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Andrea False Eyelashes Strip Lash Twin Packs

Andrea False Eyelashes Strip Lash Twin Packs

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  • Andrea Two-of-a-kind 33 Black: Buy Andrea False Eyelashes – Andrea Two-of-a-kind – 33 Black: Easy 3 action application Includes 2 Sets of lashes
  • Color: Black
  • Product Condition: 100% genuine, brand-new and unused. Andrea Two-of-a-kind 33 Black.

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Color: # 33Andrea Twin Load Lashes, #33, 0.04 Pound

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Question Question 1

How Pairs Of Lashes Do You Get?


Question Question 2

They Are Autoadhesive? Or You Required Glue To Use Them?

We are sorry to notify you that these are not autoadhesive. You will require to buy the glue.

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We have actually never ever used phony lashes prior to. We attempted some one time with a halloween outfit however it did not work out. We stumbled upon a youtube video and a females was showing how to putting these on. It looked quite simple and they were stunning so we provided it a shot. If you have actually never ever used lashes prior to, we suggest that you practice puting them on when your not in a rush so you can get utilize to it. We find that blowing on the addhesive prior to using makes them stickbetter Since these lashes are not complete length we recommend beginning at the end of the eye cover when using otherwise they might not look even. We believe the truth that they are not complete length provides a more natural appearance. You can absolutely inform that you are using them when you initially put them on, however after the addhesive dries you forget that you are even using them. We will confess, when we initially put them on we seemed like a drag queen and believed they were excessive. We went to work and informed the ladies we deal with about it and all of us chuckled. When we went to lunch we put the lashes on and returned to see there response. They didn’t observe in the beginning, we needed to inform them we were using them. They liked how natural they looked. The next early morning we went to the dental professional for a cleansing, all of us understand how close they are to your face and how intense the light is. The oral hygienist asked us if our eyelashes were genuine they were so long and stunning. We informed her no they were phony. She stated she truthfully could not inform. We believe that speaks volumes.

Have actually attempted a lot of various strip lashes and they all look too heavy/fake and abnormal. These lashes are gamechanger. They do not appear like we are using false lashes, it simply appears like we have naturally long, wispy lashes.

These eye-enhancing lashes are simple to use (& tidy after). They maintain their shape well. The cost is much better here than at regional drug shops.

Child utilizes this particular brand name and size for dance competitors. Fantastic quality.

Much better worth on than at a drug shop.

Easy to use and looks extremely genuine.

Finest lashes we have actually ever attempted. They look natural and in shape our smaller sized eyes perfectly.

Our preferred ‘natural’ looking false eyelashes. Whenever we use them nobody can inform we have falsies on. When we do makeup on bride-to-bes that desire a more ‘natural’ appearance however still desire some additional lashes, we utilize them too.

Great buy.

Love these lashes. Dream the were a little longer in width however over all extremely quite and natural. Looks natural.

Simply reordered the lashes our children utilize for dance. Fantastic lashes. Easy to use. Can be trimmed to fit a smaller sized eye. Our chosen lashes to utilize for dance.

Love these lashes.

Not too little and not too long, simply ideal for us.

Natural looking.

Finest lashes on the marketplace. Appear like natural lashes not to long not to short, perfect.

Our preferred natural lashes yet.

Amazing eyelashes. Andrea 53 isn’t too huge or little. We do cut them a little.

Have actually purchased numerous times. Fantastic product.

We like these eye lashes they wear t fall out like other brand names and there multiple-use for more han one time.

Love these lashes. Not excessive for daytime wear however can include mascara for a nighttime appearance.

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