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COOLOOK Eyelash Extensions Tool Kit

COOLOOK Eyelash Extensions Tool Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of COOLOOK Eyelash Extensions Tool Kit.

  • Eyelash Extension Tool Set: 10 x eyelashes extension holders & 10 x cup rings & 200 x cotton bud & 10 x non reusable eyelash applicators & 3 x material lashes tape & 5 x accuracy tweezers, 1x silicone eyelash pad & 5 sets x incorrect eyelashes. This set is detailed and appropriate for all brand-new and experience.
  • 200 Pcs Microswabs & 10 Ps mascara wands applicators: These non reusable Eyelash brushes are aid for separating eyelashes and de-clumping mascara throughout eyelash extensions application. Microswabs are ideal tools for tidy eyelashes with making use of eyelash cream or gel eliminator.
  • 10 PCS Eyelash extension ring holders & 10 Pcs V-shaped bloom cups: Amazing tools to hold eyelash extension glue, pigment, ink, eliminator or lash guide throughout eyelash extensions and tattoo applications. V-shaped style appropriates for making lashes fan and phony eyelashes root event.
  • 5 pcs tweezers & 3 rolls of eyelash tapes: various tweezers for various scenarios, and it suffices to use the eyelashes, and their great pointed makes them much easier to separate each eyelash.The white eyelash tapes are made from non-woven materials; They are lint totally free and each roll is approx. 354 inch in overall length. The width is 0.5 inch.
  • 1 Pc silicone pad & 5 sets incorrect eyelashes free of charge: It’s washable. The pad with fixed electrical energy to make the incorrect eyelashes stand a little to assist you get much easier while eyelash extensions.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on COOLOOK Eyelash Extensions Tool Kit.
10 x eyelashes extension bloom cups 10 x cup rings hodlers
200 x green cotton bud 10 x non reusable eyelash applicators
3 x material lashes tape 5 x accuracy tweezers
1x silicone eyelash pad 5 sets x incorrect eyelashes
Useful and quickly run for eyelashes implanting newbies. Totally geared up for better eyelashes implanting practice.
1. Cleaning up hands and tools 2. Put the silicone pad on customer s forehead or your hand, and stick the eyelashes on the pad.
3. Stick the eyelash tape under the eye. 4. Put the ring cups on your finger.
5. Drop the glue into the cap ring and volume lashes fan cup, and put the volume lashes fan cup on the table. 6. Spray the Eyelash Cleaner onto the paper and after that clean up the eyelashes
7. Utilize the eyelash tape to separate the eye location that requires to extend the eyelashes. 8. Clean the root of the eyelash with a cotton bud
9. Utilize the tweezers to remove the eyelashes10 Secure the eyelash and dip into the Volume Lashes Fan, and put the roots of the eyelashes in the V-shaped style to make the roots stick.
11 Lastly, connect the eyelash fan to the root of the eyelash that requires to be extended.
1. The eyelash cleaner, air puffer blower, glue are not consisted of in this kit. 2. Implanting Eyelash Practice Set for newbies.
3. Advise consumers to kept eyes closed throughout the whole application treatment. 4. Stay these tweezers far from kids.
5. See more eyelash extension videos on the Youtube to discover more abilities.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on COOLOOK Eyelash Extensions Tool Kit, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Will purchase once again. Perfect to use lass extensions.

Whatever came as it was expected to and we are very delighted with the quality. The swabs on the micro-swabs are little small however it s just utilized for eliminator anyways. The tweezers are?????? the boot closes all the method and they re very tough. The lashes are adorable asf. Demi wispies. We will upgrade when we utilize the tape and all that excellent things.

Truly delighted whatever came as shown and appears to be really good quality we will provide an upgrade on all products specifically the tweezers in upcoming youtube videos if you wish to examine it out see our channel (kristen victoria ).

This kit is fantastic for beginners however do not depend on the tweezers. They a really lightweight and do not permit you to grip the lashes well. We would however other tweezers.

The lashes are a bit bent however not truly obvious. General delighted to attempt this kit out.

Truly bargain. Worth it. One set of the tweezers came bent. Just factor we took a star away.

This was incredible our child is a lash girl she liked it.

We have actually been getting our eyelash extensions provided for a couple months now. We like them, nevertheless we can not manage $100 every 2 to 3 weeks. Because we have a cosmetology background we chose to strive to teach ourself how to use them. We will not state it s a simple job, nevertheless it beats needing to go in for an hour to an hour and a half every 2 weeks and invest $80 plus idea. After seeing many youtube videos in addition to brushing up on the needed tools, we did a great deal of browsing on and this kid had whatever we required. We will not be utilizing the flower devices nor the incorrect eyelashes. However the micro brushes the spoolies and the tweezers in addition to the glue rings are whatever we required to get going. We have currently effectively used the devices and am really delighted. We extremely suggest this kit to someone who is seeking to do their own eyelash extensions.

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