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Ango Eyelash Extension Glue - Black

Ango Eyelash Extension Glue – Black

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ango Eyelash Extension Glue – Black.

  • Rubberized, odorless, and non- annoying.
  • Great for both routine and delicate skin.
  • Very strong bonding, hand dry not required
  • Can hold eyelash extensions as much as 2 months if used effectively.
  • Much shorter application time with product expense savings.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Ango Eyelash Extension Glue – Black.
This sophisticated developed Ango eyelash extension black adhesive has actually been evaluated to be non- annoying making it perfect for delicate eyes, contact lens users and active individuals in look for the makeovers of semi irreversible eyelash extensions. This high quality Ango eyelash extension glue assists eyelash extension experts keep greater customer come- back rate. How To Use Ango Glue: Squeeze 1 drop of Ango glue on to supplied glue plate. Sweep bottom 1/2 of a lash extension through glue uniformly, glue ought to be nearly undetectable on the lash extension. If extreme glue or bubbles show up, somewhat swipe lash on glue plate to decrease glue. Apply eyelash extension on genuine lash, launch tweezers right away after the 2 lashes call each other. Prevent holding lashes after used, do not utilize air blower to hand dry glue, it will dry by itself. Continue to next lashes.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Ango Eyelash Extension Glue – Black, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Love this glue. Will not utilize any other. Have actually attempted many, this is absolutely the very best.

We have actually been utilizing this glue for 2 years and we enjoy it. We have actually been purchasing it from ebay, however for some factor it dissipated from there. Then we found it on. Yey. The odd aspect of the other 2 evaluations is that they oppose each other- one states it never ever drys, the other one – that it dried out in a week. Both are incorrect. Yes, if you do not close the bottle firmly it will dry quicker, however if you do – it lasts for months. It generally lasts us about 6 months (we just do our own eyelashes). After that, yes it begins to get dry. It is a lot better than any other glue we have actually attempted. It dries rapidly on the lashes and it is really strong. It likewise never ever melts, so even if the eyelashes get damp you will not get the glue in your eyes. We highly advise.

We were preparing to wait till our lashes fall out prior to we evaluate this product however we are going to evaluate it now and simply follow up. We were trying to find a glue without any fumes for individual usage since the glue we utilize on our consumers burns like insane. The majority of the glues that we have actually attempted that do not have fumes do not have a strong bond therefore we are generally re- using or completing our lashes every 2- 3 days. Because we do lashes for a living, we need to keep our own looking good. We have actually just recently utilized the glue therefore far they have actually remained in 1 week (through our sweaty exercises and rainy days). As marketed there is no fume and the glue is versatile. It does bond quickly, not as quickly as others we have in the store however quickly enough. We have actually pulled on the lashes numerous times to look at the stregnth of the lash therefore far we are satisfied. With all our pulling, we just see about 2 lashes that appear loose however have actually not separated from our genuine lash. If this product can hold one more week, we will be utilizing it on our consumers likewise. Our regular product last about 4- 5 week however we would sell the bond time for a product that does not burn as long as our consumers get an excellent 2 week wear. Unsure why this got bad evaluations, expensive however it appears worth it to me. We would rank it a 5 however we cant inform you at this time what the genuine bond time is. If it last 2- 3 weeks or more we will return and modify or talk about our evaluation.

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