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BONNIE CHOICE Triple Magnetic Eyelashes - Magnetic Lashes - Magnetic False Eyelashes

BONNIE CHOICE Triple Magnetic Eyelashes – Magnetic Lashes – Magnetic False Eyelashes

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BONNIE CHOICE Triple Magnetic Eyelashes – Magnetic Lashes – Magnetic False Eyelashes.

  • HOW TO APPLY ON – You can see this video about how to utilize our magnetic lashes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF11L_79Uv8
  • STRONG 3 MAGNETS FOR Throughout The Day HOLD – The leading strip is lined with 3 magnets to make sure no slipping or moving throughout the day. 6 magnets overall hold each lash in location to strong hold.
  • REUSABLE & GLUE- FREE – No untidy glues or adhesives needed or losing lashes after simply one usage – our lashes are developed to use more rapidly, remain cleaner, last and recyclable for very long time.
  • FULL, NATURAL APPEARANCE – Made from premium artificial fibers that are so extremely light-weight and comfy. Soft and as natural as your genuine eyelashes, making your eyes look more appealing.
  • A Terrific Present – Created with BONNIE CHOICE box and protective case, it is an excellent present for your mom, your spouse, your fan, your child, you buddies on Birthday, Christmas day, mom’s day, valentine’s day and so on

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Here are some more information on BONNIE CHOICE Triple Magnetic Eyelashes – Magnetic Lashes – Magnetic False Eyelashes.
BONNIE CHOICE 8 Pcs Magnetic False Eyelashes, No Glue 3 Magnet Complete Eye 3D Reusable Handmade Makeup Phony Lashes Extensions for Soft Natural Look How to use: 1. Hold one piece of magnetic false eyelash over your natural eyelash 2. Position the lash on top of your natural lashes, so that the external edge remains in line with the edge of your natural lash line. 3. Leave the leading lash where it is and get the bottom lash. 4. Location the bottom lash under your natural lashes, so that it satisfies and gets in touch with the leading lash magnet. 5. Shop them appropriately after utilizing, then you can utilize them once again next time. You can see this video about how to use our magnetic lasheshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF11L_79Uv8 Requirements: Amount: 8 Pcs/2 Pairs False Eyelashes Terrier: Plastic Cotton Stalk False Eyelashes Type: Complete Strip Lashes False Eyelashes Craft: Hand Made False Eyelashes Design: Long & Thick Color: Black Bundle Contents: 8 Pcs/2 Set BONNIE CHOICE Magnetic False Eyelashes NO- DANGER PURCHASE. UNCONDITIONAL ONE- YEAR CASH- BACK ASSURANCE: If you’re unhappy with this product for any factor, we’ll right away send you a replacement or reimburse your purchase cost.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BONNIE CHOICE Triple Magnetic Eyelashes – Magnetic Lashes – Magnetic False Eyelashes.

Question Question 1

Are They Comfy?

we attempt them by ourself, we can state they are comfy.

Question Question 2

These Are Cool. Do They Fit Little Eyes?

Yes pal, it is developed to fit little eyes.

Question Question 3

Do These Deal With Magnetic Eye Liner?

Yes pal.

Question Question 4

Are These Long-term Anddo They Link Via Magnet?

Yes pal, they are long enduring, and these are 3 magnet lashes, so they link through magnet.

Question Question 5

Are These Eye Lashes Genuine Ir Phony Hair?

Pal, these eye lashes are phony lashes.

Question Question 6

Are They Comfy?

Yes, we attempt them by ourself, we can state they are comfy.

Question Question 7

Among The Magnets Broke Off Among The Upper Lashes After Our Very First Use.Is There Any Method We Could Get A New One?

Hi customer, thank you for your order from us, and sorry for the issue gave us, please call us on your order page, or you can send out an e-mail to us to get replacement one, our customer support e-mail: bonniestore @126 com

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on BONNIE CHOICE Triple Magnetic Eyelashes – Magnetic Lashes – Magnetic False Eyelashes, these may be helpful for better understanding.

It came 2 designs. One is basic one is more remarkable. We like both. The issue is, no matter just how much we attempted to put the remarkable set on. It doesn t appear right. It appears like we are using 2 various design of eyelashes. Left side is constantly flat and best side pops outmore We question if they are 2 various eyelashes and put in the exact same box. One magnet is a bit off also. It takes a bit practice to put them on. Other than that we put on t have any issues.—— upgrade —— we went to kayak the other day, 58 ° f in the ocean, we were all set to lose our eyelashes due to the fact that the ocean and the wind were strong. En route out they remained on quite well although the wind was strong. Throughout kayaking, they were great also. We got overturned into the water en route back to the beach. We fell under the ocean and when we got up, we took the last image, they were still on. After falling under the ocean. Thanks to bonnie choice. We have actually been trying to find magnetic eyelashes to use for going out with our partner on his bday. And they remained on the entire time. Likewise thanks for reaching out to change our 2nd set.

These lashes are great quality for the cost point. We are going to provide you some crucial ideas for simple application. 1. Thoroughly cut the lashes implied for the bottom in 3 parts. (make certain each part has a magnet to protect to the leading lash. )2. Curl your natural eyelashes and use mascara. 3. Rest the leading eyelash on your natural, curled and mascara layered lash. 4. Utilizing your fingers, use the very first section of the cut lower lash on the outdoors corner of your eye. 5. Repeat the exact same procedure, using the 3rd section of the cut lashes to the within corner of the eye. 4. Repeat the exact same procedure for the middle. You can find videos on youtube if you require more assistance. The truly excellent aspect of these lashes is the number of times you can recycle them. Simply keep in mind to clean them with some mild soap and water. And keep in mind, similar to many false lashes, practice makes ideal.

The just complete magnetic lashes we have ever found that actually fit our eyes without being too long. Typically we just use half lashes due to the fact that all the other brand names are too long and untrimmable. These are ideal. Sorry for the strange video and photos, they’re from our tiktok we made today while using them and reveal reasonably how they take a look at completion of a twelve hour work day. Best in mind, this is the very first day we have actually used them so we do not have the positioning 100% yet, however that’s our fault not the product. We will continue to buy them due to the fact that we have actually never ever felt better with this little makeup on, nor have we ever got this numerous compliments. Remarkable.

These are really great, so we wont provide a bad score. They are available in an excellent little thing to keep them in, the quality is okay, nevertheless we have yet to be able to get them on our eyelashes it s essentially difficult perhaps just if your an expert makeup artist or use lashes every day it may work for you however if your trying to find benefit and simple fast go- to falsies these are not it.

It was tough to separate in between the 2 types for us. We want that in the description they stated what variations you get with the 2 pack (8 pieces). Putting them on at first takes a great deal of perseverance. We had actually mistakenly purchased the ardell accents at the shop and it featured an applicator that made it simple to utilize. The magnets on the accents deal with inward — towards each other. When we browsed online for the complete variation, ardell s complete strip variation has magnets of the leading and bottom pieces on the top, so the magnets never ever touch each other. We had an actually tough time getting them to work, even with the applicator, so we were thankful to findthese Likewise, we are thankful these have a leading and bottom piece, we didn’t wish to get a set that needed the magnetic eye liner also. No joke, it took us practically an hour the very first time we put these on sans applicator. Now that we have actually had practice we can do it in seconds, however be patient if you have actually never ever done it in the past. As others have actually stated, you ll require to place on mascara to provide the magnetic lashes something to stick on to in between the lash sandwich. Regretfully, we simply observed that a person of the magnets on the within part of the eye has actually fallen off after 5 or 6 usages, so we will need to purchase another set.

We believed this would be a fast go to rather of constantly utilizing glue to place on lashes. However we found these rather tough we had a hard time attempting to line the lashes up so they would link to each other so you can inform they were phony looking. In general the lashes itself are great and they can be found in an adorable little container customer support was excellent when among our magnets were off they delivered another set out which was excellent.

They’re alot much easier to utilize than we have actually checked out. Simply cut a 4th of them off, so they look more natural. Then you simply set the very first half on top of your natural lashes and the 2nd half clips together under your natural lashes. Simple. And they look excellent. Although on one set the a magnet fell off however we did anticipate something like that for the cost. They remain on all the time too. Certainly worth the cash.

When we got this product, it can be found in 2 charming little cases, which awesomely are magnetic to hold the lashes. The lashes feel soft and put on t appearance genuinely phony or plastic- y. We will put out a care for very first time false eyelash users, they will make you truly mad in the beginning haha, it took us a couple hours of attempting to get them on right, simply takes practice. We would absolutely advise these to anybody trying to find a simple method to glam up their day-to-day appearance.

We enjoy these lashes they are lil tough to place on in the beginning once you ascertain they are excellent. Extremely natural looking they can likewise be utilized if you like the remarkable appearance. Extremely quick shipping we truly have absolutely nothing bad to state about this product they are need to attempt in the lash collection.

If you re an eyelash noob like us then it s ideal to begin with these magnetic eyelashes without all the messiness from the glue. However we do recommend cutting them a little because it s too huge for our eyes lol. However these are simple to utilize and simple to remove. We won t wear these frequently however we are thankful we bought these for unique celebrations. We cut them up into small pieces due to the fact that our eyes are not that huge.

So im a phony eyelash amateur and wished to see what the buzz had to do with with magnetic lashes. You get rather a few sets of lashes for the cash, and in 2 various designs. We needed to cut mine due to the fact that of the shape of our eyes (likewise assisted make it much easier to get them on). It took a lots of experimentation however they re absolutely okay at all.

Wasn’t delighted. Hard to use.

We are not a professional user of false lashes however these lashes are quite simple to use. Took a bit of practice. Lashes looked quite complete. Actually great case/holder magnetic to save them.

We believe it s simply me. We have a difficult time getting them to remain on.

Great thanks.

Gorgeous. There are 2 sets of eyelashes each set of lashes has one upper and one lower with 3 magnets every one. Its a great choice for individuals who have allergic reactions to glue. Initially is a bit dificult to put it on however is much easier whit practice and the aplicator.

Best of luck these are tough to place on.

We liked how simple these lashes are to place on. They do not require glue and simply snap together. We have actually never ever utilized routine phony lashes due to the fact that they are too tough to place on. However these are excellent. And they provide you 2 various designs and lengths.

A little rough to place on in the beginning however after a while it’s simple.

As anticipated.

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