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Dedila Box Makeup Breathable Eyelid Tape Big Eye Decoration Invisible Double Fold Eyelid Shadow

Dedila Box Makeup Breathable Eyelid Tape Big Eye Decoration Invisible Double Fold Eyelid Shadow

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    More Info:

    Here are some more information on Dedila Box Makeup Breathable Eyelid Tape Big Eye Decoration Invisible Double Fold Eyelid Shadow.
    Size: Wide Function: 100% brand name brand-new and high quality. Product: PE, PS and so on. Amount: 600 Pcs Size Slim Color Pink, Size Wide Color Blue It makes thin eyelids plainly noticeable It benefits those who wish to enhace their eyes. Easy to use cosmetics after eye appeal on Constant usage of eye appeal makes your eyelids long-term without surgical treatment Bundle Material: 1 x Box of double eyelid stiker 1 x Fork rods

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dedila Box Makeup Breathable Eyelid Tape Big Eye Decoration Invisible Double Fold Eyelid Shadow.

    Question Question 1

    The Tapes That We Got Are Just Sticky On One Side – Am We Missing Out On Something?Don’ T You Required Sticky On Both Sides To Work?

    No the sticky side is just on one side you do not require to have the opposite of tape to be sticky to make the eye doubled.The leading partof the tape with crease in your eyelid to form the double eye.

    Question Question 2

    Are These Visible If You Don T Use Eye Shadow?

    Somebody would need to understand you are using them, or be looking really close, to see. If the ‘bottom” of the tape is just on the eye crease no one even knows they are on. This product is soooo cool, also if you are having trouble putting them just right, try using a long needle, you will have much more control, by pu Someone would have to know you are wearing them, or be looking very close, to notice. If the ‘bottom” of the tape is simply on the eye crease nobody even understands they are on. This product is soooo cool, likewise if you are having difficulty putting them ideal, attempt utilizing a long needle, you will have much more control, by pulling the tape off the roll, at the really suggestion, and likewise you will have a number of more attempts, by lifting and changing tape, Make certain your needle is tidy, or your tape will get anything on the needle. Eye covers need to be dry, oil totally free, and comprise totally free. All the best, it takes a little bit of time to practice, however there are great deal of tapes on roll, after a bit you will be a champ, and will become part of your cosmetics regimen.

    Question Question 3

    We Understand You Put The Little Ones Under The Crease, However Where Do You Use The Larger Ones? They Are Much More Noticeable.?

    the larger one is actually 2 pieces. it’s not one piece. usage for those that have saggy covers like us lol

    Question Question 4

    Is It Safe And Comfy For Contact Lens Wearers?

    Yes. It needs to be safe. we feel natural, comfortablewhen they are on our eyelids. No weight. No heaviness sensation on the covers. Not scratchable. we have actually been utilizing them (the plus size) for 3 months and have actually not experienced any inflammation neither. However you do require to eliminate them utilizing eye makeup eliminator to smooth out the Yes. It needs to be safe. we feel natural, comfortablewhen they are on our eyelids. No weight. No heaviness sensation on the covers. Not scratchable. we have actually been utilizing them (the plus size) for 3 months and have actually not experienced any inflammation neither. However you do require to eliminate them utilizing eye makeup eliminator to smooth out the glue to relieve the eyelid skin.

    Question Question 5

    Can We Use Eye Comprise Over It?

    Yes, any comprise would work great over the tape.

    Question Question 6

    How Do We Understand If We Required Slim Or Wide?

    i selected large since we can cut them to the size we require. we have a saggy left eye. they work simply great

    Question Question 7

    How Did We Get The Start Of The Strip Out To Start Utilizing?

    This didn’t work for us. our child purchased them and we wished to attempt it. Never ever utilized this. It was a waste of cash

    Question Question 8

    Are These Eye Removes Made In The U.S.?

    It does not state on the plan however there is some japanese composing on the front.

    Question Question 9

    Does It Include The Little Tool Shaped Like A V?


    Question Question 10

    Can We Utilize This To Quietly Raise Eyebags And Festoons?

    YES. This is a fantastic product and much more discreeet than others. Your eye makeup can be used right over and you won t even understand you have them on.

    Question Question 11

    Can You Use Makeup Over The Tape?

    Yes, we beileve so. we have not yet used makeup over it yet, however we did under and it still appeared to stick well

    Question Question 12

    Would These Work For Older Females That Simply Have Hooded Covers Since Of Age?

    we believe it depends upon the quantity of hooding. we are 59 and have some hooding. These work quite well, however the positioning is very important for the preferred impact. we in some cases takes us a number of shots.

    Question Question 13

    Can Somebody Explain How These Work If They Just Stick On One Side? We Can’T Find out How To Utilize Them.?

    You are expected to be able to put the little strip right above your eyelashes and it is expected to make your eyes wider.we could not get the strips to remain on and had an actually challenging time getting them in place.we quit.

    Question Question 14

    We Are Utilizing This Correct A LazyEyelid Do We Put It On The Lazy Or Typical Eye? We Might Be Doing It Incorrect, However It Decreases Rather Of Lifts Our Eyelid.?

    we would put it on the lazy eye. The additional back/up into the crease of your eye, the additional it will lift.Make sure you have the ideal size.That matterstoo.You put on t desire it so little that it s refraining from doing anything for you.

    Question Question 15

    We Don’T Use Makeup – Will They Program If We Don’T?

    we do not use comprise either.If you put the tape right at the crease you will not see it.

    Question Question 16

    Can Liquid Makeup Be Utilized Over These, And If So, For How Long Can We Anticipate It To Last?

    They remain on for a long night, if the makeup over them is made with a light hand – matte works far better thananything with a shimmer. For liquid makeup, absolutely nothing with moisturizers, or they will slide.we believe the very best outcome is to put them on tidy dry skin and after that utilize a matte shadow.

    Question Question 17

    How To Utilize?

    Peel a single strip and location it on your eyelid, carefully press it down. May take a number of searches for the very best positioning on the cover.

    Question Question 18

    Are Both Side Of The Tape Sticky Or Simply One Side Of Them????

    Simply one

    Question Question 19

    Can We Utilize The Tape For The Cut Crease?

    It works best ideal below the crease for Mein order to keep the cover raised

    Question Question 20

    Will This Have Any Long Term Results Even When Not Being Worn?


    Our Insights:

    See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Dedila Box Makeup Breathable Eyelid Tape Big Eye Decoration Invisible Double Fold Eyelid Shadow, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

    This is a terrific little product. So happy we discovered them. After a couple practice strips, had the ability to find the best positioning. With eye closed (the other eye available to see) put the strip right in the crease of your cover where the dark eye shadow goes and press to stick. Then we used shadow right over it. Actually opened our eye and repaired the saggy cover issue. Now we can forget the eye lift surgical treatment, lol. Required a big one for under the chin now.

    We are 61 year old caucasian, purchasing these to assist with our saggy eyelids. The tape has an ever so small yellow tint which actually assists to make them invisible on our skin. Your skin might be various. We have actually utilized another brand name prior to which has a small pink hugh and is more noticeable on me. We checked these a little by using them over night and they remained on simply great (we sleep on our back though). They do not require to makeup though. You can utilize eye shadow around them however not on them. It will not adhere well to the tape and it highlights the edges and makes them more noticeable. However that holds true with all eyelid tapes, as far as we havefound Their efficiency depends upon how you place them, so intend on going through a few for practice up until you figure out the very best positioning that works for you.

    Does precisely what it states. We have natural double covers, however they’re rather little and hooded. These permit us to expand them and provide us a lot more “room for activities”:-RRB- since of our existing cover shape we chose the”wide” Do not be daunted- they’re much smaller sized than we anticipated. Simply a little bigger than a thumbnail (possibly the length of a quarter, lessthan 5″ width). They’re very comfortable (thin) and sheer- they’re that generic ” band-aid” beige which is usually very obvious on our fair skin on thicker tapes, but we can get away with the color because they’re not opaque. We would think that if you had monolids or were looking for a slight change, the smaller tapes would be better for your needs. We prefer a ” dolly” appearance. It takes a couple attempts to look completely balanced, however that holds true with all tapes/glue- specifically if you have some natural asymmetry (like me).

    Due to the fact that of a thyroid condition, our upper eyelids are puffy and saggy. This develops down pressure on our eyes and makes us feel exhausted. We utilized to joke with our hubby that if we might simply hold up our eyelid with some sort of tape, it would make all the distinction in how we felt. (yes, we are under a drs care) when we found these eyelid tapes, we had doubts they ‘d actually assist- however as quickly as we used them, we not just saw the distinction- we felt the distinction. These not just provide a look of having a more typical upper eyelid, however they rearrange the pressure on our eye which eliminates that “heavy eye” exhausted sensation. So for us, these resemble bits of magic. We didn’t find them tough to deal with or use- anybody who uses eye makeup should not have an issue handlingthese And they are invisible on our eye, as they match our complexion. We do not use eye shadow, however we may begin now, given that we actually reveal an upper eyelid. – they would be great to use makeup over. We utilize the entire fat oval, which uses as one piece, however is actually 2 pieces- and put the middle fold line of the tape at the fold line of our eyelid. It just took us a few seconds to figure out where this finest positioning was. When these are on, we are hardly familiar with them, and they remain on firmly throughout the day- we need to keep in mind to take them off during the night. Extremely pleased with this one little, affordable thing we can do to make such a distinction in how we look- and more significantly, how we feel- as they do eliminate the pressure of the weight of those saggy covers from our eyes.

    Our eyelids have actually been dropping as we grow older so we attempted this. We actually like it. It includes a few millimeters of eyelid lift. We believe it makes us look more awake and provides our eyelids more area for makeup:-RRB- we have actually got images of both eyes taped and a contrast image of simply one taped.

    The tapes are thin and do their task well. We like putting the tapes prior to any creams or makeup and they look excellent. They aren’t too visible and there are alot of tapes, we would acquire once again.

    The large variation worked actually well for us although it’s tough to peel without destroying the edge. However after a great deal of practice we lastly figured itout Liked it a lot we purchased another.

    Modified ranking from 3 to 4 stars: seller provided a total refund. They were really kind to do so and fast about it. They likewise asked for our feedback. We will eliminate this evaluation if the name of the product updates to clarify that it is a “single-sided” eye-lid tape. The use of the word ” double” without that is simply too confusing. Original: we specifically ordered this item because it said ” double eyelid tape”. We assumed that meant double-sided adhesive. Not single. Our eyes are hooded due to age, not eye shape. It is completely visible when we close our eyes. We simply ordered a new brand that promised double-stick. We think the description offered here is misleading and should be changed to specifically state ” single-sided adhesive”.

    We are 65 and have the saggy eyelid issue that ladies who are older tend to have. We have actually become aware of these and tried to find them. Prior to acquiring we saw the youtube video to see if it would be simple to utilize. We purchased them since they were so affordable, why not? our most significant surprise was they actually worked. We might inform a big distinction. We are going to a big celebration this weekend and ideally individuals will question what we have actually done or a minimum of inform us we are looking fantastic. By the method, you can not see them on your eyes. Not. Your eye shadow uses over it nicely however you can likewise use it without any makeup and it is still invisible. Super simple to use. We just screwed up on our very first 2. Attempt it, you’ll like it.

    We are 74 and have really droppy eyelids to the point where there is no where to put eye shadow. We had actually checked out these eye cover tape however didn’t understand anybody who had actually utilized them. So we go through a number of various ones on and honestly attempted these since their rate. We purchased both the slim and large not understanding which would work. The big work fantastic. We use them throughout the day and absolutely forget we have them on. It appears unusual that they just have one sticky side (the side that touches your skin) however it works. You can actually see our eye shadow now.

    They work. Wow. Took us a number of attempts to figure out the very best crease/shape for our eyes, however later on, about 3 shots, we have actually taped the tapes. Our eyes look larger and better than our initial double covers. Certainly will purchasemore Hope these will provide us long-term outcomes. Will use them daily for a few months and see what takes place. Finally, they are invisible on our eyes since fortunately, our complexion matches precisely, however they must be almost invisible on the majority of people.

    Wowie. Yippity skippity. We have had a little bit of a cover droop beginning for several years on just one eye. Actually wanted we might pay for eye cover surgical treatment. Chosen to attempt a cover tape however never ever believed it would work so well. Easy. Got it right the very first shot. Screwed up a few times given that. They are comfy and their matt surface area keeps them nearly invisible. Nobody however us understands they exist. They put on t take makeup effectively so we work around it. Our covers are even daily now. Such a wonderful enhancement. Purchased the slim. Wish to attempt large simply for enjoyable. Cost is so fantastic.

    We would advise getting the slim eyelid tape since the majority of individuals utilizing it have actually hooded eyes, the large one might be too big and noticeable. We just utilize the tape on our ideal eye, which assisted to resolve an asymmetry issue where our right was much more hooded. The adhesive remains the entire day, it is not unpleasant if you put it on properly. In some cases it is tough for us to put it effectively so we need to begin over and utilize another one. If you are acne-prone and have oily skin, we do not believe you must leave it on for more than 12 hours or two since there is a possibility to will get a little bump where the tape was covering.

    We attempted the eyelid tape that was sticky on both sides. We might not get it right, and returned it (and yes, we attempted about 50 times. Never ever looked right, ugh). We saw a you tube video of the single sticky sided tape and chose to acquire this one, as it had excellent evaluations. We got the large and we advise that. It worked best for us. We needed to practice a bit, however not excessive. We now utilize it daily. Love it. Yes, you can put comprise over it. We can reveal images of our journey to cabo, where we are using it. Open the eyes and lowers the folds.

    So we purchased both sizes given that we weren t actually sure and they weren t pricey and we need to state we definitely enjoy both. We are utilizing the broader ones when we wish to do more of a significant lined eye and the routine ones when we have a natural eye. We have larger eyes and both fit well. We enjoy that when we use our mascara now too we put on t get the smearing on our covers midway through the day. They are really natural looking and hardly noticeable unless somebody remains in your face and your eyes are closed. We have naturally hooded eyes and constantly disliked that eye makeup was concealed in some cases. Likewise our hubby didn’t even see them up until we pointed them out and even he stated still understanding we are using them he doesn t see them.

    We purchased the large one and happy we did. However we just require to use these on one eye bc one eyelid drops more than the other and with these we can now even themout We would share an image however we look dreadful today. However yes, we would buy these once again and advisethese Thank you.

    This is 2nd time we have actually purchased the tape. The response to saggy eyelids. Easy to use after practice, however there are few directions. We purchased large and they are ideal. We used the strip above the crease in our eye. Depending upon the droop you re attempting to raise, place the inner suggestion more detailed or far from the nose. Touch just in middle of strip up until all set to continue. Apply eye shadow over the strip. We are pleased customer.

    Surgical tape in simply the ideal width (large) for older eyes with sagging skin over eyelids. The tape will hold the additional skin back along the natural crease line. The tape is not noticeable and is not seen, even close up. Prefect remedy for the early morning “saggy eye” appearance.

    We enjoy this tape. We are lash artist and it works marvels. It remains in location really strong won t break and really simple to use. We will certainly reorder this 100 times over.

    We have monolids and we choose the thick ones over the thin ones:p the thick ones makes our eyes way larger and we seem like they provide more assistance. The tape is rather visible when we use it, however we are just going to use this in your home to get long-term double eyelids, anyways.

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