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Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler - Award Winning - With Satin Bag & Refill Pads

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler – Award Winning – With Satin Bag & Refill Pads

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler – Award Winning – With Satin Bag & Refill Pads.

  • Remarkably backed by a Life time Guarantee and a 100% Fulfillment Assurance. Please email us at at anytime at support@thebrilliantbeauty.com for 24/ 7 customer care.
  • The Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler develops the most voluminously curled eyelashes with definitely no yanking, no pulling, and no damaged lashes.
  • Greatest level of efficiency with a perfectly adjusted hinge that carefully makes sure consistent pressure each time, an ergonomic body, and a longer curl surface area.
  • Licensed greatest quality, stainless-steel frame crafted completely for both in your home and expert usage.
  • Genius style fits all eye sizes and shapes, and develop the most raise and curl for a stunning, eye- opening appearance that takes seconds to attain, and will last throughout the day.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler – Award Winning – With Satin Bag & Refill Pads.
REMARKABLY DEVELOPED FOR THE BEAUTY IN YOU Enjoy long-term, considerably curled lashes in simply seconds. This trademarked eyelash curler amazingly raises, extends, and curls your lashes to glossy excellence. As justBrilliant Beauty can do, this curler provides the greatest level of efficiency and development with a perfect style. FUNCTIONS For the A Lot Of Voluminously Curled Lashes This next- level eyelash curler develops a remarkable, diving curl with definitely no yanking, no pulling, and no damaged lashes. Greatest Level of Efficiency Experience the very best with a perfectly adjusted hinge that carefully makes sure consistent pressure each time, an ergonomic body, and a longer curl surface area. Surgical Grade Stainless-steel Licensed the greatest quality, stainless-steel frame that was completely crafted for both in your home and expert usage. Genius Style Produced to fit all eye sizes and shapes, and develop the most raise and curl for a stunning, eye- opening appearance that takes seconds to attain, and will last throughout the day. WHAT remains in PACKAGE Contents: 1. Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler 2. Satin Travel Pouch 3. 2 Additional Silicone Refill Pads 4. User’s manual WHO WE ARE Ruthlessness totally free is our way of living, and our business’s credo Released in the heart of New york city City, Brilliant Beauty is a brand name that is identified by smart products, streamlined product packaging, and a contemporary perceptiveness Each product has actually been distinctively crafted to improve your natural beauty

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler – Award Winning – With Satin Bag & Refill Pads.

Question Question 1

Are All 3 Metal Colors Nickel Free?

Hello Kelli. Yes, all 3 color variations are nickel totally free. Please do not hesitate to email us at support@thebrilliantbeauty.com if you have any additionalquestions Thank you.

Question Question 2

Just How Much Are The Refill Pads?


Question Question 3

Can Extra Replacement Pads Be Acquired Without An Additional Eyelash Curler?

our understanding is yes. It includes a replacement and they provide you another totally free set or a tweezer when you get it.

Question Question 4

Is Is Curler Great For Little Lashes? Thanks.?

we have relatively brief lashes and we found if we utilize after we use our mascara it does a respectable task.

Question Question 5

Does It Work Well On Asian Lashes? Mine Are Pretty Straight And Short?

we can not state for specific however it works splendidly on mine and they are quite directly and short as well.we curl our lashes prior to using mascara and extremely thoroughly after using mascara – exceptional outcomes overall.we are extremely happy with this product.

Question Question 6

We Required To Buy New Pads?

If by pads you imply the black cushion in- piece, then yes, this one includes 3. One within and 2 bonus.

Question Question 7

We Had A Disappointment With An Eyelash Curler It Ripped A Few Of Our Lashes Out And Now We Don T Curl Them However We Wished to. Does This Rip Lashes Out?

we can just address based upon our experience. we have actually been utilizing eye lash curlers for many years and have actually never ever had our lashes rippedout This curler has actually been working simply great. we have actually had no issues.

Question Question 8

Is This Eyelash Curler As Excellent As The She Umera Or Shseido Eyelash Curler?

Truthfully, neither Shu Uemura or Sheseido benefited us.the very first was too curved and the 2nd not curved enough.It’s difficult to find the best fit.

Question Question 9

We Have Almond Shaped Eyes, However Ended Up With A Curler That Was Too Wide Last Month. Pretty Sure Was Pink & Black Sephora. Anybody Have A Contrast?

Sorry no

Question Question 10

How Is The Quality Of It?

we believe the quality is extremely good.It is a far ‘more powerful’ curler than those we have actually purchased supermarket.

Question Question 11

How Do You Get More Refill Pads?

There was a little card in package that showed you might call them for 2 extra pads.instructions were on the little card.

Question Question 12

Can Somebody Who Left A 5 Star Evaluation Confirm That This Is An Excellent Product? There Are Many Phony Reviews On?

we have had the product for over a month & it s by far the very best eyelash curler we have actually ever purchased. It s AMAZINGGG.

Question Question 13

Can You Buy Refill Pads For This Curler?

Yes we do think you can by getting in touch with the seller.

Question Question 14

Mine Did Not Come With AdditionalPads How Do We Get A New One?

Email the seller.

Question Question 15

Where Can We Find Refill Pads For This Lash Curler?

It includes, we believe, 3 refills.By the time you require a 4th, it’s time to buy a brand-new one.Don’ t take a look at the cost of the product.With numerous refills + the truth that they last waaay longer than other brand names, this is actually a great deal.Also, we believe you can get in touch with the business in NYC.It’s a business of 3 p It includes, we believe, 3 refills.By the time you require a 4th, it’s time to buy a brand-new one.Don’ t take a look at the cost of the product.With numerous refills + the truth that they last waaay longer than other brand names, this is actually a great deal.Also, we believe you can get in touch with the business in NYC.It’s a business of 3 individuals and they are nice.They have actually interacted with me.Sorry, however we do not have the info handy.we had a snowboarding mishap and we remain in a wheelchair at the minute and not able to browse.

Question Question 16

The Number Of Refill Pads Exist?

Thank you a lot for your e-mail. There are 2 additional refill pads that include the curler, and one brand-new refill pad within the eyelash curler. So you will get an overall of 3 refill pads when you buy this:-RRB-

Question Question 17

Do You Offer The Refill Pads Alone?

Please ask the seller. Thx

Question Question 18

We Have Huge Round Eyes Will This Curler Exercise For United States?

we have huge, round eyes and have naturally long lashes. This curler wasn t perfect for our shape of eyes.

Question Question 19

We Purchased This Product An When The Plan Arrived It Was Empty. How Do We Tackle Getting A New One Without Purchasing It Once again?

You must report it straight to and they will change it.

Question Question 20

Would You State They Are Better Than Shiseido?

we have actually not attempted shiseido.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler – Award Winning – With Satin Bag & Refill Pads, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have very straight hair, and subsequently very straight eyelashes. Like, they- essentially- point- down-, appearance- half- their- length-, a- little- bit- block our- vision- directly. Even on a no makeup day, we will typically still curl our lashes even if we testify you the world appears a little better. So you can envision we have actually been through a great deal of curlers. To take a look at this one, you would not believe it was any various from the countless other clamp curlers, however it feels totally various to utilize. It needs to be something about the arc of the clamp — we found among our old curlers, and took some side- by- side contrast pictures. We need to provide this seller especially high marks since of the refill pads. To begin with, the ones that include it are stiff sufficient to provide an outstanding curl right now, however not a lot they make you seem like you run the risk of ripping your lashes out if you secure too difficult — 10 times better than the kind you can buy by the lots in some (uncommon) locations. However second of all, and more significantly to me, if you get in touch with the seller straight they will offer you the refills so you do not need to buy a totally brand-new curler every freakin’ time you consume the refill pads. In truth, they’ll in some cases simply provide to you totally free. We constantly feel so inefficient when we can’t simply buy brand-new pads to choose our still completely operating clamp. The only demand we have is that the sellers to actually sell these correctly as a different product on. Heck — huge dreams here — we would like to see it as a membership service product so we can simply have them sent out to us frequently.

Omg – our eyelashes were ending up being scraggly. Do not ask why. How did curly lashes begin pointing downwards and inwards???? ya. We were a big shu uemura fan when it was cool to be that. Then, we went the tweezerman method since everyone understands they have the very best quality, right? do not even get us began on the number of various brand names we received from sephora. Ugh. They are all being in a drawer. Not measuring up to their weak capacity. Forget all that and simply buy this. We have actually been utilizing this every day considering that we bought it and it actually holds a curl – even without mascara. We follow the directions and curly 2- 3 times through our lashes and they look permed (which will be our next strategy, hehe). It’s increased gold, it works, simply do it.

This is the very best eyelash curler ever. We have actually been utilizing an eyelash curler considering that our teenage years and at 67 yrs young we are still curling our lashes as they demand pointing south. We have actually attempted a great deal of various brand names and constantly disliked needing to invest a lot when buying theshu uemura brand name that lost its curling ability quickly after utilizing every one. Even when we changed the replacement pad it made no genuine distinction in the end outcome of the curl. Nevertheless we might distinguish the strength in the brilliant beauty eyelash curler right from the get- go that this tool had some power and we were right. Thank you for producing such a great cosmetic tool. Your rates is likewise amazing.??.

This is a gorgeous eyelash curler. The quality of the products is plainly exceptional to ones we have actually owned in the past. The charming bag that includes the curler is a good benefit. We reached out to the business to share feedback that we had a hard time a bit to get near the lash line and they reacted within hours waiting their cash back assurance and using a refund if we desired one. We question if we are bit to utilized to our old curler and just require to practice a bit more to get actually near our eye. On the flip- side, we will state that this curler does not pinch. We have actually had ones pinch our eye and even pull out lashes. We can state you stand a great opportunity of moring than happy with this product and you can feel confident that the business will wait its product no matter what.

Although this curler did not work for us, we are providing their customer support 5 star. The curler itself did not curl our lashes. For some background, we have stick straight asian hair/lashes. This curler simply did not work in addition to our other curler (shiseido). We do feel that the shape of this curler fit our eye well however it simply would not curl our lashes. When we attempt to “pump” the curler, there’s no springy- ness to the pump action. We returned the curler and instantly got a refund with no questions asked; extremely responsive customer support.

We have actually been searching for an eyelash curler for a while now that might change an old revlon one we had for years. We had actually purchased about 5 or 6 eyelash curlers just to be dissatisfied. We even purchased revlons hoping they ‘d act the like their predecessor however was regretfully dissatisfied. We checked out the evaluations of this preoduct and chose to go all out. To begin with, it showed up previously so that made us very delighted. Second of all, the discussion of it made us seem like we paid a lotmore We liked the little pouch it can be found in. And last but not least, it is absolutely the very best eyelash curler we have actually had. It is a beauty simply have.

We are hectic mother, and as such most days we leave your house without makeup, however something we never ever leave your house without doing is curling our eyelashes. We have actually gone through more eyelash curlers in our life than we can count since the pads used out prematurely or it ripped out eyelashes when we are using mascara, to them simply not producing a curl that holds. When we discovered this curler with all of the great evaluations we were fascinated, though figured it would be the exact same as all of the other curlers we have actually utilized in the past. We were incorrect. We like this curler. We get the best curl each time, we do not need to invest numerous minutes curling our lashes once again and once again for it to hold (even without mascara) and we never ever lose any eyelashes from them getting painfully rippedout We attempt state our eyelash curler is the most crucial part of our beauty bag and this curler is a top- notch addition to it.

Terrific eyelash curler. We have had misfortune with eyelash curlers being low-cost and breaking down, however this one appears well made and includes additional pads. We likewise liked that the producer follows up with an e-mail to you on directions on how to correctly curl your eyelashes.

Simply put- we have actually attempted numerous, numerous eyelash curlers. We are 42 and have actually been curling mine considering that we were13 So- that’s 29 years of experience. We like this curler. We are in between lash lift perms and desired something to provide us a great strong curl and this has actually been excellent. We would quickly compare it to curlers that are double the cost. They have exceptional service too and do provide replacement pads. We must likewise include that our lashes are totally straight and extremely thick, so we actually value a great curler.

We have not purchased a brand-new eyelash curler in years & had actually been utilizing the exact same brand name for about 20 years. Then, shu uemura was the “gold standard” & we persevered for many years. Nevertheless, this time, it was time to do some reseach. Based upon evaluations we chose to attempt brilliant beauty & it was an outstanding option. It’s smoother, much easier to hold & utilize, works rapidly without any pinching, up until now. Certainly a fantastic option & considering that we got the increased gold, it matches our brand-new brushes & pretties up our comprise table. Certainly will buy this as our replacement when the time comes. You must actually provide it a shot.

We have actually utilized numerous various eyelash curlers in the past, consisting of outlet store brand names, drug shop brand names, japanese brand names, chinese brand names, and so on. We need to state that this is genuinely an excellent that is similar to the fancier ones in outlet store. The curvature was fitting and and comfy on our eyelid. It didn’t pull on our eyelashes like numerous less expensive brand names and it offered our eyelashes a good natural curl. The easy style and the increased gold color makes us like this curler evenmore This will be a staple in our beauty collection from now on. We will pat ourself on the back on relying on an extremely- evaluated product on despite the fact that it’s an unidentified brand name. If a product has numerous great and truthful evaluations, buy it, it deserves your cash.

This is the very best curler we have actually utilized. It doesn t pinch or hurt, and constantly gets the job done precisely right. We utilize it with this mascara.

extravagant lash hd by hairgenics – ultra- premium volumizing fiber mascara for severe hd lashes.

and our eyelashes look remarkable.

Prossame as a mabelline or revlon curlers. Old-fashioned design, finishes the job. Extremely quite increased gold. It does appear broader so it gets all lashesno pinching. That’s huge. Consfeels plastic like, we need to presume its notholes appear little & we have a hard time to put fingers thru.

Simply ok. Insufficient depth in opening to get a great grab on whole width of eye. We will keep dealing with it. Follow- up evaluation on 8/5/17 – we are upping the evaluation to 4 stars. This is a bit deceptive since the modification isn’t due to the product, however we would provide this seller 10 stars if the evaluation was based upon customer support alone. She reached out and provided a complete refund, which we selected not to accept since we are, in truth, utilizing this and attempting to make it work. Desire all sellers had this much pride in their products.

Ok, we desired an eyelash curler that kept our lashes curled and we didn’t need to battle with it to fit our eyelashes in it without pulling them out or pinching our eyelid in it. We were all set to buy this other curler we had actually been investigating for rather some time. And how this curler turned up is beyond me. So, we took a look at it, check out everything about it, and check out all the fantastic, raving favorable evaluations others had actually sent. We could not think it. This eyelash curler didn’t look any various than the one that had actually been ripping our eyelashes out for the previous year. However, it had actually numerous applauded evaluations. It took us a number of weeks for us to actually order this, however we did. It showed up faster than the anticipated shipment date. So, we didn’t wish to postpone this cheerful experience any longer and we could not think our eyes. Lol. Our eyelashes curled with no discomfort or pain. And they remained that method till we took our mascara off and went to sleep. We do not understand what this business did to make this normal looking eyelash curler a winner, however it works as magnificently as everybody stated. We like, like, like it. We will continue purchasing this eyelash curler as long as we have eyelashes to curl.

Finest eyelash curler we have actually ever owned. Our eyelashes are straight without any curl to them at all and challenging to curl. With this eyelash curler we can’t wait to curl them daily. It’s so simple and no kinks, simply a gorgeous, upswept curl (and they remain curled throughout the day. ). We can’t advise this product enough.

Up until now so great. We have actually just utilized it a few times however in those times, we have actually liked the outcomes. Previous eyelash curlers we have actually had pull our eyelashes out and likewise leave some eyelashes not curled due to the shape of the curler itself. The shape of this eyelash curler leaves no lashes behind and leaves a good curl to the lash rather than a severe kink leaving them standing directly. We likewise liked that the part can be found in a good silk draw string bag with 2 replacement pads (which are likewise exceptional quality). We advise this product to anybody having a hard time to find the best eyelash curler. Look no more.

We have actually utilized our reasonable share of eyelash curlers considering that we have actually been using makeup. The brand name we were utilizing for many years chosen to alter the style which indicated that we might no longer utilize that curler. We have actually attempted numerous others that seemed produced somebody with eyelids that have to do with an inch large (you understand. People that might develop a big rainbow on their covers and still have space left over. )then we saw this lash prodigy eyelash curler and considering that it looked gold and glossy, we believed “why not?” when we got it, we were prepared to be dissatisfied therefore it was a fantastic surprise to find that this eyelash curler curls our reasonably brief eyelashes without pinching our eyelids. Plus, it includes 2 replacement pads. As an additional benefit if you send them an e-mail, they’ll send you 2 more replacement pads and another satin bag to bring them around in. This little company should have to be huge.

To state that we were dissatisfied in the very first set of curlers we got was an understatement. After all, we weren’t even in the market for brand-new ones, however these turned up and we were impressed with the near 5- star ranking and countless raving evaluations, so we believed to ourself “we must have these. ” after unpacking and utilizing on newly cleaned up eyelashes, we understood rapidly that they weren’t fitting to our eye shape properly since we could not get them in a sufficient position to even get our leading lashes. Needless to state, we instantly returned them and left a 2- star evaluation. A few days later on we got an individual e-mail from among the brilliant beauty owners revealing her apologies and issues over our experience. She described the possibility of a calibration concern which would’ve been the main factor we could not utilize them. After a few more e-mail exchanges and numerous days later on, we got a brand-new eyelash curler and am now delighted to report that we do like them, we actually genuinely do. If it had not been for the swift and remarkable customer service we got from brilliant beauty, we would’ve composed them off as simply another business attempting to make a dollar on without keeping their end- users in mind; this just is not the case. As a regular consumer of considering that 2008 (with 98 orders considering that january 2020) we have actually bought our reasonable share of bad- quality products with a matching evaluation to show that however this was the very first and only time a business reached out to us straight to solve the concern. Method to go brilliant beauty. You people are excellent business to do company with.

Functions marvels. We see why it’s award winning. We have actually utilized numerous curlers all in a variety of costs from a few dollars as much as $29 and this curler works finest. It’s extremely simple to utilize and curls the lashes extremely extremely perfectly. We like getting additional pads that’s extremely good. A great deal of times you have a fantastic product and need to buy any refills this includes not 1 however 2 additional refills which’s extremely good and very generous of brilliant beauty. Total excellent eyelash curler and we will be a customer for life. Thank you.

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