Why Use An Eyelash Stimulator?

What is an eyelash serum? An lash serum is a formula that helps elongate the growing period of your eyelash hairs. By giving you a more voluminous hair growth cycle, you will be able to grow lushes lashes safely before your eyelashes drop out and die. An eye lashes conditioner otherwise known as an eye […]

What Are Eyelashes Extensions?

Types of eyelash extensions: Temporary or false lashes are any type of lashes designed to be worn just for a short period of time, like a night out but no more than a day at a time. False lashes can be made with animal or human hair or with synthetic materials. They are not made or designed […]

How To Trim False Eyelashes?

Actually, if you wish to look natural with your false eyelashes, you need to know how to trim them. Trimming is always required for the false eyelashes you bought from the stores as they simply look “perfect”. Perfect eyelashes are good but make you look unnatural. I hope the following steps are easy to follow and […]

How To Make Eyelash Glue Eyelashes?

False eyelashes are some of the most popular aesthetic additives in the face these days. These are used to make the eyelashes look longer. A lot of women feel much more attractive if they are wearing long lashes because it adds depth to their eyes and femininity to their overall appearance. But one thing that […]

How To Grow Longer Eyelashes?

If you are like most people burden with short and thin lashes, you know that the average volumizer mascara just doesn’t cut it. Due to such a demand, there are several products on the market that claim to literally how to naturally get longer eyelashes within weeks. If you are like most people burden with short […]

How To Grow Lashes For A More Beautiful You?

Don’t feel guilty if you feel enormously envious to women who are blessed with thick long eyelashes. Long eyelashes certainly add ardour to the eyes and make it more mesmerizing and compelling. To grow lashes is probably on top of the to-do list of most women who are born with short and thin eyelashes. The […]

How To Grow Eyelashes Thicker?

Many people want to grow eyelashes thicker and longer today. Eyelashes are one of the main facial features that bring out the beauty in a woman and even men. Long and full lashes signify beauty, youth and mystic. Lashes draw a lot of attention to the eyes and frame them. You can use a wide variety […]

How To Give False Eyelashes?

Wearing false eyelashes can give you worries! You might be thinking that it would come off anytime at the party and everyone discovers you’re just a big fake. How would it look like to others? Will it be obvious to them that you are wearing fake lashes? Not, when you know the right technique of […]

How To Apply False Eyelashes Yourself Like A Pro?

If you buy false eyelashes online, sooner or later you’ll have to put them on. That’s why it’s very important to master the skills required for applying fake lashes. We already covered the basics on how to apply false eyelashes on the homepage, but now we’d like to show you an even more detailed guide. […]

How To Apply And How To Remove False Eyelashes?

There are endless lashes to choose from, endless ways to emphasize our appearance, the main idea is to fake them, to apply the lashes perfectly, even if they are edgy surreal shaped. With a pair of fake lashes, an entire look can be changed from ordinary to the most special one. It might seem easy, […]