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Eyelash Growth Serums – Enhancing Your Eyes To A Huge Extent

Eyelash Growth Serums

So many women all over the planet are looking to enhance their looks in a number of ways, one of which is ensuring that they have beautiful eyelashes which are long and thick.

Of course, most ladies would opt for eyelash extensions and curlers to give them that fuller look, yet these wouldn’t really be all that beneficial if you’ve got naturally thin hairs on the edges of your eyelids.

Genetics can play a major role in how you end up looking over time, and your lashes may not be all that thick to begin with, which will just end up frustrating you. Now, this may seem like a small thing to fuss about, but there’s no doubt that eyelashes can add to your overall facial appeal. In such cases, you might want to take a chance with eyelash growth products so that you don’t have to use that curler every time.

When you have thin and short lashes, it makes it practically impossible for you to curl them and give them that alluring appearance. Of course, the good thing about the Internet is that you can find a lot of information on how you can avail of eyelash growers.

For sure, you will be able to find that ideal solution, and there are truly many growth serums made available both on the offline and online market nowadays. Such products offer tremendous benefits that will surely enhance the way you look.

Some points to consider are as follows:

A lot of these growth serums are effective, though you would have to understand that the results don’t come overnight. In fact, you probably won’t even notice any significant changes immediately, as they would come through after a few days, or even weeks, of continuous application. Yet, when they do appear, you will certainly have quite the mystique to your eyes.

Those lashes of yours will grow much thicker and fuller, and you can beat them anytime you want, getting the attention you want from others in a good way. When you have utilized these products, you’ll find that it is quite easier for you to curl those lashes of yours.

Of course, it is a given that you may not exactly know how to make use of the products properly, which is why it is also important for you to look into the instructions and also seek out some guides.

Thankfully, the Internet makes for a very good resource, and there are loads of streaming videos to provide you with demonstrations and reviews on these serums. That’s another thing that you would have to consider: the reviews.

If you are looking for a good product, make sure that its previous buyers have nothing but good things to say about it. The ingredients should also be natural and nutrient-filled, since synthetics might end up causing allergic reactions to you.

With an eyelash growth serum, there is no doubt that your eyes will look as perfect as you had ever hoped for.

How To Find The Best Eyelash Growth Serum?

1. Skipping The Falsies Successfully

False eyelashes are so bothersome. They last for 24 hours or less, cause irritation and swelling when you’re unlucky, are expensive, and may make your natural eyelashes fall off. This is the reason why cosmetic companies have rolled up their sleeves to produce new products which would improve the health of your lashes so they can grow naturally longer and thicker.

However, finding eyelash growth products can be a big challenge, especially when you consider the fact that most of these products have been around for less than five years. You could be exposing your health to a lot of harm.

2. Know Which Reviews To Trust

You’ll find a lot of reviews online regarding these products, but you should know how to be discerning. Skip the hype and be a bit more critical with the products on hand. One thing you need to remember is that the cheapest product is not necessarily the best one. The most expensive eyelash enhancer is not necessarily your best option either.

Cosmetic products are still considered as “drugs” even if they contain organic or natural ingredients. The most sensitive areas of your face are your eyes, so don’t just trust hype and company claims which aren’t grounded.

Look for eyelash enhancers whose promises are backed up by clinical results. Trust only products which are backed up by ophthalmologists and dermatologists. Scan more than one review website if you have to and try to assess which ones you can trust the most.

3. Balanced Views

No matter how good a product is, it will always have weak spots. You need to know these weak spots if you’re to find the best eyelash growth products. Is it more expensive than most? Does it take longer to work? Is it difficult to apply? Does it flake when it dries up?

Eyelash growth products are mostly in serum-form and while they may seem like they’re all the same (applied as liquid eyeliner, clear formula, etc.), they may have differences which could change your opinion about them as a whole. Choose reviews which mention the tiniest details and try to do a little researching of your own.

Right now, the highest-rated eyelash growth products are Idol Lash, Latisse, and Revitalash, but they might not be the perfect products for you. Use reviews as a guide and make your decision based on your own needs as a consumer.

Remember, though, that the highest-rated products are, most of the time, the safest to use. The farther you go down the list, the riskier the products get.

4. Price vs. Effectiveness

One common deterrent among people who are thinking of buying eyelash enhancers is the price tag. There are also plenty of “eyelash conditioners” which are sold for a fraction of the leading product’s price. You could be disappointed with the minimal results, though, so weight the consequences carefully.

The eyelash growth product might cost a great amount of money, but if it will make your lashes thick and long enough to look good without mascara, the investment might be worth it.

Think about long term results when you look for the best eyelash growth products. Dual functions and low price tags might seem tempting but you know you’d want a product which does one thing but does it well: make your lashes thicker, longer and healthier.

10 Tips On Using Eyelash Growth Serums

There are precisely lots of means you can experiment with to obtain longer eyelashes. One of the most excellent means to encourage eyelash growth is using eyelash curler. However, this is only applicable if you have existing long lashes, but if you do not have them, you have to look for means to make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker.

Tip #1: You must search for eyelash growth serums that are ideal for your eyelashes. Eyelash growth serums come in different varieties, so make sure that you will purchase the type that will be best for your eyelashes.

Tip #2: Bear in mind that there are tons of products available in the market which claims effective and safe to use. However, you have to be very certain of the product prior to buying one. As a matter of fact, there are eyelash enhancer products that provide favourable results in just a matter of days or weeks of application.

Tip #3: If you want to try using eyelash growth serums, look for products that are composed of natural or herbal ingredients so that they may not injure your eyelashes or eyes.

Tip #4: Prior to buying any form of eyelash growth serum, make sure to research first some facts concerning the product, or better consult your dermatologist about the product you plan to buy so that you will not experience any unfavourable side effects after using the product.

Tip #5: You have to take note as well that there is only one eyelash growth serum which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to utilize for eyelash growth. This product is Latisse. Latisse performs by going through the follicles where it activates the development procedure of eyelashes.

Tip #6: Latisse is obtainable only through prescription. It is extensively obtainable in cosmetic surgery centres and medical spas. Look for dealers in your region to discover one that is appropriate for you, or you can request your physician for a referral.

Tip #7: You can put on Latisse to your eyelids on top of your upper lash line once daily. Make sure to wipe out any surplus serum following treatment so that will not encounter skin discoloration.

Latisse may also possibly motivate allergic reaction. By no means utilize the serum on your eyebrows. The Food and Drug Administration cautions putting on the serum to other areas of the eye, counting the lower lashes, may show the way to unwelcome hair development.

Tip #8: You can only apply the Latisse through the use of FDA-endorsed disinfected applicators. The applicators are included when you buy the product.

Tip #9: If you are wearing contact lenses, it is important to take them off prior putting the serum, to avoid allergic reaction or further eye annoyance. You should also wait approximately 15 minutes following putting the serum before inserting again your contact lenses.

Tip #10: By no means utilize Latisse more than once every day. Utilizing it several times daily will not trigger lashes to develop at a quicker speed; it will instead reduce intraocular pressure.

It is important to have patience when utilizing an eyelash growth serum because new eyelashes will not develop instantaneously. You will notice complete outcome from serum treatment in about four months.

Eyelash Extension versus Eyelash Growth Serums

Two of the most famous things on the market today are eyelash extensions and eyelash growth serums. However, using these two distinctive processes to obtain longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes include several advantages and disadvantages. It is better to compare first the two methods prior making a decision which among the two you are going to use.

Understanding Eyelash Growth

Eyelashes have an extremely brief active development stage which is approximately 3045 days prior they develop and fall out. On the other hand, the hair on your head will develop two to six years. This clarifies why eyelashes are so undersized. Lost eyelashes are no longer a huge problem nowadays because of the many ways and means available to make it look longer, fuller and thicker.

Learning About Eyelash Extensions

Info 1: Eyelashes with extensions appear to fall out more rapidly during the initial number of weeks, thus at the end of the month you have to return and let the aesthetician recreate it once more.

Info 2: The price of eyelash extensions can rate from $350 to $400, and lasts approximately at least 1 ½ hours to be put on.

Info 3: It may take a short time prior for your natural eyelashes get used to the extensions.

Info 4: They may possibly become unnerving or painful at the start and may perhaps bring about crusty eyes in the morning.

Info 5: Several unlucky customers get thorny eyelashes that upset them for the whole month.

Info 6: You must also be cautious in eliminating eye makeup, massaging your eyes, preventing extreme heat (saunas) and not to have superfluous long lashes to avoid pain.

Learning About Eyelash Growth Serum

Info 1: Eyelash growth serums assert to bring about efficient and desirable results. There are people who testified concerning the efficacy of the products.

Info 2: Lots of women prefer using eyelash growth serum than eyelash extensions because they will not experience unnerving situations compared to the latter.

Info 3: Eyelash growth serums are easy to apply compared to eyelash extension wherein you will have to spend hours in beauty centres just to complete the fastening of the extensions.

Info 4: The results from eyelash growth serums are more natural than the outcomes of the eyelash extensions.

Info 5: Eyelash growth serums will not let your eyelashes fall out unlike when you have eyelash extensions.

Info 6: Eyelash growth serums are also cheaper than having eyelash extensions because the skill of the aesthetician and the process is the one you are paying and not much on the material used.

Info 7: On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages you will experience form using growth serums like: eye irritation, alteration to the pigmentation of the iris and the eyelids, but all of these side effects will fade away as soon as you stop the medication.

The Bottom Line

The placing of synthetic eyelash extensions is obviously the most costly alternative because of the cost of setting up, the prices of preservation and repairs, in spite of the time used up and the probable injury to your lashes.

An enriched eyelash growth serum may possibly rate as much compared to the brand name, but one tube of eyelash growth serum endures for about four months. Moreover, following the application, there is no longer the need to continue using the product, since the eyelashes are already very nice-looking.

Now, you already know the advantages and disadvantages of both eyelash extensions and eyelash growth serum. It is now up to you to choose the method that you want to use in achieving those long and full lashes.

Eyelash Growth: 5 Methods To Try

Throughout history, long eyelashes have been associated with femininity and beauty, and women in cultures all around the world have always used various methods for achieving eyelash growth and making their eyelashes look longer. This is just as true today as ever before, and fortunately, due to advancing technology and medical science women now have more options than ever.

If you’re considering ways to achieve eyelash growth, here are five methods that you might want to consider.

1. Eyelash Extensions:

Eyelash extensions work very similarly to hair extensions. Usually made of synthetic polyester materials, the extensions are applied to the real eyelashes to create a look that is fuller and longer. They come in a wide variety of colours, lengths, and thicknesses, and they generally look more-or-less real.

However, there are some significant disadvantages to eyelash extensions. Most importantly, they generally they only last for a few weeks. Eyelashes are perpetually growing in and falling out on a regular cycle, and most people grow in new eyelashes within a span ranging from two weeks to two months.

Since eyelash extensions are attached directly to your real eyelashes, this cycle of re-growth means that your extensions last only as long as your natural growth cycle.

What this means is that, for the $150 to $500 that you spend on your eyelash extensions, you only get a few weeks of results. So, unless you have an upcoming big event for which you want to look your best, this method of eyelash growth is not always cost effective.

2. Eyelash Growth Supplements:

There is a growing market for supplements designed to encourage eyelash growth. While some of them either doesn’t work well or have produced mixed results, there are others that work incredibly. For example, the Idol Lash Company makes an eyelash growth supplement that combines a variety of natural substances to make a formula that helps the eyelashes grow by up to 82% within just a few weeks.

While some eyelash growth supplements are designed to be taken internally, Idol Lash works very much like mascara. It comes with a specialized brush that makes the formula easy to apply, and all you have to do is apply it to your eyelashes once a day for two to four weeks, and you will begin to see results.

Of course, if you want the results to last longer than one growth cycle, you’ll need to keep using your Idol Lash as a part of your daily makeup routine.

The main disadvantages of eyelash growth supplements is that the results can vary from person to person, and you usually have to wait several weeks before you begin to see the results. Still, it’s worth trying at least once.

3. Prescription Eyelash Growth Supplements:

Over the past couple of years, drug makers have formulated the first prescription eyelash growth supplements on the market. One of them, usually sold under the brand name Latisse, was originally sold as a treatment for glaucoma, but doctors noticed that it had the unusual side effect of causing patient’s eyelashes to grow longer and thicker.

Because the drug is safe for use among non-glaucoma patients, it was recently approved for the purposes of eyelash growth. However, many in the cosmetics and medical industries are still sceptical. Plus, you might get a funny look from your doctor when you ask for a prescription of a relatively unproven drug for your eyelashes.

4. Cosmetics:

If you want a quick and simple way to make your eyelashes look thicker and more luxurious, there are still the traditional mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow solutions. These work just as well as ever, but they of course, have some significant disadvantages.

Cosmetics can be highly work-intensive, taking a large chunk of time each morning, and they also tend to run and wear out, so that you have to keep applying them over the course of the day. Plus, cosmetic solutions simply aren’t as good as genuine eyelash growth.

5. Eyelash Transplants:

Finally, if you have a lot of time and money to spare, you might want to invest in an eyelash transplant procedure. It is much the same as a standard hair transplant procedure, but of course there are fewer hairs involved and the work is a little more exacting.

In most cases, the bulk of the original eyelashes are plucked, and then the transplanting physician has to go through and insert each transplanted hair one by one. It’s a fairly long process and can be quite expensive. Plus, it can be hard to find a doctor who is qualified to do so.

The other significant disadvantage to eyelash transplants is the fact that you have to regularly trim the lashes. Because the hairs are generally transplanted from the scalp, they will naturally grow much longer than standard eyelashes, so you have to regularly maintain them.

How To Get Longer Lashes

Do you want to know the secret on how to get longer lashes? It’s natural for women to want longer eyelashes as these help make them more attractive to the opposite sex and the envy of other females. Although there are some people who have been born with long and thick eyelashes, Mother Nature hasn’t been that generous to some.

There are quite a number of women who have to deal with short and brittle lashes. These unlucky gals have to find ways to lengthen and enhance their eyelashes using several methods. However, despite most girls’ efforts, getting longer, fuller, and thicker eyelashes seem to remain a dream.

Add to that external factors like stress and you can expect these women to become more and more frustrated with the state of their lashes.

Fortunately, there are different ways on how to grow longer eyelashes that women can easily implement. The great thing about these is that they don’t require girls to undergo eyelash extension procedures.

Here are some really easy and natural ways to promote eyelash growth and make you look more attractive:

  • Take vitamins or supplements. Everybody knows that vitamins are very important to our body. They help keep the body in check—making sure that everything functions properly. When you sufficient vitamins, your eyelashes will become stronger and grow more efficiently. It has been proven that diets high in Vitamins A, B, and E help promote better eyelash growth in people.
  • Use moisturizers. Moisturizing eyelashes will make them healthy and strong, therefore keeping them from breaking and falling off. Vaseline, castor and olive oil are some of the best moisturizers you can use on your lashes.
  • If you are going to use manufactured creams or products, make sure to get only the best eyelash conditioner.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. Eat right. Get enough protein as the hair benefits a lot from it. Some of the best sources of protein are lean meat, legumes, and nuts.
  • Brush your eyelashes regularly. This will help stimulate the follicles to promote better eyelash growth.
  • Make sure to remove all makeup prior to sleeping. Never sleep with your mascara on.
  • Be careful with the makeup products you use. Make it a habit to inspect all products you use on your eyes. Check if the ingredients are safe and don’t carry a risk for harmful side effects.
  • Use eyelash growth serums. These products offer really effective ways on how to get longer lashes. These are specially formulated to stimulate the hair follicles in the eyelids and promote eyelash growth.

A lot of people have already seen results after using an eyelash growth serum. You just need to remember to check if you are using one with top-notch quality.

6 Tips On How To Strengthen Eyelashes

Every woman I know wants to have that thick and strong eyelashes and maintaining one is not that easy. To maintain that perfect look one must have a good health which of course includes a well balanced diet and lifestyle changes. This is one way of naturally strengthening your eyelashes.

In addition, there are some treatment products available to grow your eyelashes longer and thicker through constant use of them. If ever you experience weakening and falling out of eyelashes consult your doctor immediately.

Tip #1: Good Diet

Having a good diet plays an important role in keeping your eyelashes strong and healthy. Good nutrition should consist plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and dairy products.

Tip #2: Take Supplements

Take vitamin supplement every day. Choose a product that is specifically for the hair, nails and skin health because they contain essential nutrient for the hair and nails which can be effective in strengthening the eyelashes too. Vitamin B also known as Biotin is recommended. It is available in your local health store and can be bought at a relatively low price.

Tip #3: Do not rub Your Eyes

Refrain from rubbing your eyes especially when they are tired as this can weaken your eyelashes which lead to falling out of it. You can rub instead the upper and lower part of your eyes.

Tip #4: Use a Quality Eye Conditioner and Mascara

Use mascara that has a good quality. A cheaper one can make your eyelash weak and brittle which can cause them to fall out.

Put eyelash conditioner first before applying the mascara to keep it from drying and at the same time you have to moisturize your eyelashes after removing your mascara. Use either an olive oil or mineral oil to massage your eyelashes to moisturize. This procedure will strengthen them if done regularly.

Tip #5: Use Vaseline

The use of Vaseline is a good alternative to the olive oil as mentioned above. Applying Vaseline every night before bedtime using your finger is also effective as it moisturizes and protect your lashes while your asleep thus making them stronger.

Tip #6: Proper Application of Facial Moisturizer

When applying your facial moisturizer, you can extend it on your eyelashes but remember to close your eyes when doing this. A thin layer of the moisturizer can keep your eyelashes supple before you apply your mascara and even after you have applied your make up.

Do these tips to have stronger lashes. You may also trim lashes to make them strong. You should also remember to avoid moisturizer or any other substances from getting into your eye. But if ever you have not avoided to, wash out your eyes immediately.

Natural Eyelash Growth — Can You Trust Every Single Product You Want?

Getting longer eyelashes is something that needs effort and patience. As you may know by now, using false eyelashes is not the best way to solve your lash problems. While they may be able to give you longer lashes instantly, they will not last long. Natural eyelash growth is what most girls covet.

For this reason, so many resources, guides, and how-to’s have emerged, mostly from companies that produce eyelash growth enhancers. It should be a good thing because there is now a huge array of choices for girls (and even men) who wish to have longer, fuller, and prettier eyelashes.

The question is can you trust all of them? You can’t. You may not be able to take every word from every manufacturer, but you can always pick out one or two really good and reliable sources for growing your lashes the natural way.

It’s just a matter of choosing the right one. This is not to say that most eyelash growth enhancers aren’t trustworthy; it’s just there are some others that are more diligent when it comes to providing their customers the right information they need.

There’s no other way to grow eyelashes but through the use of natural methods. Discard any product or treatment that does it differently.

Don’t be fooled by claims of getting longer lashes instantly because there are 2 things you can be sure of. It’s either they are simply lying about the time it takes to enhance your lashes or they do it via unnatural—and unsafe—means.

Remember, your lashes are connected to one of the most important and sensitive organs in your body and you must ensure that they are never placed in harm’s way. The danger of using products that use unnatural methods (i.e. use of excessive chemicals) is your eyes can suffer the consequences.

Chemicals applied on the lashes will certainly get absorbed by the eyelid. This can cause mild to severe eye irritation. The eyes can become red and swollen. They will start to feel itchy. In some cases, the eyelids will darken and become very dry.

No one wants this to happen to them. Trying to get longer and fuller lashes shouldn’t cause eye problems. Unless you want this to happen to you, carefully choose the eyelash growth enhancers you use.

Natural eyelash growth is possible with the right products.

The Eyelash Growth Center is the place where you can find the best, safest, and most natural eyelash growth enhancers. Choose from a wide array of safe and effective brands like Idol Lash, Latisse, Talika, Revitalash, DermaLash, Marini Lash, and LiLash.

These possess the qualities the right eyelash enhancer should have. They are made of natural ingredients that stimulate the growth of lashes naturally while making sure that the lashes are stronger and more resistant to breakage.

More importantly, they will not cause harm to your eyes. Should there be some instances of side effects, they are guaranteed to be very minimal and disappear quickly.

Finding the best product for your lashes requires some caution. Don’t be gullible to claims of others; do your homework and search for the best place to find the information you need. You will eventually stumble upon something that will point you in the right direction.

Eyelashes After Enhancement Treatment

For many of us, our eyelashes are meek at best. We have to rely on fake lashes and dangerous glues, but it looks so good once we’ve done it right – if we’ve done it right.

For the past few years, the cosmetic industry was able to make some sizable profits in introducing numerous kinds of beauty products and services that cater to the aesthetic needs of women and men alike.

Today, among the most extensively used and popular items is the mascara that can help you achieve the appearance of thicker, longer, darker, and fuller eyelashes.

However, despite all the hype, it has been learned that mascara products can actually cause harm on the delicate follicles of your eyelashes and worse, it can even curtail eyelash growth. These problems have urged a wave of research in how to improve eyelashes naturally.

So, in case you are among those women who are also interested in learning the best ways on how to grow your eyelashes in just a short period of time, it will be best if you know all the available options that you have. Actually, there are both natural and synthetic methods that will be able to help you out in your dreams of getting more beautiful eyelashes.

Most of the natural ways might actually require some time before you can see the results, yet there are many women who opt to use these methods as these are commonly safer, not to mention that they can truly guarantee longer, stronger, and fuller eyelashes.

However, before you start on your way to growing your eyelashes, it is essential that you fully understand first their lifecycle. Each hair in your lashes is growing for around three months, and once it reaches the maturity age, it will then be replaced by the brand new ones. Now, here are some of the best tips that will help you grow and improve your eyelashes: **Healthy Food for Improving Beauty

Eat Healthy and Balanced Diet

You are what you eat and even your eyelashes are not exempted from this rule. You can look into the food pyramid as this can serve as your best guide on determining how you need to eat properly. Take note that it is not just your body that needs proper nourishment but also your hair and nails.

The moment you failed in including the correct nutrients into your diet, you will also compromise the health of your hair, including your eyelashes. Make sure that you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, and drink lots of water.

Apply Castor Oil

Castor oil can also be used in order to grow your eyelashes. You can use your fingers (just make sure they are clean) or cotton buds. Apply the oil on your lashes’ root tips. This should be done every morning and night.

Eyelid Massage

Growth in human body significantly depends on the circulation of blood, and one of the best ways to grow your eyelashes is by massaging your eyelid every day. This needs to be done when the pores are fully open, which means that you can do this procedure after you have washed your face with lukewarm water. Once done, wash your face once again, this time with cold water.

Lubricate Your Lashes Before Sleeping

A lot of women are using lubricants in order to encourage the growth of fuller eyelashes in the most natural way. The lubricants contain jelly and olive oil that can promote the growth of more beautiful eyelashes, and at the same time, make them stay fuller and stronger.

Brush Your Lashes

If you would like to grow your eyelashes with no need to exert too much effort, brushing them every day regularly will give you the results that you desire.

Use Eyelash Growth Products

The revolutionary breakthroughs in the industry of eyelash enhancement have also paved the way for the development of many eyelash enhancer products that promise to give women the assistance they need in order to grow their natural eyelashes and make them fuller and longer.

These eyelash growth products can now be easily purchased in many beauty stores and online shops today. The eyelash enhancer primarily works through nourishing the natural eyelashes in order to promote their growth.

With anything you put near your eyes, it is a must to be extra careful, especially since some of these carry some serious side effects. As much as possible, try to buy eyelash growth products that were created by only the most reputable companies in order to ensure not just the effectiveness of the product, but also its safety.

What Is The Best Eyelash Grower?

Are you suffering from eyelash loss and are you looking for an eyelash grower? Losing eyelashes can be very devastating, especially, if you are one of those people who cannot leave the house without curling and mascara.

Unfortunately, eyelash curlers can actually influence the loss of eyelashes. Eyelash hair loss is not only a serious condition because of your appearance. Your eyelashes help to keep dust particles and other foreign items out of your eyes. If your lashes begin to thin or fall out, you can suffer from irritation and even damage to your eyes.

Do You Have An Eyelash Growth Problem?

To know whether you have a problem, you should be wondering, “How long do eyelashes take to grow back?” You should also be asking, “Is it normal for eyelashes to break?” The truth is, it takes about a month for your eyelashes to grow approximately ¼ of an inch.

This is the normal rate for eyelashes that are healthy. Healthy eyelashes should not break either. If your eyelashes are healthy and strong, they should grow at a steady rate and they should be strong enough to endure just about anything.

Is It Breakage Or Slow Growth?

If your eyelashes are not growing at this rate or they are breaking regularly, there are eyelash grower products you can use for help. Many people turn to these products when they are in search of how to make eyelashes grow longer.

These eyelash grower products can stimulate your lashes to fill out and grow faster. These products work to condition your lashes and provide them with nutrients they may be missing.

The main reasons eyelashes break are a lack of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. When the lashes lack these important parts, they become weak and damaged.

What Can You Do?

Choosing the best eyelash conditioner is not hard if you know what to look for. Any product you choose should include plenty of vitamins and minerals. However, moisture is a major component. Look for products that contain natural botanical moisturizers. You also want to find an eyelash grower product that has been thoroughly tested in trials.

Many chemicals can be irritating to the skin, so you need to know the product is safe for human use. You should also look for light moisturizers that will not clog the pores of your skin.

If you can find a product that contains all of these ingredients and aspects, you will be very happy. Another thing to look for is a guaranteed refund if the product doesn’t work.

Growing Eyelashes Tips And Tricks

Typically, all over the world, long fluttering eyelashes are seen as a sign of beauty. Frustratingly, men seem to always have longer lashes than women. There are plenty of tips and tricks to make your lashes look longer, including lash-lengthening mascara, false eyelashes, and lash extensions – but they don’t actually make your eyelashes longer.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you didn’t have to wear mascara because of how naturally long your lashes are? Well, read on for some tricks and tips to grow your lashes, keeping them healthy and protected.

1) Diet

Your diet and nutrition are one of the most important factors in looking your best all over. Eating lots of fruit and vegetables will keep your body looking its best. Try to eat only wholegrain, complex carbohydrates, and drink at least eight large glasses of water a day. You should really notice a difference in your skin as well as your hair, eyelashes and nails.

2) Make-Up

Try not to wear too many products on the eyes. Heavy mascara or false eyelashes will weigh down your lashes, forcing them to break. They’ll also become brittle and hard, meaning that they’ll continue to break even as they grow.

Always take off any eye make-up that you might be wearing before you go to bed. Again, if you leave the make-up on overnight, you increase the risk of lashes becoming brittle and hard. Use a specially designed emollient for the eye area, to moisturise the lashes as you remove the make-up – and never, ever pick mascara off with your fingers.

3) Natural Products

You can use naturally occurring lubricants, such as petroleum jelly or olive oil on your eyelashes to strengthen them and make them grow. They’ll also appear longer and thicker with the extra product on them – without making them brittle and hard.

Use a cotton bud (or your fingers, if you’re careful), and apply the product gently to your lashes. Leave it on overnight if possible and you should note that your lashes look softer and thicker in the morning.

If you go for this option to grow your eyelashes, you need to repeat it at least every other day. The growing cycle of an eyelash is around four weeks, so once your old eyelash falls out, you need to treat the new eyelash in exactly the same way to keep it healthy and strong.

4) Multi-Vitamin

All hair on your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to grow and keep healthy and strong. So, remember that your eyelashes are hair, too! A B vitamin will help feed the hair, meaning it stays nourished, whilst a B5 vitamin will help with the protein in your body, which helps hair to grow.

There are whole host of vitamins that when taken together, will target the growth of your eyelashes specifically – try calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium. Ask your doctor which foods contain which vitamin – this will help you to take more vitamins in through your diet instead of having to take multivitamins.

General Tips For Everyday Eyelash Care

At day’s end, carefully clean your face including the eye area.

Use cleansers specially recommended for eyes or even baby oil and clean the eyes gently with a sponge or cotton ball to remove dust, dirt and makeup.

Avoid plucking or waxing the eyelash area.

Never use soap on to clean your eyelashes.

Methods To Make Eyelashes Appear Longer

Eyelash curling:

  1. Curling eyelashes makes them seem longer and makes the eyes look brighter and larger.
  2. Clean the lashes before using an eyelash curler. Clamp the curler down firmly and close the base for about 5 seconds, then release it gently.
  3. Replace eyelash curlers every 2 – 3 months if used on a regular basis. This will reduce the possibility of infection and contamination.
  4. For additional impact, you can use a hair dryer under the curler but make sure that the hot air does not strain your eyelashes or burn your face.


  1. Applying the right colour eyeliner on the outer rim of the eyelid makes the lashes seem longer.
  2. Never apply it on the inner part that touches the eye as the chemicals used may cause irritation.
  3. Use eyeliner sparingly. A thin line as close as possible to the base of the lashes is adequate.


  1. The mascara wand should be cleaned with a tissue before applying mascara. This will avoid clumping and provide clear separation of the lashes.
  2. You can apply at least two coats of mascara for best results. The first coat should be completely dry before you apply the second.
  3. An eyelash comb on the final coat will give the necessary finishing touch. An eyelash comb removes excess makeup and clumps on the lashes and makes them look more defined.
  4. Use waterproof mascara to strengthen eyelashes.

Fake eyelashes:

Most users are grateful to stop using fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions, and are eager to use those dollars on other cosmetic products. However, for those who occasionally want to go for the unnatural shock and awe that only false eyelashes can create, here’s what you should know.

  1. Fake eyelashes may pull out your existing lashes upon removal.
  2. Make sure that you use good quality eyelash extensions and ensure that you are not allergic to the eyelashes.
  3. Remove your false eyelash and makeup daily.
  4. Fake eyelashes should be removed by dissolving the adhesive in baby oil or Vaseline, which also helps nourish the skin.

Dyeing Eyelashes:

In case you want to dye your eyelashes, contact a professional instead of trying it on your own.

Methods To Achieve Natural Eyelash Growth

Prescription Drugs:

There are currently available certain prescription drugs originally intended to treat various diseases, that have been retargeted to eyelash growth. They typically contain prostaglandin or prostaglandin derivatives as the active eyelash growth ingredient but have several undesirable side effects. The two most common are a change in eye colour and discoloration of the skin. These products require a doctor’s prescription, are quite costly and should only be used as directed.

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