30 seconds for finest usage and you’ll be golden.

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