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Ardell Duo Brow Brush Grooming Tool

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ardell Duo Brow Brush Grooming Tool.

  • Angled for simple powder application
  • Expert tool
  • Developed to form and specify eyebrows
  • Can be utilized to use powders

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Ardell Duo Brow Brush Grooming Tool.
Bundle Amount: 1 The Ardell Duo Brow Brush Grooming Tool is an expert tool created to form and specify eyebrows. Utilizes quality hairs that gets the correct amount of brow powder. Double ended to use then mix color.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ardell Duo Brow Brush Grooming Tool.

Question Question 1

Can We Utilize This With The Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade?

we would not suggest it with the dip brow. The brush itself is too soft, we purchased the Anastasia one rather.

Question Question 2

Are These Covered Separately?

Yes.they are covered in product packaging comparable to other cosmetic tools such as Model, and so on

Question Question 3

Is It Company Enough?

It’s firm enough for thin eyebrows

Question Question 4

Can We Utilize This With The Anastasia Brow Powder Duo?


Question Question 5

Can This Brush Be Utilized To Use Eye Liner?

we do not suggest it for eye liner. It is too broad.

Question Question 6

Are The Bristles Artificial?


Question Question 7

What Is The Size Of This Brush?

Angled brush is 1/4″ wide and a little over 1/4″ long at leading angle.

Question Question 8

Is This Brush The Equivalent Density Of Something Like The Anastasia No. 12? Trying to find Something That Makes Really Great Lines.?

we have actually tattooed eyebrows with really great ends.You can develop them with this brush, however in a few months the bristles will spread out which will not be possible.

Question Question 9

Is This Brush Thin?

No, it’s truly unrefined. Opt for Anastasia brush.

Question Question 10

Does This Work Well With Wunderbrow?


Question Question 11

Can The Spoolie Part Be Utilized For Mascara And Eyelashes?

we would suggest utilizing it just on the eyebrows because you would need to clean it really effectively each time you dipped it in a mascara tube to utilize on your eyelashes and after that wished to utilize it to spread out eyebrow color (most likely not mascara) on your eyebrows.

Question Question 12

Is The Brush Thin And Stiff?

Yes, it thin, however too soft for a representation of eyebrows. we needed to buy a brush from Anastasia Beverley Hills.

Question Question 13

Is This Brush Constructed Of Wood Or, Plastic? We Are Describing The Manage.?

our company believe it’s plastic

Question Question 14

The Number Of Brushes Remain In This Order?

Simply one. we like this brush.

Question Question 15

How Does This Compare To The Anastasia # 7 Brush? Is It Simply As Thin And Accurate?

we like this brush, perhaps even more than Anastasia since it’s a little softer which permits better assistance and circulation of the dip brow. It does not scratch our eyebrows like the Anastasia brush.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Ardell Duo Brow Brush Grooming Tool, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

There are great deal of brushes like this on the marketplace however we are really specific in the brush we utilize. This is essentially a dupe of the abh brush that is a bit more pricey however we truthfully believe this one is better due to rate as they do the very same thing, aside from this brush being a bit thicker and hence much easier to spread out the color on quicker and with more control. The spooly is fantastic. Brush is simple to tidy. Not all brown brushes are developed equivalent however we swear by this one.

We have actually never ever utilized a brush like this, so we do not have anything to compare it to, however it works effectively for us. We have actually constantly utilized a routine comb/brush combination for eyebrows, however the brush end of this works much better than that – it separates hairs muchbetter The angled end likewise works well for our application, however we are questioning if other brand names are stiffer since we see things on pinterest and youtube about lining the overview of your brow and we do not believe we might do that well with this, however we are makeup/hair/all things woman challenged, so it might simply be me.

It makes our eyebrows pop.

Oh. Our. Gosh. We can not worry just how much we like this brush. It is entirely spectacular; it’s no surprise why it ranked as’s very popular eyeliner/eyebrow brush. We are big makeup enthusiast and we are really fussy with brushes, however we required something on the fly and got this, not anticipating it to be as fantastic as it was since of the low rate, however it surpassed our expectations. The brush is not too thick and not too thin and works beautifully when using eye liner or eyebrow gel. The spooley is simply fantastic too, we like the double performance. It’s a take for the rate.

Needs to have brush. It was an excellent rate and after using our eyebrow gel it’s good to have that fantastic eyebrow brush on completion to even out the gel in the eyebrow to make it look more natural, plus it’s better to have one eyebrow brush and and angle brush all in another than bring around 2.

We like, like, like this brush. We utilize the mascara brush side to brush our eyebrows and mix the powered we use there. We utilize the angled brush to use gel eye liner. We utilize this practically every day so one day we might buy another so we do not need to keep cleaning it every day. Likewise, it’s an excellent brush if you’re still having a hard time to ideal the winged eye liner. This angled brush will offer you manage over the density of the gel eye liner and develop that sharp angle all of us make every effort to accomplish. We are likewise a substantial fan of the mac 210 brush for eye liner.

This is an excellent product for us, we currently have thick and complete eyebrows and we do not need to do much to fill them in, primarily all we do is fill in the sides and any areas that require retouching. We keep it really light with the real makeup. With that being stated, this bush works for us up until now. We enjoy with the purchase. We specifically like the comb kind of brush on the other side, it makes our eyebrows look spick-and-span, and it’s a lot better than utilizing an old tooth brush.

Perfect little brow brush. Not too stiff so it works completely with our anastasia brow gel, yet not so soft that it simply collapses under the weight of the product either. Good stiff bristles on the brow brush, and it isn’t too long like our last brush, so it’s a lot easier to deal with and makes using our brow product a much smoother procedure, with higher control of the application.

This is a fantastic brush for filling out and forming our eyebrows. Our eyebrow hairs grow in at amusing angles, so cutting them to the appropriate length constantly leaves us with areas that look irregular. This, combined with a bit of brow color and a clear mascara, entirely repair that issue and we are so delighted we began utilizing this regimen.

Great brush for the rate, we actually utilize it everyday for about 8 months. Brissles are brief, tight and at an angle for simple application. Does not shed. The spoolie part is not fantastic, it gets rid of the majority of the product rather of mixing. In general an excellent brush for the rate, excellent dupe for high-end brand names.

We like this brush. We utilize the damp ‘n’ wild eye/brow liner, which is pigmented and waxy, however too soft to use straight. So we utilize this brush with it, and like how it uses. The brush is actually offered in sally’s charm supply shops also, if you ‘d choose to select it up personally. Would absolutely suggest this brush for this rate. Hope this was valuable.

This is an excellent tool. We utilize it to comb out our eyelashes when they get stuck from mascara and to to brush our eyebrows. We utilize the brush end to do our eyebrows and it the idea produces a good smooth line. We utilize a bh cosmetics variation of the abh dipbrow and this tool works completely with it. Reward- quality is fantastic and it’s more affordable than other brand names.

This brush is fine however it’s not what we believed it was going to be. We believed the angle brush part would be more company to enable better shaping however it is really versatile and soft rather. When we opened the bundle we believed we broke the comb side however it simply bent sideways as the core is made with some sort of versatile metal. All in all, it’s not our preferred however we do not dislike it either. Update: it actually works effectively and the double sided brush is a substantial benefit.

We like this little brush with our gel eyebrow it works fantastic it’s simple to manage the lines and the little brush part on the other end is a good little surface to knock off any excess we would suggest we likewise utilize it to use the eyebrow gel as an eye liner often and it works fine for that too.

This is ideal. The spindle is the ideal texture, soft however not too soft and firm sufficient to plume out your eyebrows,.

When we examined this product the idea was harmed. We saw a youtube video on how to repair the shape and you boil water for 8 minutes then hold the idea in the water for 30 seconds and wa la. Great as brand-new.

We genuinely enjoy this brush. It is one that we utilize each and every single time we do our makeup. We do not utilize it “correctly”- we utilize the spooly to comb through/ form our eyebrows and we utilize the angled brush to do our gel eye liner. Both ends work completely. This is among the very best and least expensive brushes we have actually ever utilized and actually liked.

We utilize this each and every single day. In the beginning we utilized it as a brow applicator because it’s expected to be utilized for it, however we can utilize it for our winged eye liner too. We extremely suggest. We were it with hair shampoo soap to keep it tidy and all set for the next day we utilize it.

Love this brush. Makes using our eyebrow cream color a lot simpler. We have actually utilized other ones however to us this one is the very best. Took a bit to get to us however worth the wait. We are going to buy another one simply in case something occurs to this one since we certainly do not wish to lack. It is tough too. Does not feel inexpensive. We enjoy with it.

Our preferred eyebrow brush. We refer this brush to everybody. Easy to grip and maneuver. Sounds ridiculous however some things are made to be more difficult than they require to be. This little brush isn’t among them and the rate point is excellent also.

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