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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BEPHOLAN Professional Eyelash Glue.

  • PROFESSIONAL EYELASH GLUE: BEPHOLAN incorrect eyelash glue, for making lovely double eyelid and using incorrect eyelashes.
  • MILD FORMULA: Gluten Free, Sulfate Free & BPA Free. Ruthlessness Free & Vegan, safe on skin, appropriate even for delicate eyes.
  • DRIES CLEAR & QUICK DRYING: Gets ugly in seconds, and dries undetectable. More natural. Water and Sweat Evidence.
  • APPLICATION: Brush glue on incorrect eyelash and wait. When you see the glue ends up being clear, the lash is all set to use to your lash line.
  • LIFE TIME PRODUCER’S GUARANTE: To show how positive we remain in our product, we provide a life time refund ensure with every purchase. If you are not totally pleased with your lashes, we will reimburse your purchase without any exception. Click the Contribute To Cart Button Now.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on BEPHOLAN Professional Eyelash Glue.
Bepholan is a professional incorrect eyelashes brand name with fully grown experience. We are established to develop exceptional quality incorrect eyelash that are multiple-use, lovely, and comfy. We provide 3D Mink Lashes, Lite Mink Lashes, Premium Synthetic Lashes, 3D Classic Faux Mink Lashes, Bloom Volume Lashes and Application Tools for our consumers. We talk to market specialists, listen, and respond to our customer s guidance, making effort to style more lovely eyelashes. Our objective is to bring self-confidence to all of the females who pursue appeal, we hope our products can accompany with our consumers to invest all the remarkable time of their life. Please wait till the glue gets clear – which accomplish the very best adhesive impact – then put the lashes on. Water and Sweat Evidence. Latex complimentary, Gluten Free and Sulfate Free. Safe on skin, appropriate even for delicate eyes. Lasting, make your appeal last for the entire day. Easy to get rid of. Just utilize oil-free makeup eliminator, then run it along the lash band up until the glue begins to liquify. Carefully peel the lashes off the eyelid. Read more APPLICATION: ACTION 1: Get rid of the incorrect eyelashes, and cut it to fit your eye length. ACTION 2: Usage both hands to change the incorrect eyelashes to fit your eyes curve. ACTION 3: Thoroughly use the glue to the main stem of the incorrect eyelashes. ACTION 4: Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry up until the glue is practically transparent. This is the perfect time to use lashes to eyelids. ACTION 5: Close the eyes as proper and make sure an appropriate fit by blinking. ACTION 6: See the best and shining eyes. Read more ELIMINATION: STEP1 – Eliminating the eyelash glue is simple, just put some oil-free makeup eliminator on the makeup cotton pads STEP2: Then run it along the lash band up until the glue begins to liquify. STEP3: Carefully peel the lashes off the eyelid. STEP4 – Then just rub the residues of the glue from your lash band and you’re great to go. Read more Avoid kids. Do not breathe in or consume. If glue enters the eye, flush with cold water and look for medical attention. Keep in cool location and prevent direct sunshine. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BEPHOLAN Professional Eyelash Glue.

Question Question 1

We Are Wondering. How Can These Lashes Perhaps Be Cruelty-Free If They Are Made From Mink Fur?

Our employees combed the mink with a comb carefully so that they might get genuine mink fur. Rather of eliminating the animals. We comply with the animal protectionism strictly all the time andl never ever injured the charming animals. Thanks for selecting Bepholan

Question Question 2

This Is Marketing A Latex-Free Glue, Yet All Evaluations Are For Lashes.Why Is This?And Is This Latex-Free Or Not?

Hi?dear?our glue is latex-free. Due to the fact that the eyelashes and glue can be bought at the very same time, the remarks will be revealed to the customer together. Please be guaranteed that our glue is latex-free and hypoallergenic.

Question Question 3

So This Is Not Vegan?.?

Idk if it’s vegan or not.

Question Question 4

Is Formalin An Active ingredient?

Water resistant and latex complimentary is the only thing noted on carton.Suggest www.bepholan.com

Question Question 5

Will This Hold Lashes On While Swimming?

This glue is ugly. It s runny, is white and does moist clear. You are squandering your cash. The only incorrect lashes you might swim with are those placed on by a professional one lash at a time. There is NO glue that will hold incorrect strip lashes while swimming.

Question Question 6

Is This Great For Exercising In? The Brand Name Im Utilizing Melts When We Sweat Excessive?

It didn’t stick well for us at all

Question Question 7

In One Response You State “A: No, It Is Vegan. And The Glue Is Made From Natural Latex. Gluten Free. Yet Advertisement States Latex Free, Which Is It?

Sorry, due to our errors, the response to this question is incorrect. Our glue is latex-free? which is likewise appropriate for delicate individuals. Please forgive the incorrect reply we responded to.

Question Question 8

How Do You Get rid of The Glue From Your Eyelid After Getting Rid Of Eyelashes?

Hi?dear customer. You can utilize a makeup eliminator to get rid of, then clean your confront with facial cleanser.Or you can likewise straight clean your confront with facial cleanser.

Question Question 9

Can The Glue Be Utilized With Person False Lashes And The Length Of Time Does Glue Last?

Yes?it can be utilized with specific incorrect lashes.This glue is utilized everyday? for usage in makeup use eyelashes. In order to better secure eyelashes, utilize makeup eliminator to get rid of prior to going to sleep in the evening

Question Question 10

Why Are Great Deal Of The Evaluations On Here About Lashes When This Product Is False Lash Glue? It Appears like The Star Ranking Is Undependable Now:(?

we have actually purchased both the incorrect lashes and glue by them.

Question Question 11

What Are The Components Of The Eyelash Glue?

dear. The components of the eyelash glue are Acrylates/Ethylhexyl, Acrylate Copolymer, Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Question Question 12

Is This Glue Beach-Proof?

Hi?dear, our glue is water-proof, you can use the lashesgo to the beach. Enjoy.

Question Question 13

Is This Product Made In U.S.A.?

Yes. btw no eyelash glue is FDA authorized

Question Question 14

Is This Without Cyanoacrylate In The Components?

Dear customer?our glue is devoid of Cyanoacrylate in the components, our glue is latex-free, water and sweat evidence. Safe on skin, appropriate even for delicate eyes. Lasting, make your appeal last for the entire day.

Question Question 15

Does It Consist Of Formaldehyde?

Dear customer?our glue doesn t include formaldehyde, and our glue is latex-free, water and sweat evidence. Safe on skin, appropriate even for delicate eyes. Lasting, make your appeal last for the entire day.

Question Question 16

Does The Glue Wand Get Cumbersome With Glue After Lots Of Uses? We Have A Various Brand Name And The Stick Has Gotten So Clunky We Need To Put Some Effort?

No however it doesn t stick that well

Question Question 17

Are These Lashes Or Lash Glue? It States It SGlue However Individuals Are Leaving Remarks Stating Lashes.?

It s glue it has a great hold goes on clear however they likewise offer lashes that s why you see the lash remarks

Question Question 18

The Length Of Time Does The Glue Last?

Hi?dear.Our glue is lasting? no stimulation and waterproof?so it is no issue with daily wear for an entire day. It appropriates for you to use glue to the set of eyelashes prior to each wear.

Question Question 19

Can You Utilized The Glue To Idea The Person Lashes Under Your Lashes?

Dear customer, yes, You can utilize this glue to glue incorrect eyelashes under your own eyelashes.But it will be tough to do so.The convenience after using eyelashes is not as great as standing eyelashes.Therefore, we do not suggest that you stick the incorrect eyelashes under the genuine eyelashes, it is best to use it on your Dear customer, yes, You can utilize this glue to glue incorrect eyelashes under your own eyelashes.But it will be tough to do so.The convenience after using eyelashes is not as great as standing eyelashes.Therefore, we do not suggest that you stick the incorrect eyelashes under the genuine eyelashes, it is best to use it by yourself eyelashes. If you are stressed that the incorrect eyelashes and the genuine eyelashes can not mix with your natural lashes flawlessly, you can utilize an eyelash curler after using the eyelashes and use mascara to make them mix better.

Question Question 20

How Do You Get rid of The Glue From Your Eyelid After Getting Rid Of Eyelashes?

Hi?dear. You cansimply utilize oil-free makeup eliminator to get rid of the glue.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on BEPHOLAN Professional Eyelash Glue, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Extremely great. We are cancer survivor and have actually lost our eyelashes from chemo. So we use incorrect lashes on what little bit hair on our kids we have. However utilizing other glues like duo and even brand names like tarte left us with lashes that as quickly as you shed a tear (we have allergic reactions so our eyes run) they fall off and turn goopy and make it tough to use them a 2nd time. However with bepholan it was quickly to dry and held up throughout the day and night without stop working. And when we eliminated them late that night they didn’t have heavy goop and can quickly be used once again. They felt light and our eyes didn’t feel inflamed at all. We highly suggest this lash glue.

The glue is incredible. We could not utilize our aloe lash glue any longer due to the fact that it was annoying our eyes to the point where we would get migraines. This brand-new lash glue is our guaranteed go to. It is whatever we wished for in a non-allergenic glue. We have no inflammation and can use our lashes throughout the day without getting watery eyes or soreness and we have no headaches. So if you re searching for a lash glue that has no annoying chemicals, this is your go to for adhesive.

We have dinky little lashes and delicate eyes – a deadly appeal mix. Mascara makes our eyes red and watery and stingy. We eliminate our makeup prior to showering however it still burns. Plus, it eliminates the little lashes we do have. We attempted long-term lash extensions due to the fact that we do not like when we have somebody up in our face, and it’s pricey. We attempted a few other sort of lash glue. It’s our bad luck that we do not have accuracy. To provide you a concept, we can’t do liquid liner, other than if we utilize those brand-new eye liner wing stamps. (we are not extremely old. We are30 )we kept attempting to glue on lashes however kept stopping working. We purchased 2 various sort of glue on that were ranked relatively high. This one is methodbetter We lastly have lashes. The brush is a lot easier to utilize than the spout of the pharmacy brand name – you understand, the one that begins with d and ends with u-o. It is not as thinned down as the other one we purchased the very same day. Due to the fact that we stop working at lashes, we likewise began utilizing this in mix with magnetic lashes. We will utilize the glue in the spaces, where there is no magnet, to make them extremely safe and secure. No more eyelash strips holding on for their dear life. We have actually purchased 2 up until now. Keep in mind to close it securely to prevent solidifying/ drying in television. Best of luck.

We truly liked that it went on much easier that other glue we have actually utilized. Likewise, that we might even use them more than a day to 3 days without lifting. In some cases one little edge on our sleeping side with requirement a small retouch. Never Ever buy the less expensive things is our guidance. The lashes go on much easier on the eye if you provide about 30 seconds or a bit more with the glue setting on the phony lashes. Then they connect truly simple without wiggling around a lot,.

We have actually utilized adhesives that are much more powerful in the past and we are delighted that this is a little weaker due to the fact that we wish to keep the health of our skin and lashes. Nevertheless, they might have made a thicker glue that would dry simply a bit quicker. We need to use numerous coats to completely use our lashes and we want we might explain just how much of a discomfort in the butt that is. The genuine battle comes when it s time to get rid of the glue. We discovered more damage of our lashes than we have actually seen with other lash glue from sephora and even the supermarket. However we actually had our genuine lashes break in half from just attempting to soak this glue off with makeup eliminator. We suggest using a much heavier quantity of makeup eliminator to your eyelashes up until the phony ones begin to break out. If this doesn t work, shower and let them chill out a bit prior to you even attempt to pull or include eliminator once again. This things is good and can hold for practically 24 hours. We make certain that s what some individuals are searching for, unlike us who just uses phony lashes to wedding events and after that wishes to take them off asap lol. The glue is undetectable and using eye liner or eye shadow on top is extremely simple. No issues. We suggest providing a great 15 minutes to completely dry though, and include a backup layer or 2 to be safe. Simply attempt extremely tough to use a little above your real natural lashes, due to the fact that the damage was more extreme than we had actually thought of:(.

We needed to get this due to the fact that we understood the genuine reason that we could not use lashes was because of a response to latex. It was such a relief to put the lashes on and not wreck when. The brush is thin, so application was accurate. We typically screw up placing on lashes, however we didn’t have an issue with these these, possibly due to the fact that it’s not runny and simply thick adequate to offer a great hold. And, naturally, our lashes remained on and didn’t come off up until we pulled them off.

This eyelash glue is the best. We will never ever utilize another glue. Our eyes are extremely delicate and we have definitely no inflammation what so ever. We likewise have bad allergic reactions throughout this time of the year so our eyes are constantly watery. Our lashes remain on without any problems. The glue dries clear and has incredible hold.

We should state as a single lash user we chose to do an entire strip. Duo was our very first option however if you a simply finding out or have problem with getting the lash on best prior to drying this is the best glue you can feel it begin to tighten up and set the more detailed you get to refining the lash. And it genuinely dries great and clear without any develop in time. We got it the other day and truly am thinking about bought a few more however likewise sticking with this product even for our single lashes.

This glue is incredible. It remains on throughout the day. This is us yanking on them after using them for about 10 hrs. They wear t budge. Today was likewise extremely windy and they still didn’t come off a little. Will absolutely buy once again.

This eyelash glue works truly well. It goes on smooth and gets truly ugly rapidly. Our eyes water a lot and we sanctuary t had an issue with our corners coming unglued. We utilize an oil based eye makeup eliminator on our natural lashes and our incorrect lashes (to attempt to get as numerous usages as possible out of them) and the glue wipes quickly on both.

Never ever attempted incorrect eye lashes in the past. This was simply the truck to utilize. Kept eyelashes in location the entire day. We initially used oil on a cotton ball then followed with clinique makeup eliminator. Got a lot off, some trace places-remember we are an amateur.

As somebody who has actually constantly had our lash extensions used expertly, current scenarios triggered us to take matter into our own hands. After research and perseverance, this adhesive was extremely flexible for a very first timer.

We are a newbie when it concerns using phony lashes. Considering this was our very first time utilizing adhesives on our eyelashes, we would state it went quite well. Ever since, we have actually been utilizing it for our phony lashes each time we goout It’s worked each time and hasn’t result in any shame of any sorts. Our phony lashes remain on and you can’t even see any glue imprints. If utilized properly, you should not have the ability to even see the glue and even feel it.

We have actually utilized incorrect eyelashes for 2 days, however our eyelashes are still in usage. This type of adhesive can repair our eyelashes well and make them dry rapidly. This is various from the adhesive we utilized prior to drawing. It can’t fix our incorrect eyelashes even after 6 hours. We are extremely delighted and show pals.

Love this product. Be careful of positioning due to the fact that this glue is extremely strong and might pull out your natural lashes. We like that the glue goes from white to clear whenever it’s all set to use.

This glue is a lot better than shop brand name glues. Terrific adhesion and we have delicate eyes and we did not have an allergy. Choose this over the kiss eyelash glue.

Our preferred eyelash glue was out of stock so we believed we would provide this a shot. It was definitely worth it. This is among the very best lash glues we have actually ever utilized– we have actually purchased it two times now due to the fact that we utilize it a few times a week. Absolutely our go-to glue now.

This is the only lash glue we will utilize. It’s so simple to use nicely to the lashes with the accuracy brush, does not truly have an aroma, this sticks so securely that it s type of tough to peel the lash at the end of the day. The glue is simply the best consistency that you can continue to form and put the lash where you desire it prior to it dries. Basically, it is excellence.

This is the very best eyelash glue we have actually ever utilized. An extremely bit goes a long method for adhesion. Love it.

We have actually utilized some that are stated to be dry, however it can tear your eyelashes like strong glue and expose part of your eyelids. Nevertheless, this glue will not burn and will not aggravate our eyes.

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