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D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra Eye Makeup

D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra Eye Makeup

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra Eye Makeup.

  • Eyelid Tape Size: 120 Pieces New
  • Soft And Mild On Skin
  • This Is Manufactured In Japan

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Eyelid Tape Size: 120 Pieces New.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra Eye Makeup.

Question Question 1

Does Anybody Know If This Tape Brand Name Can Be Found In Larger Size?


Question Question 2

How And What With Can You Get Rid Of Eyelid Sticker Labels?

Usage soap and water and they peel straight off.

Question Question 3

Does This Include The Tools Needed To Connect. (One Pronged Stick And One Plain)?

It includes a 2 prong stick just. we find it much easier to simply utilize our fingers to put the eye cover tape onto the eye cover then utilize the prong to press it into a fold.

Question Question 4

How Does This Compare To The Moderate D.U.P Tape?

we sanctuary t attempted

Question Question 5

We Have An Issue With Our Left Eye That Looks Truly Irregular Which Is Little As Hell.Can This Eyelid Tape Level Our Left Eyelid To Match Our Right?

Bad seller. we just purchased one time. Now charge our account each month

Question Question 6

Is It Single Or Double Sided?

It is double sided.

Question Question 7

Can This Be Utilized For Older Eyes?

In time your eye covers do stretch downward so it might depend upon simply how much.we still advise offering these a shot given that they re quite strong on holding positioning.

Question Question 8

What Size Is It?

Little and sharp on both end

Question Question 9

Does It Work For Drastically Irregular Eyes?

Sorry however we are unsure. Actually we weren’t able to utilize it, really tough to use?

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra Eye Makeup, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We enjoyed a few youtube videos prior to attempting thisout We are pleased with our very first shot. In the picture, the bottom is in the past and the top seeks. If we get better, which we make certain we will, we will upgrade with a brand-new after picture. *** modify *** the 2nd set of images reveals development. The bottom is in the past, the middle is very first usage, and the top seeks about 5 or 6 times utilizing the product. We are happy.

We have actually utilized these on and off throughout the years, and these have actually shown to be the most reliable for developing double eyelids, after attempting out a number of other glues and tapes (consisting of 2 various koji eye talks, the darkness eyelid/ eyelash glue, and random other korean and japanese brand names.) likewise, do not trouble with the d. U. P. “mild” ones, as they do not hold almost along withthese The double sided tape makes these almost undetectable, up until possibly completion of the day when a corner sort of lifts out of the synthetic fold you developed. They’re simple to eliminate by simply peeling with your fingers, however we do not advise this as it will extend out your eyelid and lead to earlier sagging of covers (due to extending out the skin and fascia in the location.) rather, damp the location with either a warm fabric and water for some time, or review your eyes with a cotton pad taken in makeup eliminator. Massage in circles and the tape will loosen up by itself. Then carefully peel it off, and it’ll come off quickly with less damage to the skin. Here’s how we use these, with pointers we have actually found out/ come across after years of utilizing these: figure out where you desire the crease initially- for those with little double eyelids, the very best and most convenient method is to use right above your natural crease. If you put the tape too far up, you’ll typically wind up with a triple eyelid, due to the fact that the tape can’t hold up all that excess skin. – for those with single eyelids, the world is your oyster:p it assists to utilize the plastic prong offered to “sketch” the crease you prefer initially, so that you have a concept where to put the tapeapplying the tape1) tear the clear support enough to expose simply among the tapes2) peel the white support (both sides) to expose the other sticky side3) without touching the now exposed clear eyelid tape, utilize the prong and stick one branch on the far best end of the tape, and another onto the far left end of the tape4) thoroughly pull the tape off the clear support that you have actually currently pre-torn in action 1). You might require to tear the clear support once again from the leading so that it’s much easier to eliminate the tape off. 5) the totally exposed sticky side of the tape need to be facing you. Now squeeze the prong together somewhat, so that the tape curves outwards far from you somewhat (if it curves inwards towards you, simply blow it somewhatout )6) bring the prong towards your eye and use it to the wanted location. Press securely down on both edges onto your eyelid. Eliminate the prong by spreading out the prong outwards throughout the eyelid (rather of simply raising it up, due to the fact that the tape edges would raise back up with it) 7) carefully fold over the eyelid skin that’s above the tape over the tape somewhat and hold it there for a bit. We found that doing this, rather of simply blinking best after, assists the tape adherebetter 8) use makeup as normal. Prevent using guide potions straight over the tape, as they loosen up the adhesive a little. We have actually likewise used these overnight, and can eliminate them and wind up with a crease that’ll last us the whole day the next day.:-RRB- best of luck.

Fantastic immediate outcomes. Offers you a fast little eye lift, incredibly great for hooded eyes. Can t think we hadn t found this in the past, it makes it appear as if we have our eyebrows raised without needing to do it and it s not unpleasant. Makes our eyes appear larger, more popular and with broader cover area. Not too tough to put in, either. Figured it out in 5 minutes and we can t even put in contacts that quickly.

We have actually attempted a number of various kinds of double eyelid tapes and glues, and we believe this one is our preferred. We value how thin it is, and how it tapers out on the sides of the tape to an actually little edge, due to the fact that in our previous efforts with other tapes, the thicker and rounder sides make it tough to keep in location. Often we feel a poke from the tape due to the fact that of this edge, however in general we believe this sharper edge on the sides of the tape make your double eyelids much more popular and it lasts longer.

Our day-to-day makeup staples. Can t live a day without them. They likewise keep up effectively even after a loooooooong day — like over 40 hours, if you ever need to pull an all-nighter. Simply fyi — it doesn t hold up in swimming however. Our company believe it s the bleach/alkaline that liquifies the stickiness, due to the fact that water alone doesn t ringed this tape off.

With some practice, simple to utilize and not visible. Not a procedure to hurry through under time pressure. Our double eyelid has actually developed into a triple eyelid with age, and we believed this would fix it. It didn’t however its a fantastic product for the best issue.

The youtube presentation by michelle phantom does assist. We had no issue putting them on and off. The double covers on our eyes are natural looking. We need to have gotten them previously.

This eyetape is fantastic omg. It actually sits tight for 24 hours. Absolutely buy this.

It does work for us however just on bare skin, not with makeup, whether used prior to or after so we can just use eye liner and mascara with this. Was hoping it would work a bit better with makeup. However, offered a few attempts, it does ‘vanish’ on our cover if used properly.

How fantastic is this? really natural undetectable double eyelid sticker labels. 5 star.?? love love love.

Fantastic eyelid tape. It’s more unknown and the result is better than other ones we bought in the past. Will buy this product once again.

Excellent adhesion, require to practice.

Been utilizing this product for several years. Constantly buy it in japan. Just recently relocated to U.S.A., very first time purchasing from. The product is genuine and really fairly priced.

We actually like this double eyelid tape. Fantastic product for us to start practicing it. Later on after we purchased a glue tho we began to like the gluemore However we still often change to the tape. Great deals of tapes in the little box.

We like this tape. This is our 3rd time purchasing it and we need to state if you are searching for a cost worthwhile tape. This is it.

Been utilizing this brand name for over 5 years and attempted various kinds of eyelid tapes, turned out this one is the very best for us. We have really thick and heavy eyelids likewise puffy eyes so actually advise it to whose suffering the very same issues.

Excellent product.

This is fantastic.

Love this tape. We removed kne star bc individuals have the ability to see it when you use it. However it provides for an eyelid so we are still pleased.

Excellent. Thank you.

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