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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of beitony Reusable Magnetic Eyelash.

  • [Easy to use] Simply utilize the eye liner to use one eye liner to the magnetic incorrect eyelashes, and after that put the magnetic incorrect eyelashes on the eye liner when the eye liner is dry. It’s basic that you can get lovely and genuine eyelashes, draw in males’s attention, and reveal lovely design and self-confidence.
  • [4 amazing Pairs 3D eyelashes] one plan features 4 various designs of eyelashes (natural, celebration and daily design) now you not just have 1 set, however likewise 4 sets. Electro-magnetic eyelashes are comfy to use and you can use them for a long period of time. Provides you a captivating 3D appearance quickly. The eye liner set utilizes our high-strength mini magnets to keep you lovely all the time.
  • [Creating Natural Eye Makeup] The magnetic eyelashes are made from extremely replica 3D mink hair, which is softer and more sensible than common phony eyelashes. The eyelashes are geared up with 5 micro-magnets, and the eye liner includes ultra-fine extremely magnetic particles to make it much easier to fit the shapes of the eyes, producing natural eye makeup and revealing the lovely 3D impact of eyelashes.
  • [Reusable] Top quality magnetic eyelashes without glue can be utilized several times after correct usage and storage. The recently updated magnetic lashes can assist you conserve cash and avoid the loss of your natural lashes, making your lashes thicker, longer and more lovely.
  • [High-quality Magnetic Eyelashes] Magnetic eye liner includes ultra-fine magnetic particles. According to specialist data, each bottle of mascara includes 3 million magnetic beads, and 5 small high-strength magnets are embedded in the magnetic eyelashes for simple connection. Magnetic eyelashes do not need glue, do not need to fret about clumping or sticky. It’s safe and practical. Magnetic eye liner has extremely sweat and water resistance, fast-drying and lasting. It’s difficult to fade or fa

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More Info:

Here are some more information on beitony Reusable Magnetic Eyelash.
Not every lady is born with long and lovely eyelashes, however every lady deserves to go after appeal. For this factor, the beitony appeal makeup group has actually released this basic set with 4-pairs multi-types magnetic eyelash eye liner, without glue and inflammation. They can quickly have huge and sexy eyes and end up being lovely. beitony, lovely, never ever stop. Natural Looking Lashes: Magnetic eyelashes are made from Class A fiber, 100% handmade magnetic eyelashes, extremely soft and ultra long magnetic 3D 5 eyelashes. The eyelashes are fan-shaped, more natural, no adhesive style, no annoying eyes. Please your delight in natural looking lashes that improve the natural appeal of your eyes. How To Utilize: 1. Shake bottle well prior to usage. 2. Apply 2 thick layers of eye liner. and wait on it to dry for 1 minute. 3. Put the magnetic eyelash on eyelid. How To Get rid of: 1. Put enough liquid comprise eliminator to cotton pads. 2. Carefully remover the magnetic eyelashes. 3. Wash your confront with warm water Then clean with Q-Tips and eye makeup eliminator. Eye liner will come off. Read more Strong Magnetic: Every magnetic eyelash featured 5 strong magnets and our magnetic eye liner has ultra-fine magnetic particles within, they are so light that do not make your eyes heavy and keep your appeal day and night. Reusable and Cleanable: The plan includes 2 Pairs Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes – When utilized correctly that you can utilize over and over once again to conserve cash. And it’s simple to tidy, simply require utilize a damp towelette to clean up the eyelashes of makeup or other residue. Stunning Lashes for All-day Long: The micro-magnet adsorbed on the soft eyelash skeleton strongly, that makes it much easier to fit the shape of the eye, and provides the eyelashes a best eye curve and the very best 3D effect.Once used, it can be kept for an entire day without falling, which is basic and simple to utilize. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on beitony Reusable Magnetic Eyelash.

Question Question 1

Is It Easy To Remove The Magnetic Eye Liner At The End Of The Day? How Do We Do It?

we utilize routine MAC makeup wipes however we make certain any kind would work.

Question Question 2

Are These False Eyelashes Natural? Will Be Too Significant On Your Look?

It looks really natural, long and lovely. If you find it too remarkable, incorrect eyelashes can be cut to precisely the length you require.

Question Question 3

The Number Of Magnets Exist On Each Eyelash?

There are 5 magnets on each eyelash about this magnetic eye liner system – ensure they are strong enough to hold all day.

Question Question 4

Do These Last Throughout The Day? Like Daily Go To Work Usage?

Among the sets has a great deal of missing out on lashes and they do not remain on.

Question Question 5

Do Magnetic Eyelashes Can Be Found In A Color Aside From Black?

Appear Like these just be available in black.

Question Question 6

Can You Utilize Other Magnetic Brand Name Lashes With This Eye liner?

we do have another brand name of lashes and they worked simply great with this eye liner. Remain on the liner for the 6 hours we used them.

Question Question 7

How Do We Keep The Liner From Peeling Off? They Lashes Stick Well However After A Few Hours The Liner Begins To Peel In Places.?

Maybe dust it with facial powder.

Question Question 8

Is The Eye Liner Waterproof???.?

we have not swam or anything with them, however we are quite sure they are not water resistant.

Question Question 9

Do These Offer A Natural Appearance Or A Celebration Look?

Both natural and celebration, we typically like to utilize the 2nd set in the workplace. Among the 4 incorrect eyelashes is constantly ideal for you.

Question Question 10

Do You Need To Put Mascara? Due to the fact that By Checking out The Reviews They Are Extremely Natural?

we can put mascara, it depends upon the wanted effect.They are really natural to the touch it holds true, however we believe they are still long. we attempted with mascara, our entourage liked, however we chose without. we have brief eyelashes so we were not utilized to being long.

Question Question 11

Can You Recycle The Lashes?

Yes, simply clean them tidy in between each usage

Question Question 12

We Are Going Through Chemo And Ready To Lose Our Eyelashes. Will These Remain On Without Eyelashes?

we believe they will. When you use it it resembles liquid eye liner and we would do 2 or 3 coats to be sure. However we have had an extremely effective fan blow up at our face so they werent laying or blowing down on our lashes and they didn’t fly off. They stuck actually well.

Question Question 13

The Number Of Time Can We Utilize It? And Are The Magnets Too Strong?

They re reusable products as long as take great care of them and they are strong enough to hold upto complete day

Question Question 14

Can We Use Magnetic Lashes If We Have Little To No Eyelashes?

Definitely. The lashes adhere to the magnetic eye liner which is drawn throughout the eyelid. Magnetic lashes are best for somebody who is luscious lash denied.

Question Question 15

Anybody Have A List Of Active Ingredients For The Eye Liner??

It comes inside the set

Question Question 16

Are These Vegan & Ruthlessness Free ??

Do not understand

Question Question 17

Hey Among The Magnets Fell Off The Lash As We Were Attempting To Take It Out Of The Plan. What Can Be Utilized Securely To Adhere It Back To The Lash?


Question Question 18

Do You Let The Eye Liner Dry Entirely Prior To Using Lashes? The Back Of Package States To Let Them Dry Entirely However The Insert States Not To Dry?

What we do is use one layer of liner, let it dry total, and after that once it s dry we return over it with another layer of liner and after that we use the lash whenever we believe the 2nd layer will be dry however not totally dry. Lol we hope this assists.

Question Question 19

How Do You Tidy The Recurring Liner Off Of The Magnets?

A cotton round and micellar water. Simply be mild

Question Question 20

Is Our Genuine Lashes Hair Will Come Off?

No. You will use the liner simply above your genuine lashes. When you get rid of the incorrect lashes they will not manage your genuine lashes.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on beitony Reusable Magnetic Eyelash, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Great for those who are tired of tinkering glue and cutting the lashes to fit your eye shape. We fidgeted about the softness of the band and lash itself however this is so so fluffy and soft. It s comfy to use and simple to use. We find it much easier to use the liner with our own brush however the liner itself is really pigmented and doesn t budge up until you clean your confront with warm water.

This is among the very best magnetic eyelashes packages we have actually attempted up until now. They are simple to utilize, we typically wait about 3 minutes for eyliner to dry prior to using lashes. They are versatile and light-weight, we can easily use them for 8-10 hours. Length is a bit remarkable for us to use with bare face, however they still look natural and cool, specifically with complete makeup. It is likewise simple to eliminate them, we simply utilize our routine makeup eliminator. They are bit too pricey though.

Up until now so great they worked method better then we were anticipating as long as you let the liner dry prior to hand they are perfect the very first set is extremely remarkable even for us which is great we like them. Update they are fantastic and they make our life a lot simpler if they re not working attempting making certain the liner is totally dry prior to you put a 2nd coat or use lashes. These make our getting out your home looking bomb a lot simpler.

Product packaging was terrific we were impressed with the tweezers also. We were anticipating the plastic ones they usually send out. Extremely simple to use the eye liner and eyelashes quickly connect to it. Make certain you put the lashes on prior to the eye liner has an opportunity to dry tho. We are certainly a beginner when it pertains to this and they worked terrific. We connected an image of one done, and one not so you might see the distinction.

Being quarantined, continuously on video for every single conference & celebration, we rapidly understood we were out of eyelash glue. How did we miss out on the magnetic transformation? in spite of cautions on for possible hold-ups in shipping we got our order really rapidly. We like that package features 4 distinct designs. It was exceptionally simple to draw the magnetic liner on our cover. We saw some evaluations of dried out liner – my own was best therefore so so black. We dislike off color liner. We questioned they would remain on however truthfully, we simply held the lash as much as our cover, we didn’t even require to push or wait on glue to dry – they kept in location for an 8 hour workday. We do suggest that you connect prior to liner dries they appear to keep in location for longer if you do. At the end of the day – simple to manage – very little residue, positioned back in box and standard makeup eliminator – took the liner straight off. We are amazed. And now connected. We have actually advised to buddies & would definitely buy once again.

Wow. We never ever believed that on magnetic eye liner we can connect so simple magnetic eyelashes. So simple to utilize and looks so terrific. We are seeming like a hollywood star. Extremely comfy. Easy to utilize and simple to get rid of. Extremely suggest.

We are consumed with this product. Actually use the eye liner, set it and forget it with the lashes. It adheres quickly and looks terrific. We are never ever returning to routine lashes or extensions once again. Excellent product, we extremely suggest.

We desire sure we would like these due to the fact that they appear so big, however they’re remarkably comfy and beautiful. They look so great throughout zoom/video conferences. They hang on to the liner, which is smooth and dark. When you pull them off, the line does get a little spotty, however you’re most likely removing your makeup then anyhow. In general, exceptionally lovely and easy to use. Make certain your liner is dried prior to connecting the lashes and you’ll be great to go. Picture is us without makeup other than the lashes and we like it.

Super simple to utilize. Remains on as guaranteed. This is our 3rd effort purchasing magnetic lashes however this one is our preferred product up until now.

Loooove. We draw at utilizing eyelashes with glue, we have actually gotten glue on lashes to work perhaps 4 times in our 24 years of life. These are so simple. We put our typical eye liner on how we would (we wear t wish to lose the magnetic eye liner for our wing and whatever). Then we utilize the eye liner that included these lashes closer to our lash line (often a little on our lashes to get them more detailed so there s no space). They have actually held throughout the day. We have small eyes and these fit our entire eye. We may cut a set down however the magnets are positioned in great areas to do so. We will never ever get eye lash extensions as long as these remain cost effective. We are so beyond delighted with this purchase. Nevertheless we do not believe we got all the ones envisioned. For d the ones we got are much shorter in length from us tear duct to end than envisioned however terrific for our little eyes.

We like these lashes. These are the greatest video game battery chargers for lashes. We are competitive dancer and need to utilize phony eyelashes frequently and it s so bothersome to utilize glue, this is 100% a lot easier and it really remains actually the entire time. Likewise like that they are reusable. Are you joking us these are whatever for us.

We just actually use makeup for unique events, and as an outcome have actually never ever actually figured out how to place on phony lashes. Nevertheless, this set made it extremely simple with the magnetic liquid eye liner – we simply did our makeup usually, and included a little the magnetic eye liner over our routine eye liner. We awaited approximately 10 minutes for it to totally dry prior to utilizing the tweezers to connect the lashes. It was a lot much easier than we had actually been anticipating, and looked fantastic. We used them around your home for a bit to evaluate them out, and they didn’t move around at all up until we eliminated them with the tweezers. Can’t wait to actually utilize them the next time we use makeup.

Forget those $100 moxie and glamnetic lashes. We likethese As somebody who takes pleasure in placing on lashes, this makes it a lot simpler. The application is perfect and after using 3 times, we sanctuary t had concerns with eye liner running or anything. The only frightening aspect of this is it states on package not to get in your eye, and if you do, to go to the healthcare facility right now. Unsure how we feel about that, however we are going to continue usage due to the fact that we are quite cautious. If you re somebody who s bad with eye liner application, please take care. The lashes go on so simple after the liner is done however.

These eyelashes are fantastic. We have actually hooded eyes so we were trying to find eyelashes that are much shorter on the inner eye to make our eye appearance less hooded, and these are best. We are not utilize to using lashes. Dislike the glue. So these work terrific with me. Extremely comfy. We even let our 15 years of age niece wear these – who has never ever utilize phony lashes prior to. – and she stated it was quite comfy. She used them for over 8hrs without any issue. Just thing, we want you had much shorter lashes also, for a more daily appearance. We would completely buy more.

Ok, we have actually constantly enjoyed some complete lashes so we have actually utilized every lash in the past however this was our very first time attempting out the magnetic lashes and we are connected. The eye lined is so smooth to use, takes 2nd to dry and the lashes connect perfectly. They didn’t move with wear and look terrific. This box features 4 various lash types so a more natural one all the method as much as some really bold/dramatically complete lashes. We wear t even understand that we will return after these magnetic lashes. Quickly the most intelligent lash purchase you ll make.

The eyelashes are great quality, terrific for newbies. The design is wispy & flare. The eye liner works great. Eye liner has great adhesion. We like that the brush is thick makes it much easier to use. We saw with magnetic eyelashes inner corner not sticking at very first or appears, however then we figured out it’s everything about the application strategy. We found 2 methods to fix the problem. Flexing the eyelashes thoroughly and making a thicker line in the inner corner sufficed. To conserve eye liner, we do not wing the eye liner, the magnet will not go there anyhow and you save money on the product. We utilized our own liquid felt suggestion eye liner later on to even & smooth over it and included our feline wing.

We definitely like that we found this fantastic product. So simple to utilize. We had the ability to use the lashes with ease. Extremely comfy and natural looking. Likewise has various designs for various events. We are so pleased. No more lash consultations at the store. Conserve cash.

We have actually never ever had the ability to figure out how to get lashes on due to us having really curly lashes. This product made it really simple for us to use them. We like that they last throughout the day. In some cases we forget im using them when we go to sleep and are still on when we get up. They are likewise simple to tidy. We will most certainly order once again.

3 significant aspects that make this a win for us; the pros: # 1 – a lot quicker than glue application. # 2 – no inflammation or mess from glue. # 3 – eye liner application is best. Easy to use and moves on really efficiently with a versatile suggestion. Our individual viewpoint & cons: # 1 – we have actually needed to reapply the liner becomes it can come off quickly if you take place to raise the lash to adjust or adhere to eyelash curler. # 2 – no genuine range in this pack. Each set is almost the exact same with some little small distinctions. Some days we like to go long, some days short, however complete. # 3 – we actually have mo more cons to add.:-RRB-.

Omg we like them ?? truthfully we have actually been using lashes for over 20 years and never ever have we like to use the strip lashes due to the fact that they were really made complex to place on we simply never ever might get them to remain on me, so not just is this a huge cost savings for us 50 to 75 dls for private lashes whenever and now due to covid19 we decline to go anywhere much less get our lashes done. We will most likely never ever return to those sort of lashes anymore We found these beautiful lashes and extremely simple to place on and get rid of. We like them. Thank you we really do?? we will certainly go another 20 years using these lashes now????.

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