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Docolor Eyeliner Pen Super Slim Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner

Docolor Eyeliner Pen Super Slim Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Docolor Eyeliner Pen Super Slim Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner.

  • Exact, sharp lines. Extreme color. No spot. Docolor liquid eye liner pen sits tight throughout the day with whatever look you’re working
  • Quick-drying formula slides on efficiently with constant and even stream that’s skip-proof, drag-proof, and smudge-proof
  • Develop smooth, advanced, super slim eye styles with the 0.4 mm ultra-fine felt idea liquid eyeliner that provides the ideal quantity each time
  • Easy-to-grip slim style and directly, felt idea assists you accomplish any liner appearance, from a subtle to remarkable winged feline eye
  • To Utilize – Apply along the leading and bottom lash line start in the inner corner of the eye and working external – To Get rid of – Carefully wash eye location with soap and water

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Docolor Eyeliner Pen Super Slim Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner.
Docolor Water Resistant Eyeliner Pen Start with a tidy eye area.Apply tape at the external corner of your eye angled towards your temple.Begin fixing a limit from inner corner to external corner. Utilize the tape like a ruler and fix a limit along the edge of the tape put on t concern if it bleeds onto the tape given that it will be removed.Slowly eliminate the tape to expose your accurate wing. Complete with your favorite Docolor mascara. The ideal line, each time From a thin, accurate line to a strong remarkable stroke, it slides on with ease, no avoiding, smearing or pulling. Dries fast. Remains throughout the day. Read more Spet 1 #: Shake well with cap on prior to each usage. Pull your eyelids up a little with your fingers. Spet 2 #: The eyeliner pen is drawn from the middle to the beyond the corner of the eye. Spet 3 #: And draw the entire eyeliner from the within andout Spet 4 #: For a sure-fire feline eye press the idea versus the external corner of the eye to produce a best wing each time. Read more Eyeliner Stamp Eyeliner Pen BrownEyebrow BrushEyelash CombBeauty BlenderNew Makeup Brushes SetQuantity 2 Piece 1 Piece 1 Piece 1 Piece 4 Piece 10 Piece Cruelty-Free Long-Lasting High-Quality Docolor Product

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Docolor Eyeliner Pen Super Slim Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner.

Question Question 1

Any Stila Eyeliner Users ?? How Does This Compare?

we utilized to utilize Stila. we simulate the colors of Stila, however if utilizing Black, this is by farbetter we have oily skin and this remarkably does not spot – we are not running or swimming – simply working and it does not spot. we actually desire Docolor had the color flexibility of Stila. our Stila eyes would not remain accurate we utilized to utilize Stila. we simulate the colors of Stila, however if utilizing Black, this is by farbetter we have oily skin and this remarkably does not spot – we are not running or swimming – simply working and it does not spot. we actually desire Docolor had the color flexibility of Stila. our Stila eyes would not remain accurate like Docolor eyes. we likewise believe Mascara may have effect. we utilize Elizabeth Mott, so when we combine these together, we can use it from 7 am to 9 pm for work and whatever still looks strong at the end of the day

Question Question 2

Is This Eyeliner Worth Purchasing?

Absolutely. we simply purchased it and will continue to buy it. It beats our maybellines and revlons we have actually utilized prior to.

Question Question 3

Why Is This’S Option If It’S Not Amimalcruelty Free?

s Option isn’t a recommendation. It s simply a product that an algorithm determined as a bestseller with high scores for a specific classification.

Question Question 4

Is This Product Made In China And For That Reason Checked On Animals Due To The Fact That Of Their Laws? We Required To Know 100% Prior To We Would Buy.?

Their site states”Our default express is Aliexprss standard Shipping and China post small packet plus” we would presume they are not cruelty totally free:/ Now that we understand that, we do not believe we will buy once again.

Question Question 5

Is This Ruthlessness Free?

It is made in China so it is NOT cruelty totally free. due to china’s policies all products MUST be evaluated on animals. we truly wished to buy this product however given that it is not cruelty totally free we will not be a customer, however ideally this will alter quickly.

Question Question 6

Sweatproof? Residing in Texas And We Desired Something We Don’T Need to Fret about Even In The Summer season.?

Well, we used it in Texas.If you keep it tight to the eyelashes you’ll be okay.we did attempt the winged appearance while in Texas and the winged part did not remain throughout the day.

Question Question 7

The Length Of Time Will Liner Remain On?

For us it remains on about throughout the day if we beware about not putting it over eye cream.

Question Question 8

Is This Product Oil Free?

this eyeliner is not oil-free since it includes castor oil. Nevertheless, it is paraben-free and it’s ideal for any skin type.

Question Question 9

How Pigmented Is This Liner? Do You Required To Review It A Number Of Times For It To Be A Real Black?

Pigment strong for all colors. Just problem is they dry out too quick.

Question Question 10

Does This Eyeliner Work Well?

Yes.To Usage – Apply along the leading and bottom lash line start in the inner corner of the eye and working outward.To Get rid of – Carefully wash eye location with soap and water. Yes.To Usage – Apply along the leading and bottom lash line start in the inner corner of the eye and working outward.To Get rid of – Carefully wash eye location with soap and water.Thank you

Question Question 11

Does This Deal With Oily Covers?

Definitely not.Mine smeared after an hour or 2 and looks terrible since it smeared on to our upper cover.

Question Question 12

Please Describe The Care Tips.They Do Not Make Good Sense. “Shock Theeyeliner”?”In Time”? In Time For What?

Shake the eyeliner. You might require to clean up the idea after you have actually utilized it for a while. When $40 quality eyeliner costs $8, the directions are going to remain in less-than- ideal English.

Question Question 13

Is This Brand Name Of Eyeliner Ruthlessness Free?

Yes,100% cruelty-free.

Question Question 14

Is This Product Or Any Of The Business’S Products Checked On Animals?

No we do not have our products evaluated on animals in production or with the last product.Thankyou

Question Question 15

Does The Eyeliner Transfer Quickly? We Have Hooded Eyes.?

Really easy.It’s the very best eye liner we have actually ever attempted and we have actually been using makeup given that we were 13 years. old and now nearly61 Remarkable product.

Question Question 16

Does This Eyeliner Circulation Efficiently?

dont concern, our eye liners will feel smooth.

Question Question 17

The Length Of Time Does It Require To Dry?

When we put it on our eyes it dries in seconds, we have actually been utilizing my own nearly every day and it is still working. Love this things.

Question Question 18

Are These Helpful For A Novice?

Yes, it works for everybody.

Question Question 19

How Do We Get rid of The Eyeliner?

We advise utilizing Micellar Cleansing Water to eliminate the eye makeup. Hold the pad over closed eyes for a few seconds then carefully clean to eliminate. We hope this information was handy.

Question Question 20

Showed Up Broken, How Do We Contact Seller Get A Change?

Please do not hesitate to leave us messages by e-mail or call us at docolor@outlook.com.we will use you a brand-new as change, thanks

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Docolor Eyeliner Pen Super Slim Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are a devoted stila customer. We do not like gel, we do not like pencil, and we dislike how routine liquid constantly rubs off. That’s why we purchased stila, it was water resistant so it withstood eye rubbing and even stood up to oversleeping it. The only thing that troubled us was how fast it would dryout We would need to invest $23 to change it nearly monthly approximately. So we browsed out options. Dolcolor has actually measured up to all our expectations and has actually formally won us over after 3 weeks of screening out the product. It uses the exact same, uses the exact same and even has the exact same applicator as stila, it’s simply 1/3 of the rate. We have actually currently advised this product to good friends of mine who likewise like stila. If you’re doing research initially prior to purchasing, simply buy it currently.

Most likely the very best eyeliner we have actually utilized for low rate. It slides right on and remains there throughout the day. Photos wanted 9hrs of wear.

We so really seldom trouble to leave evaluations, however this one deserves the time. Buy it. That’s all. Simply do it. You will not regret it. There are a lot of other evaluations to compare this product to kvd and stilla. We can’t do that. Never ever have we ever been anywhere near prepared to provide $20+ for an eyeliner. We are cheapaf. We desire the product quality and the durability, however it’s tough to turn loose of that type of cash for an eyeliner, even with individuals we understand, like, and trust informing us that it deserves it. We simply can’t. So we struck the web trying to find something more in line with our rate variety. This is it. If you desire exceptional product at dollar shop rates, this is the eyeliner for you. It’s as dark black as you might want, the dried down surface is just the least bit shiny, it does not flake, and lasts throughout the day. We have not been swimming with it yet, however others have and state it holds up well. What we can state about that is that we’re presently in the middle of pollen hell, and our eyes remain watering like a psychopathic sprinkler, and yet our eyeliner hasn’t moved a bit. That’s invaluable. It takes a minute to dry down and set, so if you desire a smudged appearance, you have that choice briefly. If you desire a fine, accurate line, all you need to do is sit still for a minute and let it occur. We can’t state enough advantages about how stunned we are to find this quality of liner at this rate. We will be a repeat customer as long as we can get our hands on it.

Truthfully, we can t keep in mind how we found docolor eyeliner the very first time, however this is the fourth order we have actually gotten; the business supplies constant service and rate. Now let s get to the great things. This liquid eyeliner is available in a pen shape with a cap. If you re kinda of an eyeliner snob, which we are, however you put on t wish to invest designer label cash, which we put on t, do yourself a favor and buy docolor. We have actually begun purchasing 2 at a time since we put on t wish to lack it. This eyeliner goes on efficiently with a perfect surface. We have actually used it through some of the very best and worst times of our life; it never ever fails me. It doesn t spot on the bottom or top, doesn t cake in the corners of your eyes, and never ever smears into the crease. Do yourself a favor and buy docolor. The cash you save money on pricey eye liners you can invest in pricey fragrances. Namaste.

When we saw the evaluations offering lower stars bc the eyeliner went on as drawn we were surprised bc an eyeliner that is quickly smeared off isn’t gon na last throughout the day. We will state it is incredibly pigmented and will happen with the smallest pressure so if you have a heavy hand you ll need to master it, however it goes on quite smooth and thick and you put on t need to go over it more than when. If you put it on too thick tho it kind clumps off after some time so it works finest when it s as few lines as possible. It s the very best eye liner we have actually utilized and low-cost af we will buy once again.

We use wings daily seriously we can t go without our wings. This eyeliner is outstanding. It s such a dark black that goes on so quickly and lasts throughout the day. Really delighted with our purchase, will buy once again and we extremely reccomend it.

We have actually constantly had a challenging time discovering eyeliner due to our eyes constantly watering up. Cosmetics business declare their product is either water resistant and/or smudge-proof just to end up being dissatisfied after purchase. We even quit on utilizing eyeliner for several years. This eyeliner, on the other hand, turned out to be incredible and we extremely advise it. We will absolutely be a permanently customer for this product. Mind you, we are really particular when it concerns makeup specifically eyeliner. This eyeliner pen is simple to utilize, water resistant, and sits tight even with our dang watering eyes. We blame seasonal allergic reactions, foolish pollen:-RRB-. We sure did miss our cat-eye appearance. Docolor, thank you for such a fantastic product.

We evaluated this one versus stila. The picture seeks 8 hrs. It works simply as great if not better than stila. We discovered with this eyeliner the’ wing didn’t remain on as much as stila however we have oily eyelids and didn’t utilize any guide so we might truly evaluate the distinction. Stila nevertheless began to degrade far from our lash line while this one sat tight. Stila dries quicker however can ‘break or begin to flake if excessive is used or is available in contact with water. This eyeliner has a much better consistency and doesn t do that. Both are simple to use and comparable because element, however for the rate distinction this one is the total winner.

Docolor remain throughout the day water resistant liquid eyeliner eye liner gel black.

love this product. Remains on throughout the day, does not smear and we work 12 hr shifts. Likewise, we have really oily skin.

We truly like this eye liner. Whenever we remain in a rush we can be sure to count on our ‘constantly prepared to go’ eyeliner. Never ever clumps & works terrific each time. Lasts throughout the day & simple to clean off. Great for remarkable or subtle appearance. Long felt idea makes it easy for you to select the density of the line. We feared using eye liner prior to however this pen makes it so simple to use. We have actually utilized it to make styles on our face & for various events & it never ever let’s us down. This is our preferred without a doubt.

This is the very best water resistant liquid eyeliner that we have actually ever utilized. We use contacts and have actually attempted whatever and this one sits tight. All the time. We extremely advise it and the rate is terrific.

We wished to compose our evaluation after utilizing the docolor liquid eyeliner for a minimum of a month and we like it. First off we will provide this caution as a newbie to marker design eyeliner. There is a discovering curve that is not the fault of the product however user experience. We were brand-new to refining the wings and marker liner so it took us a few weeks to feel rather achieved( hooded eyes). This liner remains on which we like. It simply sticks and we do not need to handle reapplying a number of times a day any longer. At fist your lines towards the exterior will be too fat however with persistence and practice and great deals of youtube aid you will master it. The other included perk is this product not just has long-term staying power it likewise can be gotten rid of quickly. We had actually likewise purchased this product from, s & t constantly off makeup cleaner fabrics. These micro-fiber makeup fabrics are essentially uber soft little wash fabrics that eliminate makeup quickly. Things like eyeliner and mascara come off in a breeze and we motivate everybody to provide micro-fiber cleaner fabrics a shot. There are numerous brand names on to pick from. We digress due to our being extremely pleased with 2 products that compliment each other. We will be purchased the docolor liquid eyeliner gel black once again. Quick alerting- we did have an accident due to our initially utilizing coconut oil to eliminate our makeup. Idea we had actually completely washed our face however there was residue left on our eyes. Any trace of oil blocked the docolor liner. We squeezed the liner idea carefully with tissue and rubbed out a few times and let it rest for a few days. With a 2nd mild rub out on the 2nd day. The eye liner returned to life and is still working like a beauty.

To begin with, let us inform you, we are overall makeup addict. We like shopping at ulta and sephora and all the super high-end products they offer. Some women have a makeup cabinet, we have a whole closet, not even joking. We can’t inform you the number of eye liners we have, lots, both high-end and daily business. Docolor, is hands-down among the very best liners we have actually ever utilized. It works for super thin lines, or develop big thick lines. You can not beat the rate, and it is simply amazing. We do not compose numerous evaluations, however we like this liner a lot, we didn’t desire other women to miss out on out on it. We will definitely buy this once again, and if you attempt it, you will not regret it. Remarkable.

We got the eyeliner with the stamp. The stamp is incredible. You can t mess it up. We are no great at doing the winged eyeliner and now we can do it daily in seconds. Love it. And the eyeliner is incredible too.

We were shocked to find we concurred w/many of the evaluations. This does remain rather well (that makes us question, hmmm, what chemical remains in this. It works too well.) and we believe it’s made in china. Nevertheless, it remains in location all right we do not mind utilizing it (in the meantime, up until we find the ideal cruel-free, chemical totally free makeup that works well). We do not like the little kohl shape, it’s something we have actually needed to attempt and get utilized to and discover a bit, and it’s not a simple thing to do on our little eyes. Not a fan of the shape of the ‘brush/applicator’ thing idea so this is a 4 star.

This things is so dark and remains on. We are fan.

There’s absolutely nothing to do not like about this product. It’s really thin line, so we can manage exactly where it goes. We think the only thing that’s not so terrific is they truly require somebody who is a native english speaker to check their text. However truthfully, we comprehend a great deal of our products are not made in america, and it does not trouble us since we comprehend everyone’s got to consume. However this product is precisely what they state it is, and does precisely what they state it will, and the brown is a dark adequate brown that it deals with our dark brown hair color.

This is our 2nd purchase of this eyeliner. We like this. We would not call it water resistant, however more like splash evidence. If you mark a line on your hand and get it damp it will not run, however if you soak, rub or include soap it cones off quickly. We choose this given that we do not desire comprise that’s hard to eliminate. It makes a smooth, strong line on the eye. You can’t mix it and make soft edges. If that’s what you desire then adhere to a pencil. This is terrific for cat-eye or strong wings on the external cover. It lasts throughout the day and night if you leave it alone. We like this eyeliner. We believe we will get more colors. The rate is terrific and it might take on much more pricey liners. The idea is pointed and soft enough that with a light touch or much heavier pressure you can get micro thin lines or strong, broad and pointy. Love it.

Up until now we have actually utilized this a couple times and it doesn t spot, doesn t flake, doesn t appearance cakey, doesn t have a severe odor (or any odor at all), for sure doesn t have any negative results on our skin & it likewise goes on truly well over shadows without getting that dirty appearance- it has a great satin/ smooth surface that we would hope most liquid/felt idea eyeliner users demand having. We will upgrade our evaluation later in concerns to its durability & and whether it dries out too quick. However if you re trying to find a great trustworthy and budget friendly water resistant felt liner- we would definitely advise this brand name and seller. Update: still like it. Have had no issues with it have actually left it in a hot automobile and it is still rocking.

We simply want this product might have remained in the marketplace quicker, or we have actually found it long period of time earlier. It remains on for the whole day, and does not get smeared. We have unstable hands, specifically the left hand, so it has actually made drawing the eyeliner incredibly hard. The stamp guarantees the shape remains the exact same on both eyes, however the user still needs to eyeball it to understand where to mark, and to make certain that the stamps begin at the exact same area on both eyes. In general, this has actually made our life a lot simpler and we are using it with confidence. We simply want there is brown color or charcoal quickly. We would buy other colors.

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