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Dearwhite Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner Kit

Dearwhite Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner Kit

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  • [HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL] Dearwhite magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner Kit is made from top quality skin-friendly products. The simulated hair lashes and 100% handmade guarantee a more soft-touch and natural-looking.
  • [LONG LASTING AND SMUDGE-Free] The updated liquid eyeliner is more thick, smooth, and including more magnetic powder to make a longer-lasting than others. You can completely have an all-day usage as the 5 ultra-thin however super-strong magnets can hold your lashes in the exact same position even you sweat a lot due to the unique smudge-free style.
  • [PRETTY EASY TO REMOVE & CLEAN] Dearwhite magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner Kit is incredibly simple to place on and eliminate. All you need to do is remove the eyelashes, simply utilize the typical makeup eliminator or coconut oil to eliminate the eyeliner. And after that rinse with face cleanser and water. Please keep in mind that the eyelashes are multiple-use.
  • [HOW DO MAGNETIC EYELASHES WORK] Apply 2-3 coats of magnetic eyeliner as you would any other liquid eyeliner (need to shake prior to using). Wait on a while till the eyeliner got dry, and after that place on the magnetic eyelash right on top of it, change it according to your eye s radian. The magnetic eyelash will rapidly connect itself to where you put the eyeliner.
  • [MORE COST-EFFECTIVE EYE’S BEAUTY SET] Not just do you get 5 design eyelashes to select from (Certainly please your all lovely eye styling requirements ), however you likewise get 2 tubes of magnetic eye liners and an applicator (No longer need to buy additional magnetic eye liners for the multiple-use eyelashes ). Make your eyes flashing and more attractive every day.

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Why Select Dearwhite Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit? Easy to Use, No unique abilities required. Pretty basic to utilize even for novice. No glue. No requirement tape adhesive. Considerably lower the damage for your eyes. The 5 various designs of magnetic eyelashes kit to quickly handle any celebration, from low profile to be remarkable. Truly boosts your eyes and decreases the time in placing on phony lashes, get lovely eyes one 2nd. KEEP IN MIND: Shake bottle well prior to each usage. Make certain it is entirely sealed after usage. Put the lashes on when the liner was still a little wet and they will remain in location more longer. Reapply the eyeliner after put eyelashes on. Make certain to evaluate the eyeliner on your arm first of all prior to using this product to your eyelid. If eyeliner gets in your eyes, wash completely with cleansing water right away

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Question Question 1

Does This Product Contain Latex?

Not 100% sure.there is a guideline card inside package that list the active ingredients. it does not list latex. there are active ingredients noted by chemical names. maybe call seller.

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Want long hot lashes without the unpleasant costly extensions? you require this set of magnetic eyelashes. Not just do you get 5 designs to select from, however you likewise get 2 magnetic eye liners, and an applicator. The magnetic eyeliner slides on efficiently, like a liquid eyeliner, and each lash has actually 5 magnets connected to it. The magnetic hold is strong, making it incredibly simple to place on and painlessly eliminate. No more unpleasant eyelash glue.

Incredible lashes. Theses lashes advise us of ardell demi whispies lashes and actually appear like genuine hair, not the glossy plastic phony lousy kind. Some sets are little wish for our taste, however there is a great range in this pack. You can quickly cut them. There is even a set that has actually brown lashes combined with black lashes, which we believed was incredible. As far as the length of time they use, we would state that was actually actually great also. Id state we got a great 10 hours in. We did need to retouch our inner corner, however that’s just since we do not use our liner really thick there. Follow the guidelines and let the liner dry prior to placing on the lashes. If you’re a novice to falsies, it might be a little difficult. If you need to rearrange the lash, that’s not perfect, because you’ll run the risk of removing the liner. Step the lash to your eye prior to and cut if you require to prior to utilizing the liner. We like to begin by looking down holding a mirror by our chin, put the lash in our external corner initially, then delicately work inward. To eliminate, pick a great water resistant mascara eliminator, and carefully eliminate with a cotton pad. As far as any allergy, we have reasonably delicate skin, and we were great. Like with any brand-new product, test on your wrist or behind the ear for any response prior to placing on your eye. We would 100% suggest this product. Go reward yourself with some glam lashes.

Love these magnetic lashes. Extremely simple to use and you have 5 sets to select from. They remain in location and you can recycle them a number of times too. Truly boosts your eyes and decreases the time in placing on phony lashes. Would certainly suggest to a good friend and buy once again.

We have a fascination with using lashes. Nevertheless after continuously using routine glue on lashes for over a year our routine eyelashes were falling and out and we had bald areas. So we took a break from lashes and hoped one day lashes and we might revive our relationship. The break didnt last long since we didnt actually like the method we looked without lashes. So thats when we purchased our 1st set of magnetic lashes. To our frustration we couldnt get them to remain on. We were so upset since they looked really great they simply kept coming loose on completions. This was when our look for the ideal magnetic lashes started. Numerous orders later on we encounteredthese They were a little difficult to get on however once we did get them on we were an extremely pleased customer. They look excellent and they remain on all the time. We specifically like these since they included 5 various designs. There are some that are much like routine lashes for every single day use then there are others that are more remarkable if you wish to be a lil more fancy. Fancy is our thing cuz im a lil bougie so we like all of the sets other than for the daily wear ones lol. The most remarkable ones are our preferred however we like all of them excpet the fastest set. We extremely suggest these lashes to everybody. They look excellent, they remain on all the time and they provide you alternatives to select from depending upon your state of mind for the day. They likewise are excellent cost. We have lastly found the lashes that ive been on a look for. We believe we have actually lastly made a permanently pal. Thank you amazon.

We have actually been seeing the fad with magnetic lashes all over and chose to provide this pack a shot. Includes 2 eye liners, so you will get a lot of usage out of it. It uses much like routine liquid eyeliner and dries rapidly. Once it dries, you merely utilize the tweezers to put them on your lashes and voila, all done. It’s such an instantaneous video game changer and makes a lot simpler. The lashes that are available in this pack are certainly more remarkable, so if that’s the type of appearance you wish to opt for, this is for you. Love them all- like babydoll lashes.

So our relative was battling with her eyelashes attempting some looks, she has actually been enjoying makeup tutorials on youtube for a while, however that isn’t actually her thing. She is a mess doing that haha. So we chose to make her a present so she can look even prettier with her sensational eyelashes.

We liked eye shadow quite. We utilized eyelashes when we returned. We have not removed our makeup yet the logistics are likewise really fast worth for cash total really pleased.

Eyelashes look really fragile. Our good friends state that natural eyelashes have a great impact. We actually like them.


We were really doubtful of this product however was blown away with how well they worked. We did discover they work best if you put a minimum of 3-4 layers of the liner and make it a little thick and they remain all night. Extremely pleased and these are now our go to lashes.

This set is excellent since of all the various sizes of eyelashes. There is a set for every single celebration. There is a set if you wish to be low profile and a set if you wish to be remarkable and sets for whatever in between. The eyeliner was simple to use. We put the lashes on when the liner was still a little wet and they remained in location all night. On one we needed to change it and it didn’t wish to remain in location at the corners so we included a little more liner and after that it remained in location. It consists of 2 liner tubes so we have the ability to keep one in your home and take the other with us simply in case there is some lifting. We had it with us however we didn’t require to utilize it since the lashes didn’t budge regardless of wind and great deals of activity.

These lashes are fantastic. They were so simple to utilize. We determined to our eye, cut to size. Make sure to let the liner dry and after that location. They are simple to change in the beginning. We do not use lashes everyday bit used these for 12 hours the very first time we put them on. We got an incredible quantity of compliments. As you can see from the in the past and after, we have really brief natural lashes. The one pointer we would provide would be to curl your lashes, line cover, then mascara, finally location lashes. We type of pushed them together. They looked perfect.

We were doubtful about this since the last one we got however a various brand name didnt work. The magnetic eyeliner didnt connect to the lashes. However this one is ideal. It remains on the entire day and eliminating it seems like it was glued. You can feel that yanking on your eyelid that glue provides. Getting rid of the eyeliner was a little difficult though however we believe that’s likewise an advantage. We would buy this once again.

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