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Aobbiy Magnetic Eyeliner with Eyelashes Kit

Aobbiy Magnetic Eyeliner with Eyelashes Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Aobbiy Magnetic Eyeliner with Eyelashes Kit.

  • 10 PAIRS MAGNETIC EYELASHES WITH Eyeliner – Our Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner kit is a really practical and efficient method to have stunning lashes. Not just that, however it likewise comes with 10 SET, so you can have various options on what type of lash look you desire.
  • NATURAL APPEARANCE – We understand you desire eyelashes that are thicker, longer, and lasting, yet still provide a natural, gorgeous appearance. Well, that s what you can get with our kit – so you can set about your day and unique events showing off large lashes with a natural appearance.
  • REUSABLE – We provide 10 sets of multiple-use magnetic eyelashes so that you can utilize them not simply one time, however once again and once again together with the magnetic eyeliner. Have the magnetic eyelash experience longer.
  • NO GLUE – No glue is required so there s no mess and for that reason no tension. Without any glue required, you lessen the possibility of annoying your skin and destructive your natural eyelashes. We desire you to simply put your concentrate on having stunning lashes in a really practical way. The gorgeous eyelashes are geared up with 5 strong magnetic indicate make certain it connects well and keeps its position.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION – Placing On our Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner kit is extremely easy. Initially, use the magnetic eyeliner as you would with any eyeliner. Wait a few minutes for it to end up being ugly and after that use the magnetic eyelash on top of it. It’s that easy and simple to utilize.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Aobbiy Magnetic Eyeliner with Eyelashes Kit.

Question Question 1

What Color Are The Eyelashes?

Mine is a soft black. Absolutely nothing extreme. Really natural looking with a pop of length. Can be made more remarkable looking with the liner

Question Question 2

Does The Eyeliner Dry And Get Clumpy After A While?

No mine didn’t

Question Question 3

Is It A Glue Or Eyeliner?

it with magnetic eyeliner without glue, simply put the magnetic eyelashes on top of the magnetic eyeliner, that is all.

Question Question 4

Should We Put Our Eye Shadow On Prior To Or After Using The Liquid Liner With Lashes?

Put your eye shadow on very first. The liquid liner must be the last thing you put on to make sure the magnets from the lashes stick well.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Aobbiy Magnetic Eyeliner with Eyelashes Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually attempted a few various sets of magnetic lashes, and this one is our favorite. We like that you have various length choices, the lashes look real, they feel light – it s extremely simple to place on. Easy to recycle, come off, tidy – whatever was simply fantastic, and simple.

Really quick shipment and quality product.

We purchased a really comparable product back in 2015. It’s the very same design however we like this one of the most. This goes on smooth and natural. Easy to utilize and remains long. We want we have found this earlier. This would be our preferred lash we have actually ever had prior to.

We purchased these lashes for our wedding event since all other lashes and mascara’s are extremely annoying to our delicate eyes. We can not state adequate favorable features ofthese While using them, we truthfully never ever felt them. One problem we have actually constantly had with incorrect lashes is having the ability to see and feel them. These lashes are very lightweight and feel non existing.

This product is fantastic in and among themselves however here s a few ideas we have actually discovered after a month of wear. Prior to anything else placed on your routine eye liner. This is so you can form the liner the method you like it and likewise, so there is no makeup space anywhere in between your lash and eye. You need to let the eyeliner dry. If you are restless and put the lashes on prior to the eyeliner is dry the lashes will not stick. The eyeliner does take a bit longer than typical eyeliner to dry (1-2 minutes). So while we are waiting on the eyeliner we typically will put mascara on and curl our lashes. By doing this our lashes are meaningful with the magnetic lashes. Love it.

Because our more youthful days, we have actually constantly feared to put phony eyelashes. Among our cousins got its glue terribly stuck in her initial lashes, harming them seriously, however happily after seeing our good friend purchased this brand name 2nd time since she enjoyed it a lot. We believed we ought to attempt it too so, after summarizing all our guts, we utilized it, and ever since, they not just assisted us in conquering our worry however likewise gave way to our heart.

We utilize these every day for work. We utilized to invest the majority of our makeup time placing on layers of mascara. Now we simply utilize our lashes and get numerous compliments from our visitor. They are so simple to place on simply use the liquid magnetic eyeliner and let it dry. Then position your lashes where you would like them. Mine last our whole 8 hr shift with no issues. This is certainly a product we would suggest to anybody.

We attempted magnetic eyelashes, and was all thumbs. Here’s all you do. Put your cosmetics on other than eyeliner. Line your upper lashes with magnetic liner. When the liner dries a bit (we have it a minute while fanning our eyes), simply hold the lashes by the ideas and approach the liner. Unexpectedly it’s connected. If you require to rearrange. Simply carefully pull them off and reapply. Later on, simply carefully pull them off and shop in the event. Utilize a cosmetics eliminator like a face clean to get rid of the liner. Easy. Certainly suggest and would buy once again.

We like the product packaging, it was not low-cost sensation, we seem like we certainly got more then what we spent for. It came with 2 sets of eyelashes, one a little thicker and longer lashes then the other. Both can be used throughout day for work depending upon what your individual convenience level are. Last but not least, we believed it was a good touch for the compact that the lashes can be found in to have a genuine mirror within it. It made it genuine simple for us to use these lashes on a fast break while we were at our desk at work. Extremely suggest.

We were extremely suspect about attempting magnetic lashes since we simply could not envision how they would actually stick. Well, wow, we were blown away with how simple it was to put these things on. We used 2 thick layers and after that waited 3 minutes for the liner to dry. Utilizing the application tool was very easy and it took us a number of seconds to get the lashes on our eyes. We used them for a minimum of 5 hours and they never ever came off as soon as.

We have actually never ever been proficient at placing on incorrect eyelashes specifically the glue on s. What we like about these is that the eyeliner functions as an adhesive and it doesn t aggravate our eyes. So even if we put on t get the eyelash on ideal the very first time, we can simply take it off and straighten it on our eye without needing to put more eyeliner on, so we like that a lot. We evaluated it out about 3 or 4 times and even after time passed, we might get rid of and reapply, it adhered completely. Up until now they re the very best ones we have actually ever utilized. Likewise we like the length and the width, our last magnetic eyelashes were way too long and you needed to utilize 2 various parts on one eye & it still didn’t look goodthese we will for sure buy once again when we run out.

The magnetic eyeliner is actually good and simple to place on however it likewise appears like it rubs out very quickly when you change the eyelashes. We have not used the eyelashes for a very long time yet so we are uncertain how long lasting they are for daily wear however for a brief amount of time they appeared to remain on all right.

Daily usage and enjoyed it. So we tired these magnetic lashes the other day. This was the 2nd kind of magnetic lashes we have actually attempted up until now. We attempted the ardell brand name last month and we chose to acquire this one b/c we were searching for something fuller and more budget-friendly and these came with 3 sets– so can t fail. Firstly, we like the product packaging and storage of the lashes in contrast to the ardell. The magnetic liner is very simple to place on and we enjoyed the reality that it was incredibly dark. You need to make certain to let the liner dry prior to placing on the lashes. The lashes looked gorgeous– ideal for a night out and any other unique occasions. The lashes remained on all night (we took the eyeliner with us simply in case however didn’t need to reapply). We would certainly reorder once again as soon as these 3 sets are usedout It s a terrific buy for 3 sets of lashes.

Happily shocked by these lashes. We have actually attempted other magnetic lashes by understood drug shop brand names however constantly had problems with the lashes adhering to the eyeliner. We had no problem withthese We did 2 thin coats of the liner and waited on it to dry. It does take a while to dry. Then we cut the lashes to fit our eyes and they piped right on. Now if you do require to get rid of to rearrange it will bring some of the liner with it so beware. Somebody who dislikes the time it requires to glue lashes on however delights in the appearance would like this product.

Getting utilized to using them was a little difficult as we have actually never ever used phony eyelashes prior to. Nevertheless by the 3rd time it took us less than 5 minutes to get these on and they look fantastic. And they remain on all the time. Having the various choices is fantastic also. We have the ones we can use to work and the ones that we can use for a nightout Definitely worth every cent.

These lashes are the reality. We have actually seen numerous various brand names for magnetic lashes so we chose to attemptsome These are so easy. You placed on 2-3 layers of liner and actually simply put the lash to your cover and it sticks so quick. We hardly utilized the tweezers it camewith They felt so light and when we took them off we were tugging out our lashes like we do with typical glue ones.

We have actually constantly had issues with mascara since it keeps smearing even if the label states water resistant. Now issue is resolved. These lashes are fantastic we remain in love. We specifically like the very first 2 on the leading since they look so natural. We like the eyeliner. It works like magic and did not aggravate our eyes. We did not need to put excessive since we like to choose the natural appearance and the lashes still assist in location. Eliminating the lashes is extremely simple. We likewise utilized micellar cleaning water (we typically utilize as a comprise eliminator) to get rid of the eyeliner with no issue. We did not provide it a best 5 star since we would like the product packaging to be a bit more durable looking. However, actually fantastic lashes.

We attempted these lashes as quickly as we got them. After following the instructions, we effectively used among the lashes onto our eyelid and they worked. They actually are magnetic. We were a bit doubtful however they certainly stay with the eyeliner as long as you follow the instructions properly.

We have actually been wishing to attempt magnetic eyelashes and these struck our rate point. We are no excellent with eyelash s and glue and as quickly as we got these we attempted this on our leg and we shook our leg all around after using liner and lash and it didn’t budge. The variety of lashes is likewise incredible from casual to complete glam. We are so pleased to have these absolutely suggest.

It takes a few attempts to get utilized to utilizing the product once you do that they work fantastic. We have actually struggled with lashes and glue and this is absolutely various and we like that. We state if you wish to do lashes and you battle with the glue then certainly provide these a shot.

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