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DUcare Duo Eyelash Comb Curlers Folding Makeup Mascara Applicator

DUcare Duo Eyelash Comb Curlers Folding Makeup Mascara Applicator

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of DUcare Duo Eyelash Comb Curlers Folding Makeup Mascara Applicator.

  • Function – Separates eyebrow for a diligently groomed appearance and different & boost eyelashes with or without mascara
  • Duo Special Style – Portable Folding style safeguards pin pointers, simple to utilize and hassle-free to bring for bag or travel in your little bag.
  • High Quality Spoolie Brush – Functions with All Fillers Consisting Of Powder, Gel, Wax, Pencils, Tint and Pomade
  • How to Utilize – Prevent clumping of mascara by eliminating excess mascara equally throughout eyelashes
  • We assure that we will provide all of female the very best quality brushes with the very best sensible rate; To assist you be the very best of yourself

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More Info:

Here are some more information on DUcare Duo Eyelash Comb Curlers Folding Makeup Mascara Applicator.
Surgical Grade Stainless-steel Licensed the greatest quality, stainless-steel frame that was completely crafted for both in the house and expert usage. Genius Travel Folding Style Produced to fit all eye sizes and shapes, and develop the most lif and curl for a gorgrous, mind-blowing appearance that takes seconds to accomplish, and will last throughout the day. For the Many Voumiously Curled Lashes This next-level eyelash curler produced a remarkable, wswooping curl with definitely no pulling and no damaged lashes. Read more After using mascara unfold the eyelash comb and thoroughly location comb at the base of the lash line, far from your eyes. Eliminate excess mascara by combing through lashes up, out and far from eyes. Repeat up the lash. Professional idea: Eyelash comb can likewise be utilized for the lower lashes to eliminate excess mascara and decrease fall out under the eye Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on DUcare Duo Eyelash Comb Curlers Folding Makeup Mascara Applicator.

Question Question 1

Are The Eyelash Comb Excellent Quality Like Do They Break Down Quickly?

The teeth on the comb part are quite durable, however while cleaning up the mascara off them, we pulled them out of the plastic manage. It was simple to pop them back in and they sit tight. The quality has to do with what you ‘d anticipate for the rate point.

Question Question 2

For How Long Is It When It Is Closed? Ty.?

About 3 inches long we believe

Question Question 3

We Have The Rt Eyelash Comb, Does This One Work Better?

we wear t referred to as we are unknown

Question Question 4

Does This Lash Comb Loose Its Teeth Quickly? We Have Had The Hardest Time With The Combs We Have Actually Utilized In The Past. Worth The Cash?

we have had the lash comb for about 3 months and have not lost any teeth yet, however we did pull the entire strip out of the manage while trying to clean the mascara off it. They popped right back in and have sat tight

Question Question 5

Can You Utilize This For Eyebrows? Or Is That Excessive Of A Threat Because They’Re Sharp Teeth?

There’s a brush on the other end for eyebrows.

Question Question 6

Is Excellent To Utilize Rather Of A Spoolie For Drag Eyebrow Protection Utilizing Glue?

we do not utilize it for that. we utilize it for our lashes.

Question Question 7

How Do We Tidy This?

You can utilize soap and water. we clean it with an alcohol clean.

Question Question 8

We Have Phony Lashes On We Wished To Utilize This Tool To Tidy The Lashes. Is This Excellent?

we utilize it for incorrect lashes. we believe it works better for incorrect then genuine lashes.

Question Question 9

Does Eye Liner Feature This Eyelash Comb?

Why would EYE LINER feature an EYELASH comb?.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on DUcare Duo Eyelash Comb Curlers Folding Makeup Mascara Applicator, these may be helpful for better understanding.

These things. Wow how did we live our whole 46 years without a comb. For our eyelashes. What a distinction.

We wear t understand why we didn’t think about this prior to. We utilized to separate our lashes after utilizing mascara with our finger or tweezers and it was a mess. This 99 cents gadget made our life a lot easier.

We have actually just had this a number of days, so we can’t talk to durability, however up until now, it is carrying out well. The entire product itself appears well made and not loose at the hinges. The eyelash comb part branches are strong and completely spaced, and the brush gets the job done well on the eyebrows. Excellent product.

We enjoy this product. The brush and comb fold into itself for travel. Most importantly, since the tools are balanced out, it is much easier to control without holding at an uncomfortable angle as a straight managed brush may be. Buy it, you’ll enjoy you did.

Fantastic eyebrow brush. Separates lashes will and we wear t excpext the teeth to break off anytime quickly like they do on plastic eyelash brushes. Folds which is good since it keeps the brush tidy and compact.

We enjoy it a lot we purchased 2more One for our 20 years of age child and a back up for ourself to have. Take care when cleaning up the metal comb comes out when cleansing. Likewise it is sharp and can cut your finger if you attempt to clean it by bare hand. Paper towels and small bottle brush or nipple brush, tooth brush with warm water are best for cleansing. We utilize the brush like side for our eye brows not our eye lashes. We utilize the great comb for our eye lashes and water evidence mascara. Among the very best ye lash combs we have actually utilized in ages.

We have actually been utilizing these for several years; nevertheless, they are really tough to find in your area. The last one we acquired was happenstance at a drug shop. The csr recommended that we look online. What do you understand?. We found the ideal spoolie. We purchased 2. These are so convenient and the very best mascara friend ever. We extremely advise it.

We utilized to attempt to separate our lashes with our mascara however it just wound up with more clumping. This is ideal for combing them through after mascara is used so that they are all even. The other end is terrific for brushing down rowdy eyebrows.

Its creative style is so sensible and easy to use that this lash comb makes others look crude. It has a curved comb that is contoured to your eyelash location, and it has a long folding manage that makes it a lot simpler to utilize. And the rate is so sensible.

We like having the alternative of a brush on one end and a comb on the other end. And we like that they fold in both for security and to use up less area when taking a trip. Would buy once again.

Perfect for travel or simply for the day-to-day makeup bag. The comb and brush shops away for no damage to the teeth and brisoles.

Love. Good lash separation after using mascara. We find it works better to hold it constant at the base of the lash and blink your eye rather of attempting to press it up from the base.

Gladly shocked by this little tool. The comb teeth are metal and spaced simply far sufficient apart that we can actually comb our lashes using mascara, getting the piecesout The brush on the other side is good too, however we actually purchased it for the comb. We liked it a lot, we are purchasing a 2nd one for travel.

Ok so we weren’t actually anticipating much with this however it seriously works. We dislike mascara clumps and this takes them best out and leaves our lashes upright and magnificently separated.

This works well. We have really little lashes so in some cases it s a little more tough to brush through. However in general we like the product.

As others have actually pointed out, the comb side doesn t lock in the employment opportunity like the brush side does however it works terrific anyhow. We utilize the comb on our eyelashes (extensions) and utilize the brush on our eyebrows. We have just had it for a brief time however up until now we are really pleased with the product.

Finest eyelash comb we have actually ever acquired in our 20+ years of doing makeup. Purchase an additional for ourself and sent out on to our sibling.

Product does what the description states. It’s an excellent too for using our besame cake mascara.

It’s little and really convenient. We are satisfied. Will be purchasing another one for a taking a trip.

It’s ideal for us. We like that it’s little & it folds down when we are putting it away in our makeup bag. It uses up less space that method.

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