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COVAVA Magnetic False Eyelashes

COVAVA Magnetic False Eyelashes

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of COVAVA Magnetic False Eyelashes.

  • Inflammation Free: Our magnetic eyelashes are made from high level hand-made ultra soft hair will not trigger any inflammation to your eyes nor damage to your natural eye lashes. No Glue, No Discomfort
  • 2 Designs: This magnetic false eyelashes set have 2 sets (8pcs) eyelashes with various designs (Natural or Celebration Design), you can make the most ideal makeup on various events.
  • AMAZING 3D LOOKING: The magnetic lashes cover simply 2 thirds of your eyelashes towards the external corners and provide you an attractive 3D looking immediately
  • USAGE & RE-USE: the magnetic eyelashes are safe for day-to-day usage, lashes go through substantial internal screening. with appropriate care, you can utilize them over and over once again
  • FREE TWEEZER: Might let you put your Magnetic phony eyelashes on it more much easier and at anytime as you want

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More Info:

Here are some more information on COVAVA Magnetic False Eyelashes.
HOW TO USAGE THE MAGNETIC EYELASHES: 1. Hold one piece of magnetic false eyelashes over your natural eyelashes. 2. Position the lash on top of your natural lashes, so that the external edge remains in line with the edge of your natural lash line. 3. Leave the leading lash where it is and get the bottom lash. 4. Location the bottom lash under your natural lashes, so that it satisfies and gets in touch with the leading lash magnet. 5. Personalize your lashes by cutting completions to fit your preferred length. HOW TO GET RID OF THE MAGNETIC EYELASHES: 1. Carefully move the 2 magnetic eyelashes apart from each various with your forefinger and thumb. 2. Attempt prevent pulling the eyelashes directly off, as this might change the shape of the eyelashes. HOW TO LOOK AFTER EYELASHES: 1. Eliminate the magnetic false eyelashes off prior to cleaning face or bathing and sleeping. 2. Carefully manage them when using or eliminating the magnetic eyelashes. 3. Constantly keep in mind to keep the magnetic eyelashes in the event when not in usage. 4. The magnetic false eyelashes do not cover the whole eyelids however are indicated to cover two-thirds of your eyelashes towards the external corners. Amount: 8 pieces Bundle consists of: Double Magnetic False Eyelashes (1 set) + Triple Magnetic False Eyelashes (1 set) Tweezer:1 pc

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on COVAVA Magnetic False Eyelashes.

Question Question 1

Do These Requirement Glue? We Can T Get Them To Stick Onto Our Eyelashes At All?

No, they must accept the magnets. Ensure you are utilizing a top and bottom that are both the very same length. In the beginning we were utilizing a longer on the top than the bottom so they wouldn t stick. Hope it works for you.??

Question Question 2

Does This Include The Magnetic Liner Or Glue?

Neither. it’s 2 sets of lashes per eye with magnets on each strip so they magnetise together with your lashes in between.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on COVAVA Magnetic False Eyelashes, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are huge fan of phony eyelashes and love the appearance. These eyelashes are actually simple to utilize and effectively boost how your eyes look. They have actually got good abundant color and very useful product packaging, it’s actually hassle-free to conceal them in our cosmetic bag and they are not getting harmed. The only drawback is the weight, as you can feel magnets on your eyelids, so not excellent to use for a long period of time. In general great product.

We typically use false lashes nearly every day, and the glue gets a bit goopy and frustrates our eyes. We have actually had these for 2 weeks, and definitely like not needing to put glue so near to our eyes. It took us a few days to find out how to utilize them correctly, however we saw some youtube videos to figure itout Likewise caming applicator have a great assistance for us to use them on our lashes, really helpful.

Lovethese At first took some practice so we needed to put them on. And now, no issue at all.

They work. After our last pregnancy we established an allergic reaction for any type of adhesive. The saddest day ever when we could not get eyelash extensions or perhaps placed on false lashes. These are amazing. We cut them in half for much easier application. It’s tough in the beginning however do not quit cause when you master it it’s so simple. And comfy.

They are great however not for us. Niece likes them.

These lashes look the most like lash extensions in our viewpoint. We have actually attempted others and they simply put on t appearance as natural or use as quickly. The drawback is the magnets come off of the lashes faster than other brand names, however they are low-cost enough we are all right with purchasing a couple sets.

Lovethese Simply purchased another set.

Finest lashes ever. Takes a few attempts to get utilized to how to use them once you do they go on easily and remain in location throughout the day.

We fell for these magnetic eyelashes when they initially showed up. The majority of people grumble about the number of hours it took them to find out to put them on, however we figured it out in 10 minutes. They re so simple to toss on when you re too lazy to place on a complete face of makeup and make it appear like you put a lot more effort in than you did. The next supreme test was when our sweetheart amazed us with a date to busch gardens in florida. Considering that it was a surprise we currently had our eyelashes on and was fretted in the beginning however simply figured if they fall off, we will simply buy another set. To our surprise these eyelashes remained on for all of these rollercoasters (photos for referral since these rollercoasters were actually outrageous). If these bad kids can recently people slapping them on day-to-day and these rollercoasters, what could not they endured?.

It took us a number of days/attempts to get these lashes on. This is our second buy from this brand name, & we have actually never ever used phony lashes prior to. The first purchase was more of a trial & mistake, & desimation of our very first set of lashes. This 2nd effort, after refining the application was a success. In the previous week, we have actually attempted the glue, double magnetic, & magnetic eye liner lashes. We have never ever used eye makeup prior to & didn’t wish to begin simply to use phony eyelashes, so the double magnetic lashes were ideal for us. We were annoyed & frustrated by the application, however we never ever quit. When we found our choice for putting these lashes on, it was perfect. For me, it was clipping them as near to the cover as possible, then adapting to convenience while concealing the magnets within our hooded covers. As a beginner to phony eyelashes & one who does not use makeup, these lashes appearance amazing.

We have actually bought a number of magnetic lashes 2 from and the ardell lashes in target and truthfully these have actually been the very best. The very first factor we like is since of the little tool they provide with the lashes, this assists greatly with putting them on. The 2nd factor we like these is since of the 3 magnets they utilize on the strip which deal with each other when using them and the magnets are likewise quite strong. The 3rd factor we like these is the container it features is a little magnetic which works excellent for keeping them and assisting them keep their shape. The method we made these work for us is we cut a bit off on either end (cutting a small piece of the magnet off on both ends). When we did this we likewise cut the bottom lash into 3 pieces with simply a little bit of the lash line staying on either side for the middle piece and for the right and left piece for either eye we cut off the hanging lash line on one side depending upon which side they would be on. We did not cut the magnets on the bottom. The next method we made these work for us is we cut the lash fibers to make it a little much shorter and to reduce the fullness by a little in order to make them an actually good every day natural looking lash. And this works completely. We have actually used them two times currently, both times throughout the day and they sat tight. We use mascara on our natural lashes prior to hand. We have not dealt with the smaller sized set that features this set yet.

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